Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Updates from Sabah

I am used to this place already! Hopefully I can still be retained at this very good place in months to come.. My life doesn't just stop where I was few months ago. With a better living condition, I got myself to cook my own food finally. So... Ha-ha. I also don't know what to say already. =p Just to introduce some of the interesting stuff from Sabah!

Pork rolls from Tenom, hardly you can find it from West Malaysia 

Breadfruit from Tenom too! Tasted something like a kind of potatoes. I guess that it should go with something else! Kaya maybe... 

Starfruit.. Ok, you can get this anywhere around Malaysia 

Meatballs from Tenom, tasted superbly good. Very juicy with the meat sauce.. 

And Home-cooked spaghetti.. By one of my friend 

Just not to forget about this free movie tickets, it just cleared my Saturday blue when I have to work for 15 hours at the pharmacy. Hope that I can have lots of this kind of patients in the future..

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Friday, 6 July 2012

Hari Keamatan at Sabah (Back dated 30 May 2012)

Gosh, sorry for taking such a long time to update my blog because of the super lagging internet connection that I have here in Sabah. Anyway, I will try my best in updating my blog every now and then! Ha-ha...

As most of the Malaysians know, we have some special ethnics which we can hardly from the West Malaysia. As in Sabah, you can get the Kadazan, the Dusun, the Bajau etc etc. So they too have their special days to celebrate which is known as Hari Keamatan! And on this day, they used to have a very big event at KDCA (Kadanzan-Dusun Cultural Association) and everyone in Sabah definitely knows about this! Since it was my first time here, so why not that I visit that place even though I was all alone! =)

It was a big jam along the road...

Once you have enter the place, there were many traditional houses. Every traditional house symbolises each district! And one thing, they even have a place for the old folks to dance...

The dancing place where the old folds enjoyed the golden melodies so much!

You are free to visit any of the houses!

Ding dongs for the cultural dance..

Wonderful live performance from the house of Keningau!

Ok, there was also some time for a drink (beer) under the hot sun!

So here is what you can see in the house, the host will welcome you and get you to try on their food! It was absolutely free but I did not dare to try... Ha-ha

There were also some food stalls selling their own special food which you definitely can't get at any part of the world...

The main KDCA hall

Unduk Ngadau (Beauty pageant) contestants! Vote using DIGI!!

I didn't realise that they walked passed me.. But I managed to snap the winner! Guess who is she?! =)

And here, we have the mini muzuem. Each district with a different ethic group wearing there colourful and fantastic traditional costume... 

And here, the Mak Cik was actually teaching this guy using some of the special stuff

Not only the display part, they do have their annual sports e.g. Tug-of-War etc..

The chief minister even came and support the event! Bravo!!

Yea, we have the younger ones to perform some modern songs! WooHoo...

ManU fan selling BBQ chicken wings!

Just choose anyone! Selling cheap!

Barbie dolls with traditional costume on sales! Guess what! They are costed much more than the original Barbie...

SO, that's the end of the day! Hopefully I can really make it for the second day of the event, so that I can watch their beauty pageant (Unduk Ngadau)!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend... =)

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