Tuesday, 7 April 2009

清明 with 扫墓

If I have not mistaken, I think it is 清明 today. As for the people of Republic China, it is their public holiday. On this day, family members will go 扫墓 etc. As for me, I always enjoy going back to hometown, not because of visiting my relatives which I only see them once a year but it is because I enjoy the eating spree throughout the whole journey going back. Haha.. I didn’t go back to my hometown this year as I was having class at that time. Quite sad that everyone went back and I was left home alone in KL.

I still remember my cousin told me about this few years back. Once, he happened to meet a 鬼佬 at the shop which sell all these “sembahyang” stuffs. Then he accidentally heard the 鬼佬 asked the shop-owner “The shoes are so nice, do you have my size for this pair of shoes?” How is it possible for him to have his size! The pair of shoes which he meant was the paper shoes for burning. lolzz..

Human beings are now getting more creative and innovative day by day. As for those profit-seeking traders, they have now come up with many things which we have in the present world e.g. Astro, handphones, video players and even bungalow. Oh, gosh.. Anyway, it is just lack of human-size dolls for “them”. Chinese does this because they have the thought that they can burn these stuffs for their descendants in the other world.

What excites me every time at the graveyard is lighting fire-crackers. As you know, playing fire-crackers in KL is illegal. So this is kind of a big chance for me to play as I am “matured” enough to light the fire-crackers by myself. Hopefully I get to go back next year. No, I should say “by hook or by crook, I must find the time to go back!”

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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