Thursday, 9 November 2017

Polumpung Melangkap View Camp Site @ Kota Belud, Sabah

Looking for a camp site by the river and have a nice view of Mt KK when you wake up in the morning? Here you go, Polumpung Melangkap View Camp Site (PMVCS) at Kota Belud district. PMVCS is located about 80 km from KK center and takes about 2 hours journey to there. If you are coming from KK center, take the road towards Kundasang and turn down to Kota Belud-Kundasang road to reach the camp site. Turning in from Kota Belud will be a much longer journey and waste of time.

To organise a trip there is never difficult, just pick the things (or rent from them) that you need for camping and make reservation through whatsapp @ 012 871 5576 then it's all set to go! They have many things to rent, such as tents, sleeping mats, sleeping bags, kitchen, camp fire site, bbq drum, canopy, floating tube etc. You name it, they got it! Besides, there is also a small mini mart at the registration counter, washroom and bathroom facilities. But one setback about this place is that it can be very crowded as as they allow quite a huge number of people entering the camp site and there are many stray dogs and cats. So, you got to becareful with your belongings as they might go missing at night! And please bring along your own drinking water or clean water if you are cooking. Be there early to get a good spot for camping!

Turning into PMVCS

Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Sabah Chilli Pan Mee @ Lintas Plaza, KK

Sabah Chilli Pan Mee is one the hot stuff in town now! It is now opened at Lintas Plaza, the same row of shops with Wojomama Japanese Restaurant facing the main road of Jalan Lintas. They do not only serve chilli pan mee, they have sides e.g. soup stuff and fried stuff as well. One good thing about their service is that there is a person will introduce everything on the menu to you if you are a first timer! Besides, there is also a guide to teach you how to mix a good bowl of chilli pan mee when it's served!

If you have no idea what is it, then let me explain a bit. Chilli pan mee basically is a standard dry pan mee with minced meat, fried onions, fried anchovies, an egg and some comes with black fungus etc to mix with unlimited amount of special blended spicy chilli flakes. If you can stand the spiciness, why not go for more! =)

Wantan Soup.. A chuck of meat wrapped within a thin skin. It's kind of small..

Thursday, 26 October 2017

KK Containers Street Food Night Market @ Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

Do you want to have some Bangkok feel in KK? =)

KK Containers Street Food Night Market, also known as Asquare Container Market is located right beside of Wawasan Plaza around Api-Api Center area. The concept is fairly new in KK whereby there are many small container stalls selling many types of beverages, finger food or even heavy meals which are all at affordable price. They are only open at night from around 4 pm till late night but coming around 6 pm is the best time as most of the stalls are opened. Tables are quite limited if you happen to come during rainy days as most of the tables are not sheltered. You can always pack your meals here before going back home because they serve in a "take-away" concept!

Green Mug is also here!! 

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