Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse...

When we talk about child abuse, the pointing fingers will always be directed to the parents or the child care-givers. Sometimes, parents just have children just for the sake of having one but how much do they know about the responsibility of having children.

The saddest part is when you see some news about the fathers or step-fathers raping their own chilren on the newspaper or the internet. Keep in mind that children are not tools which anyone can let off his/her anger, frustration or even sexual desire. They have their own rights to live happily like other people in the society. It's just that you need to have more patient and time to tolerate with them. It is the process of achieving maturity. Just something worth to think, try to put yourself into the children's situations. How will you feel about it? Remember, what goes around comes around! Let's join our hands and fight against child abuse! Stop child abuse now!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I Am A Wanted Man

After a super nerve cracking viva yesterday, I can now move on with a slow pace for the next one week to make necessary corrections to my thesis. Damn it.. Yesterday was the worse among any other presentations or what so ever. But it's definitely worth going for it. If I have another chance, I will definite say NO. =p

Just a month of exam period, I had became a wanted man. Everyone is looking for me and even the futsal court as well. But the bad thing is that, I still need one more week to settle down everything before I can say that I am really free. I am worried of my results now but that should not be my priority as the results is only coming out in 2 weeks time. Come on, Kevin! Think about the camp, enjoy it and finish up the thesis first. Oh, crap! I still have not pack up my stuff yet and I thought of going for a movie later. Harry Potter is showing in cinema now, how could I miss it. My checklist is full now. Get back to you guys when I am back from the camp!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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