Friday, 3 December 2010

Pretty Girls Getting Better Treatment

Everyone in KL is crazy about KL International Motor Show 2010 at PWTC convention center, even my sister goes crazy for that event. But it is definitely a NO for me. To me, PC fair and MotoShow are no more places for exhibiting what they suppose to be. Particularly most guys are taking photos more on the girls rather than the items or accessories that are displayed.

Ok, back to the topic. Sometimes I wonder why pretty girls always get better treatment??? How about the rest of the girls in the society? Are they given a lower rate as compared to pretty girls! About an incident this morning, I got so irritated with 3 pretty donkeys in the library. It was already very bad that they were actually using the printing PC for editing because the uni is so stingy that they only provide 3 printing PC. But they couldn't be bother and they did the editing even when there was someone was queuing behind them. That was not all. They were actually using 2 out of the 3 printing PC. Cool! I wonder were they blind as well. Argh...

I believe that these uneven treatments really happen in the society, I even witnessed some with my own eyes. For example, pretty girls are always "Queen on the road". "Gentlemen" will definitely stop their car and let them cross the road. But if the girl is not up to the acceptable level, what to bother! She is so luck if that "gentleman" doesn't press on his horn. Please don't get me wrong! This is not about criticism! This is true about our life! Take this into deep consideration. My friend asked me once, if I was given a choice to choose between a pretty girl without a brain or a "so so" looking girl which is smart (in the sense of consideration), what will be my choice. I will definitely choose the second one. He then joked to me, "Yeah, true! You may die at young age because of irritation if she is brainless!" So, remember to treat all girls equally.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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