Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Motivate @ Demotivate?

It is totally a different day today as I spent almost 7hours in the library to study for my upcoming exam. Going to library to study is considered as one of my activities during every exam break. It is nice to see many of my classmates are there too though sometimes they really give me pressure, but it's better for me to study under pressure rather than having my own sweet time at home. Haha..
Calculation 1:
Total awakening time: 18 hours
  1. On the net: 3.5 hours
  2. In front of the TV: 2.5 hours
  3. Eat and 吹水time: 2 hours
  4. Family time: 2 hours
  5. Doing nothing+listen to songs: 1 hour
  6. Miscellaneous: 3 hours
Remaining time for studying: 4 hours
***At home, studying: besides studying ratio --> Low 22.2%***
Calculation 2:
Total awakening time: 18 hours
  1. On the net: 1.5 hours
  2. In front of the TV: 2 hours
  3. Eat and 吹水time: 1.5 hours
  4. Family time: 1.5 hours
  5. Miscellaneous: 1.5 hours

Remaining time for studying: 10 hours

***In the library, studying: besides studying ratio --> Definitely High 55.6%***
See, I think now you get what I meant. Ok, the demotivated part is so happen to meet my head during lunch today. Haha.. I was a bit shocked when she asked me and It Seang why are we not joining her for lunch. =p As usual, my "blur blur" look gave her the whole answer with my "Errr.....". (Luckily I have finished my meal) lolzz.. Then later she sat with us on our table and she commented on our quiz results. Sad to tell my classmates that most of us did badly. Nvm.. I can expect it already. What can we do!!!
Anyway, just work harder everyone. Cheers^^

Monday, 27 April 2009

Simply Joke

It's kinda boring these few days. I know many of my friends are happily enjoying back in their hometown which some may take their books along. How far they have open their books, it is up to your imagination. =>
As usual, I go to the church on Saturday. It was a bit different on that day because my parish came a visiting priest from Brunei. During his homily, he cracked a joke. -- One day, this man returns to God's hand and enters the purgatory. (Catholics believe that a person will enter the purgatory before going up to heaven for cleansing) It so happens that he met his former parish priest there and he asked his parish priest, "Why are you here? When you were on earth, you always like to help the people, serve God's people well but I have no idea why are you here." The priest asked, "Shhh.. My dear young man, tone down your voice. The bishop is having his nap!"
Catholics always believe that purgatory is a place or a state for spiritual cleasing especially for sinful people. So the man here is a bit shocked that why his kind-hearted priest need to enter purgatory first instead of entering heaven straight away. But the priest here is implying that everyone also has a sin, even the bishop has a sin and to spend some time in the purgatory.
Hope you guys get something here.. Cheers^^

Tuesday, 21 April 2009


It was quite a frustrating day today. Though I get some improvements in my aseptic practical but instead of getting 1zero, I get 2zeros this time. lolzz.. This subject is getting from bad to worse, it is just waiting for time to turn into horrible. I am not sure whether we are going to break the record of failing aseptic this semester. Oh, gosh. I really hope that the former aspetic dispensing lecturer is here to help us, but I know that it's just a dream.
I am a bit regret of praising the new dean so much. Haizz.. After what i have heard from the feedback from the board meeting on Monday, I was thinking twice and trice of what he said. How can he treat us like the medical students. They do not have lab sessions, long classes, assignment and lab reports, industrial attachment, quizes etc but just spending their time in the PBL classroom for case studies. How can you compare us with them!! The medical students are not getting much effect on this matter as they are studying in this campus for only 2years, but we are studying 4years. It's a bit sickening if you call us to find our own informations on medicinal chemistry-related subject. I think 95% of the students of School of Pharmacy cannot do it.
Besides, getting a text book for each subject is a ridiculous thing. He insists that we must have a text book for reference for each subject. Then how about those integrated subjects? Is it that we need to get 4text books for those subject as those subjects have 4different components? I think he is meaning that poor students are not eligible to study pharmacy because they can't afford to buy text books. "Don't rely on lecture notes and the lecturers are too pamper us already." OH MY GOD! What we have in the lecture notes is already too little, is he expecting to have lecture notes with 1word on each slides? Haizz..
I am sure that many people have gotten the circulating email regarding criticisms on the 3well-known universities. I totally agree with that. And what I am angry with the university is that they have sent me the pre-billing for next-semester whereby I still haven't finish my current semester. When we want money from them, they drag their payment but when they want money from us, they are so damn efficient in getting the money. The university is no more a student-oriented already but it is profit-oriented. I still remember the written words on a vandalised table, but no words to be mentioned here.
Same goes to MUnited. They criticised that Liverpool looked down on Everton and doesn't take them as a true competitor. But what MUnited did while facing Everton during the weekend was they sent out their second team. Really served them right losing the ticket for the FA cup finals. Though egoism may bring you victories but it does not give you the dignity.
Have a nice day..

Class Rep n' Kam Hong's B'day Celebration..

So fast it's April already and my friends and I (total 18 of us) celebrated Han Boon and Kam Hong's birthday which actually falls on 17th and 15th respectively. After a tiring aseptic quiz and classes in the morning, we went to Italiannies in The Gardens to celebrate their birthday. Luckily we didn't lost our way there this time and so happen that my group was the first to arrive.. Lolzz..

Ok, this was my first time there and we enjoyed a lot. Overall, what I can say that "Nice food, nice ambiance and wonderful services". (though it's not worth paying the service charge) lolzz... Many of my friends actually ordered personal sets but 5 of us shared and called 3items. 1pasta, 1salmon pizza and 1fried calamari.. Oh, gosh.. The appetizer came last but it tasted much better than the pasta. As for the pizza, I felt that it is much worthy compared to Domino's or Pizza Hut's pizza. There is a strip of salmon across each slices of the pizza with 2pieces of cheese at the bottom of the salmon, added with chille flakes and Tobasco, Perfect! I know I am going to get killed if I go on more and more. =p
The Girls of 18
The Guys of 18

Then we had the singing of birthday songs for the birthday birdees. It was quite creative that we didn't have any cakes for them but instead we have donuts for them. Too bad that we can't practise our traditions on them because the donuts were not tall enough. So what we can do was we pushed the candle in side-ways and called them to blow the candle one-by-one without getting the neighbouring candles blew off. They were too lucky as the tasks were too easy for them.. -.-" lolzz..
After having lunch, we went for a movie "Coming Soon". Thai's horror movies are always better than the Koreans or the Japanese's one. Then here came to an end for the day. I was so exhausted, too tired to think and get to bed after bath. I think it was the same for others.. Btw, I just realise that I have 2othersfriend with my cousin brother have their birthday on the same day. lolzz.. Happy b'day to Han Boon, Kam Hong, Min Lu, Nicholas and Kenny.
Enjoy and have a nice day..

Friday, 17 April 2009



叫他挖垃圾, 他都敢



要说两人错, 我就会被审问像犯人一样.
男的就固执, 女的也死心不改,


Tuesday, 14 April 2009

New Dean of Faculty of Medical Science

It's a bit boring and tiring studying Aseptic Dispensing whole day long. You must be thinking that I am damn good as i still having time to blog though the quiz is tomorrow, but the truth is I know nothing about this subject. Anyway, I am a bit tensed up now but I am still in a cool mood. I don't kow why! It's a bit complicated to describe..
The exco-committee members of 8th PHC and I went and looked for our new dean, which is Dr. Jamal for some PHC updates. After talking and talking, I found that he is a very great guy. Hopefully that I am right with my first expression. He gave us a lot of constructive comments on what we should do and what we shouldn't do. Ok, let's not compare, I am sure he will get my vote if he has a competitor. He took us right into the point whereby many things that I really didn't think before. I still remember he said that "think like a lay person thinks". Putting in your feet into other's shoes is very important when you are organising an event which involves the public. Feel, what the public will feel; expect, what the public will expect.
Besides, he also said that "this is your event, please do not give others to get the glory." This event is organised by students, this event is prepared by the students, why do you let other people to finish up the show? If possible, he wants us to involve in all aspects to promote the purpose why we are there and also to build up our confidence. Be knowledgable! One more thing is "you are there to create awareness, so that people takes preventive measurement. If it's too late to prevent, suggest on how to manage." Prefect sentence to describe the role of a pharmacist. But I think we have done a great job on this point whereby we have did this in those previous sub-PHCs.
It think this is what I get from the meeting. Anyway, guys. I am sure the success of this upcoming PHC will pay a heavy price on our efforts.
*The quotations may not be the exact sentence but the meaning is still there..
Cheers and have a nice day^^

Life Is Always Unpredictable..

It's a bit stressful and tiring these few days as Easter just passed. I kind of having a bad mood for Easter as the same bloody old thing repeats again for this year's Easter Virgil. "Leavers are still leavers, for goodness sake, things has changed 360degrees upside down." Old brains having permenant brain damage, I wonder how they can think like a young and efficient brain like me?
It's kind of sickening when someone tells me this "Kevin, this shouldn't be the way. If you do like that, you will get yourself into trouble." And my next thought is "Oh, shut up you idiot crack-pot, please don't change my way of doing things and insults what I have been doing for so many years." It's just the matter of respect, I kept my mouth shut and walked away. Sometimes, it's quite irritating when the elders think that you are still a kid and you have no experience of doing things. Oh, come on. For this scenario, even some logical thinking can think that you shouldn't burn the charcoal on a steel pan. Sense of humour says that how do you want to shift it after burning the charcoal?
When they were run out of ideas, they will come to you, "Kevin, get your guys and get the things clean up after the church service (which is about 2am), I think that's all for tonight." See!!! I think now only you will get what I meant by- old brains having permenant brain damage, I wonder how they can think like a young and efficient brain like me? I won't do this kind of things in the future anyway. It is quite sad that I am going to leave a movement which I gained the highest respect from the congregations and also the only movement that I joined for more than 11years. I know that I wouldn't have the chance to put on my cassock to serve the priests, bishops and congregations in different churches. I think the time that "people knows me, but I don't know who they are" is ending soon. Nvm, it's time to go to church with a peaceful mind and pray.
Though Easter was 2days ago, hopefully it is not too late to wish "Happy Easter" Cheers^^

Friday, 10 April 2009

Faith + Courage + Luck = Good Moral Action

The day started with my moral final exam. Luckily my strong faith, strong heart, courage and a bit of luck made me manage to encounter this obstacle. Come on, moral is really my nightmare and i really hope that this is going to be the last time for moral. Actually I dont really get the rationale of studying moral at this level of our education system. As for me, I think that this is totally waste of time and energy and money and also insulting my intelligence. Swt-.-"
Then came the viva for the biotechnology subject. At first, it was really putting our nerves on the line but luckily the lecturers are not really "warm-up" yet as we were the first group to present, so it doesn't seem to have much questions bombarded at us. I thought that it is going to be tough but somehow my group members and I managed to struggle through that 10minutes plus the Q n' A session. Kudos to all group members, wonderful job. Then now is the time for a short rest and later got to get back on the mood of studying as aseptic and pharmacokinetics quizes are just around the corner.
So fast and it has been another year and it is going to be another Easter again. This indirectly telling me that I am going to get 1year older.=p Anyway, Good Friday always come before Easter. As many people may not know the significant of this day and some of them may even interpret wrongly about this meaningful day whereby the word "Good" always give the wrong idea. It is actually a solemn day for Catholics whereby this was the day where Jesus was crucified on the cross as to take away all our sins. (according to the bible)
As usual, the church is so pack until i have to find my sit outside of the church even though the service starts at 5.30pm. Though it's still at the work hours but many people did turned up. I think most of the people took leave on this particular day as they need to fast and abstaine also, so they came early and it was as early as 1hour before the service starts. As the service going on, the sky was getting darker and darker, and the rains came. When I reached home, I was half wet already. Ok, the interesting part here is I am not sure whether you all realise that there is always rain on Good Friday especially during the evenings. Come on, it's not about the forecast which is wrong but it is really that the sky is also crying for Jesus. Maybe you might think that I am just BS'ing, but you can be more aware about this next year.
So it's time to break fast now, time to have a hot drink before getting to bed.. lolzz.. Have a ncie day and happy Easter in advance. ^^

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Is There An Answer for Every Question?

I get so frustrated again when I was about to come down from the car to enter my house. It is my neighbour's dog this time. Frankly speaking, I am very afraid of dogs, especially when i see the dog is walking towards me. lolzz.. Luckily I have my car this time. What I used to do last time is I run and shout like no body's business down the street, and surprisingly I can even run faster than 100m relay in school that time. Maybe this is the effect when adrenaline shoots up high.
When talk about frustrations, how many people knows how to manage their frustrations in the right way? Or do they know what they are doing whether it is right or not? I am sure some may not realise that's why some of them end up on the newspaper headlines. I used to have 1 very crazy gang whereby they are my medium to release stress. Few years back, I still remember once we ended up on a hill and shouted and shouted out all our frustrations like no body's business there facing the nice view of KL city. Though we totally lost our voice when coming down the hill (partly also due to the black pepper hamburger that we had there), but at least we felt more relax and comfortable. Haha.. Maybe you think that this is a bit crazy~.~ Worse come to worse, I may ended up myself in my dream or cyber cafe if am alone. But it is better if you can get a companion to accompany.
Sad to know that some people may not use the proper way to manage their frustrations eg 黎礎寧. I think most of you know her if you have seen 超級星光大道3. She is so talented and beautiful but unfortunately she ended her life at such a young age. Running away from frustrations or desperations may not solve the problems but they do think so. So, conclusion is "There is nothing in this world cannot be solved, face them with a tough heart!" Like what my lecturer says "There should be an answer for every question." It is just that you need a bit of patience and maybe you need to sort some help, I am sure that that your problem isn't a problem anymore.
Life is like a dream.. So how do you manage yourself when you get frustrated? Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

清明 with 扫墓

If I have not mistaken, I think it is 清明 today. As for the people of Republic China, it is their public holiday. On this day, family members will go 扫墓 etc. As for me, I always enjoy going back to hometown, not because of visiting my relatives which I only see them once a year but it is because I enjoy the eating spree throughout the whole journey going back. Haha.. I didn’t go back to my hometown this year as I was having class at that time. Quite sad that everyone went back and I was left home alone in KL.

I still remember my cousin told me about this few years back. Once, he happened to meet a 鬼佬 at the shop which sell all these “sembahyang” stuffs. Then he accidentally heard the 鬼佬 asked the shop-owner “The shoes are so nice, do you have my size for this pair of shoes?” How is it possible for him to have his size! The pair of shoes which he meant was the paper shoes for burning. lolzz..

Human beings are now getting more creative and innovative day by day. As for those profit-seeking traders, they have now come up with many things which we have in the present world e.g. Astro, handphones, video players and even bungalow. Oh, gosh.. Anyway, it is just lack of human-size dolls for “them”. Chinese does this because they have the thought that they can burn these stuffs for their descendants in the other world.

What excites me every time at the graveyard is lighting fire-crackers. As you know, playing fire-crackers in KL is illegal. So this is kind of a big chance for me to play as I am “matured” enough to light the fire-crackers by myself. Hopefully I get to go back next year. No, I should say “by hook or by crook, I must find the time to go back!”

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Sunday, 5 April 2009

Speechless.. With poor form..

Argh.. It was kinda weird with today's game. I dont know what went wrong anywhere and we were beaten by all the present teams at the field. It was really frustrating to walk away as a loser especially all the key players were present. Haizz.. It might be because of our stamina which dropped terribly as we didn't have any practice for the past 3weeks. Nvm.. I believe that we will soon kick their butts off the field.
As for Catholics, it is now the Holy Week. Easter is in 1week time and season of lent is ending soon. I know that I didn't fast or abstain for 40days, but at least I fast and abstain for the first and the last day. Hopefully God wouldn't be so cruel to me, please forgive for all my sins also.. lolzz.. But the saddest part for this season is my moral final paper falls on the same day as Good Friday. The day is solemn enough already and I have to take on the worse paper with a moody mood, I really do not dare to imagine how is it going to be this time. I just hope that I can get 16marks out of 40marks for the final paper to past my moral subject. Please please Ms Dayangku, dont ever fail a person with good personality by just judging the theoretical practice.
Life is now getting busier day by day. Unsettled PHC stuffs and quizes are just bothering me all the time. Just can't have a good night sleep, really insomia. The days are so so so gloomy. But luckily I have a bunch of friends which are heating up with the facebook's applications such as how many bf/gf are you having before getting married or when are you getting married etc yesterday. I just can't believe that I got to have at least 10partners before I can get married. Totally unbelievable, speechless.. Oh, gosh.. These are all craps to entertain everyone only. If this is really my life, I wouldn't be a "vegetarian" now. Haha.. Anyway, these days are just another 1 and the half month more to go only and I can get back free time.
So enjoy everyone and have a nice weekend^^

Thursday, 2 April 2009

"She Sells SeaShells on the SeaShore.."

I am wondering why do i get lost everytime when I go out with my friends even when I am not the driver. It is being like a trend for every outings with my U'mates. lolzz.. As for yesterday, my friends and I actually went to Kuchai Lama which I haven't been there before for lunch. As what I said, we lost our way there and nearly lost our way back also. See, this is how my lunch break extended from 1hour to nearly 2hours. But at least the nice lunch pays a good price to it and make my money worth. So, I really hope that I will have better sense of direction to my destination next time...

I am back in form finally.. After being confused and got into thinking mode for so many days even in classes, I finally have made myself clear with so many things. From troubleless to trouble then to troubles, troubleful and burdens, and now it seems that everything is a happy thing. Utilitarianism... Happy ending!! But all this mood was killed off after a Domino's pizza delivery motorcycle wrecked my wing mirror while i was driving back from U. Before I could even turned back and see the number plate, that fellow already flew far out of my sight. I am not frustrated because of he hitting my wing mirror, but it's because he didn't have the thought to apologise. Is this what we call civilisation? Or is that fellow didnt even realise that he hit my wing mirror? He is really testing my patience..

It's going to be a historically moment for my country again. Pak Lah is retiring and his successor which is his present deputy will be taking over his place as the 6th Prime Minister. I really hope that he can really make a difference in the society so that it can be more civilised rather than bing materialistic all the time. If you ask me from my point of view, I think the first lesson should be learning how to apologise and say 'thank you'. Anyway, I can only pray hard, wish hard and have high hopes on the future PM. Too bad that it is not a public holiday tomorrow.

Hye, I am not sure whether you guys still remember the question that I gave in my few blogs back. Ok, anyway the answer is so that the claypot doesn't crack. From the title of this blog, I think you should know that it a tougue twister. And this is the continuity ".... The shells she sells are surely seashells; So if she sells shells on the seashore, I'm sure she sells seashore shells." Try this, it's fun!!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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