Saturday, 22 June 2013

Food Hunting in KK

Sometimes it makes me unbearable to see how SUCKS is my kitchen! I wonder are they "monsters" at the road or simply "don't care" type of people! Please don't let me further elaborate especially the sink and the refrigerator .. That's why most of the time I have to find my partner for good food outside.. Perhaps I should have thank them!

First one would be Restoran Seng Hing which is located right behind Le Meridian Hotel at Sinsuran (right middle of the city center). This place famous for its chinese-style tom yum. No doubt that it's one of the greatest in town as it's tasted something like mixing curry laksa with tom yum 30/70. It even beats those local tom yum in KK. Besides, you would have the option to have fresh prawns or fish slices. You definitely must give a try if you happen to go to this area in the afternoon for lunch!

As for fish lovers, Sin Houng Kee Coffee shop would be your choice. This shop is located near Padang Merdeka, area where you can get those district buses to some rural areas! It's a bit hidden so you must venture a few rows of shop if you don't know the exact location! This shop actually serves good fish noodle with tomato-based soup. So far, this is the only shop which I can find mixed fish organs e.g. fish eggs, fish skins and even fish stomach in the town. To me, everything tasted fish-taste jellies. But if you like it, this is the perfect place for you!

Enjoy and have a nice day!


"Haze, haze go away,
Come again another day,
Little children, little children,
Little children want to play..."

Just twisted the nursery rhyme a bit! Hee..

The weather is getting from bad to worse, the impact on our health is getting more serious. People are paying more attention to this matter and I guess it's time to get a N95 mask! And the saddest thing is that I can't see Mt Kinabalu from my home anymore!

Please return this view back to me!!! Please....

Hmm.. Perhaps even the "An apple a day rule doesn't really effective over here now!" Take care guys!!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

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