Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It Was A Fruitful Year.. (Part 1)

I didn't realise that 2010 is coming to an end. Phew. Not until I spent time to write my diary. Anyway, I need to start back on the track for my blog. Damn. The year is going to end soon and New Year is just around the corner.

This year, many things happened unexpectedly. The unexpected ones did happened but the expected ones did not happen at all, not even a glimpse of it happening. I am glad that many of my friends are getting more mature and getting into relationships but not at a state where everyone is getting married. Ok, I admit that many people are piling up stress onto me because they are curious why I am not part of them yet. Please, don't get me wrong on this issue. It is not about any past issues or some sort of things happen to me. It is just that I want to be a free person for the meantime!

Normally I don't fell sad when it comes to the end of the year because this is always the best part of the year. I get to meet a lot of my friends, having Christmas gatherings and surprisingly, I got a few Christmas gifts as well. But I have mixed feelings for this Christmas because I am wondering will I be celebrating Christmas again with everyone in KL next year. I have no idea at all! The saddest part is that I went to church in the same car with my family but I have no idea why I don't have the guts to sit with them in the church. I have been the "out-standing" one for more than 13 years. Hopefully I can still find a chance to sit with them....

A fruitful year, nothing to do with any fengshui master or wicked spells. To me, fruitful means I have learnt a lot this year. Maybe it is because I'm exposed to many different surroundings this year. I had my first experience in the hospital setting, going for carols for different houses, going for camp which I have no close friends at all on the first day and I am more into musics nowadays. But if you ask me what experience is it all about, I really have no idea how should I answer. Anyway, this is the type of experience which gives me the drive to get out from KL. I hope that I can become a better person someday. One thing in my mind, I am not afraid for being away from home but I will definitely miss home if I am away.

"I appreciate my life a lot. No matter how bad it started, I know that I have a role to make my life better." How about you?
To be continued...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Finance, Finance and Finance

I was so not in the mood in flipping thro' my book as Christmas is just around the corner. Haiz. Anyway, I watched Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Part 1 last night. It is just an average rating by me, hopefully it will more interesting in the second part. But what is in the movie definitely can't beat the book.

Hmm. Financial management, everyone knows about it. So how do you manage yours? Nowadays, people are spending more than what they have earned. But they don't realise that they are living in debts. One simple example is credit card. Sometimes when you think back, using credit cards actually causing you to pay more for an item because you may need to pay back your debts with interest at the end of the month. It is good that the government imposed such a tax on credit card holders, so that they will take control on their spending and using less credit cards. Remember, always plan on your spending ahead! Don't buy things if you can't afford to pay for that price and make sure there is some left-overs after each spending for emergency use.

So do you have any plans for your future? What I mean is when you retire, do you have sufficient money to spend for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if you are in the early 30s or 40s to think about this matter. Many young people are making a big mistake whereby they tend to set the age which they want to retire. Believe me, I even heard some people wanted to retire at the age of 40. It's not a bad idea at all, I know many people want it very badly too but do you have that amount of money for you to survive for the rest of your life? Studies actually have been done and stating that many retirees around the world do not have enough to survive until they die. Think thoroughly especially for those are having a family, think about your children, their educations etc.

P.S. I wish I can remember about the "Pencil and Eraser" story when I blog next time.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Love & Life

Good. I have finished one day of carolling. 2 more days to go but my fingers are now starting to pain. Anyway, it is really a good experience on the first day of carols because I'm the one who created to music for them. Kudos to myself.

When talking about Love & Life, it is really not easy to explain. Many people say Love is blind, Love with your Life, Love with all your heart, but how Love supposed to be in our Life? It is quite interesting to flip thro' the newspaper nowadays. Just last week, a 23-years old bridegroom married a 14-years old bride. And also, a 22-years old guy committed suicide 2 days ago because of Love. There are many controversies especially in the first case because the society can hardly accept the fact that a 14-years old kid is getting married. Come on, the kid is just about to achieve maturity and this is actually the stage where kids always wanted to try something new. That's why many kids can easily get influenced and get into some immoral or bad activities during this stage of life. Trust me, they can hardly make rational thoughts and decisions!

As for the second case, many people have different opinions about it. Some says that it was the girl who caused the guy to commit suicide; some says that it was the guy's own problem, it has nothing to do with the girl. It is actually very subjective to judge the actual situation as I believe everyone does not have the full picture about the story. But one thing is that the guy actually made a very big mistake. Remember "A problem is for you to solve; but not running away by committing suicide or doing something ignorant". Breaking off is not end of the world. Trust me, always set a challenging goal after every failure can really motivate you to achieve better success in Life. And another thing, also think before you act. Think of your love ones!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

P.S. Pray hard that I can wrap up everything for the year in the coming to blogs.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Pretty Girls Getting Better Treatment

Everyone in KL is crazy about KL International Motor Show 2010 at PWTC convention center, even my sister goes crazy for that event. But it is definitely a NO for me. To me, PC fair and MotoShow are no more places for exhibiting what they suppose to be. Particularly most guys are taking photos more on the girls rather than the items or accessories that are displayed.

Ok, back to the topic. Sometimes I wonder why pretty girls always get better treatment??? How about the rest of the girls in the society? Are they given a lower rate as compared to pretty girls! About an incident this morning, I got so irritated with 3 pretty donkeys in the library. It was already very bad that they were actually using the printing PC for editing because the uni is so stingy that they only provide 3 printing PC. But they couldn't be bother and they did the editing even when there was someone was queuing behind them. That was not all. They were actually using 2 out of the 3 printing PC. Cool! I wonder were they blind as well. Argh...

I believe that these uneven treatments really happen in the society, I even witnessed some with my own eyes. For example, pretty girls are always "Queen on the road". "Gentlemen" will definitely stop their car and let them cross the road. But if the girl is not up to the acceptable level, what to bother! She is so luck if that "gentleman" doesn't press on his horn. Please don't get me wrong! This is not about criticism! This is true about our life! Take this into deep consideration. My friend asked me once, if I was given a choice to choose between a pretty girl without a brain or a "so so" looking girl which is smart (in the sense of consideration), what will be my choice. I will definitely choose the second one. He then joked to me, "Yeah, true! You may die at young age because of irritation if she is brainless!" So, remember to treat all girls equally.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

25 Hours A Day

I was lazy to go on to the internet because I was just simply too lazy to go and on the modem. Phew. I got my ankle injured during the weekend game, so I got to stay at home and go no where. Anyway, it is holiday. So, it is all about eat, sleep, playing computer and guitar only.

When I was tidying some of the drawers in the noon, I found a stack of cards. They were actually my wishing cards, birthday cards etc for the past few years. I even found some of the written letters which I used to communicate with 2 of my primary schoolmates. I never thought that it can trigger my emotion while I was looking thro' again every cards. When I think back, they gave me many wonderful memories which were priceless and I know that there will be no other day like the day we had together.

Absolutely all of my friends had put in a lot of efforts and written great wishes for me. But there is 1 thing that I definitely couldn't accomplish and didn't even think of accomplishing it in near future. It was quite a sad thing so I have to leave it as a secret. Ha-ha. And again, while I was looking thro' emotions came into place because I was wondering will there be such a card next year. Mainly it is because another group of friends is leaving soon as everyone is graduating in half a year time. I always tell myself, " Friends are pass-byers in life". They are only there for you in some part of your life. Once their assigned "mission" is done, it is going to be hard to see them again.
So, so and so again, guys and girls out there! Remember to treasure every friend around you. No matter they are the good apple or the bad one; it is your destiny to meet them in life. Every moment being together is priceless. Enjoy friendship!

Have a nice day....

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