Tuesday, 31 March 2009

When Life Doesn't Go Like How You Want..

Often when I reach home, I always come across with this old grandma who always take her 2 grandsons walking back home under the hot sun. Even the grandma is hunch, but she still have to carry the younger grandson on her back.. Isn't it a pity to see such an old folk being a servant at her retiring age??... Does she has a choice...
Life doesn't always go like how we want. There are always ups and downs. I am sure that you would often prefer that your life is always "up", but do you have a choice say no when "down" always intervene your life? I am really down to earth this time. Huuuu... When life being hectic, you will tend to think "Why God is treating me like that?" I wish that I could be like others, being free and happy all the time, no worries, not hectic, having peace, joy and everything!!
And again, I did it again! I failed my moral mid-term. Even though it's just multiple choice questions, but I don't know how I could just failed it again. Maybe it's a trend that I should fail every single class test or mid term or trial before the finals like how I did it for SPM or maybe I have no moral values and sense of logical in answering the questions.. lolzz.. It's a bit too subjective for this matter. Even my mum wouldn't mind if I failed or do badly for my moral finals but as long as I have tried my best to finish that idiot shit paper.
I still remember someone told me this, "When you have no challenges in life, there is no meaning to live on earth!" So is now life more meaningful to me? I think it's getting more BS to me.. lolzz.. Anyway, find ways to release stress for the time being and just make sure that finding the right medium is an important choice. Showing temper is not a good choice, in fact being kind-hearted is much way better. Find a better way to live life good, all things will end soon. Don't put too much pressure and worries on everyone and myself either as we need to start "polishing our weapons for our final war in 5weeks time."=>
Hye, Kevin! You'll never walk alone! Come on, come on, come on!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, it's late mid-night now. It's half way between sleeping time and waking up time. I am going to get crazy this time.. lolzzz..

Sunday, 29 March 2009


Wow wow wow, guys.. You all really have to try this out. I can't think of any other words to describe besides FANTASTIC! When I put in my first step into the restaurant, I can feel that it is going to be great.

I know your first thing is going to get the fried stuffs eg shrimp, mushroom, bean curd etc as your appetizer. Then the drinks for sure are going to catch your eyes also becasue there are too many choices for you to choose until you get blur while choosing. But don't be too obsess with it because you must go and look out for fresh coconuts which is at the bar counter. It is more worth having coconuts compared to soft drinks, hot drinks etc. Lolzz...

The bar counter to get your fresh coconuts

It is really a heaven of food, from the dry to the wet; from the cold to the hot; from cooked to raw stuff which is the bbq stuffs. You can have beef, mutton, chicken, varieties of fish, shellfishes etc. All are marinated with different types of flavours. Please bear in mind that they are not serving cheap items, i am sure that you can cover the cost if you are a big eater. You can have lots and lots of oasters, clamps, sashimi, cod fish etc etc. Too many things to be mentioned. Just forget about the cholesterol levels shooting up for the sake of food that they served. Hahaha.. At the cold counter there, you can have your freshly made Califonia rolls, sashimi, clamps, sushi, shrimps, squids etc etc. You can also have your various Japanese delicacies also.

They are all freezing cool!! Super fresh..

A gentle reminder, please please remember to look at the menu on the table. You can order some of the things from the menu such as baked eel, sliced beef etc. I really missed out this because I found this too late already as I was too full. Just don't be a fool like me ya.. Hahaha..

Look at the crowd, the ambiance..

Yea, last but not least, the dessert. This is the first time I tasted black sesame ice-cream and wasabi ice-cream. Wonderful, guys..! Even the mint chocolate chips ice-cream tasted fabulous. There is always a bite of chocolate chips in every scoop. You can even have some toasted marshmallow to be served with your ice-cream.

Look out for the black ice-cream, it's black sesame ice-cream..

Thought they say that they might get you off from your sits after 2hours provided there is awaiting customers, but I am sure that you get everything done within one and the half hour.
So ladies and gentlemen, what are you waiting for? Enjoy and have a nice day^^
Comments and ratings from you guys are really well-appreciated. Thanks.

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour 2009

I miss out and left out from a lot of things this week e.g. petroscience 10th anniversary etc, I am not going to miss this event upcoming event, the EART HOUR. I am sure that everyone is aware that this is going on tonight. If you don't really kow, I think you better jump down from a tall-rise building. Remember, find a taller one!! Lolzz.. So I am not going to give an intro on this event.

Many of my friends said that they will off their lights but on their laptops, some even said that "ok, i will go to bed!" and some even plan to go some places such as the look-out point etc.. haha.. For sure it is not going to be a shopping center because some of the shopping centers are supporting this event, so going shopping is not going to be a good choice. No lights means no candle either. Please remember what is the objective of this event. Burning a candle means you are polluting the environment also. So as for me, the best choice is still going to bed.

I still remember my friend cracked a joke to me this afternoon.
"Hey, i think many people are planning something at home!" said of my friend. Then I was like "Hahh?". "I think many people are planning for robbery tonight." she continued. Lolzz.. Oh, gosh.. I didn't expect that she would think such an idea. Hye, it true also about what she said. There will sure be people 趁火打劫. Anyway, just be a bit careful if you are out of the house during this event.

Maybe you can view a clip about this event.

Ok, I think it time for me to go to church already. So enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 26 March 2009

The Ups for PHC..

Wah lao.. I just felt like the day is worse than I am chased by a dog. Once I reached home, it started raining heavily like cats and dogs. Can't it just rain 2 minutes later? I just got to get my head wet everytime I come home. No comment.
Hmm.. I feel that it's a bit conflicting when discussing about issues regarding PHC these few days. Maybe I am a bit complicated and thinking too much which is out of the world! Sorry, friends. I didn't mean to oppose any ideas or suggestions, but it's just that I am trying to patch up the pot-holes. Maybe I got my material wrong. Lolzz.. And also to my friends which I left behind today. Adui.. Hopefully there is no harsh feelings.
Finally, all lab reports came to an end. All assignments are submitted and left with biotech viva now. I wish that I am clear with everything by next week. => Hye hye, before that let me introduce this new place, they are having 50% off promotion even weekends. I think I should be nice and I am going to try out this weekend. So you guys should have a try also. Enjoy ya..


Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Holy "Sheet"...

So so so miserable.. "You should have your pharmacy's address on the label, or else I will minus your marks. By the way, your label is covering too much of the bottle, please make a smaller one.... Wait wait wait, where is your amount needed and amount weighed? You are going to get ZERO if you ignore this in your report." Gosh, this is what I learnt today. -.-"
I am tired; the whole team of people is tired especially the OC and the secretary; everyone is tired but do we have a choice to say "I Quit!"? From the day I joined the class, I expected that everyone would be on the same boat, willing to give helping hands to each other but sadly, it is not what I expected. I believe life is all about 阴阳, there is always good and there is also always bad. PHC is a very hectic, tedious burden which I now take it as my responsibity but not my interest. It's kind of funny how I got into this committee and ended up to be a treasurer. But just forget about it. The frustrating part is when someone withdrew and left behind the "unwanted and sickening shit" to someone else at this crucial moment. Very selfish is what I can say. Did that person actually think the consequences? Where is the responsibility? It's all crap if studying is the reason.
Besides, it's more frustrated when that person is being more protected. Come on, that person is not an endangered species, that person doesn't require or deserves any well protections. "If a glass is meant to be crushed, it should be crushed till dust." Please please, don't ever be so soft hearted. Haizz.. Maybe I am the only one will do like that, it may not be the same for others. Anyway, it's just getting everyone's nerves on the line, testing our patience. Most important is appreciate those who must be appreciated; never bite the hand that feeds you.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Sunday, 22 March 2009

A New Chapter..

Wow, life is so unpredictable.. It is really like a dream.. Liverpool knocked MUnited's butt last week and MUnited lost to Fulham again this week.. And I just realised that they are also many people who are anti-MUnited when I went and watched football at Steven's Corner.. Hahaha..

So, I think I should start off something from mid-week. Hye, what came to my surprise is really beyond my expectation! I really didn't expect that my so-called big sister knows how to make something other than maggie mee. But I think not only me who think so.. Hahaha.. She actually made, err.. I dont know it's called a shusi-bread or bread-shusi which is some sort of stuff which she is good at for the gang. Ok, I don't know what went wrong with her and suddenly, she is treating us something, maybe she is treating us as her 白老鼠 to test all her stuff.. Lolzz.. Jkg Jkg.. Anyway, it didn't taste bad, consumable.. Ok, so I assume that this is her stepping stone for gripping on the 进到厨房;出到厅堂 principle.. Hmm.. She is planning to bake a cake for her special one today, so I really wish her all the best.. Anyway, I can assure that he will be so touch by her efforts.=> All the best..

Then we had an advanced b'day dinner for Yin Hui, "38 president" at Decanter on Thursday night. Wow.. It's really a wonderful dinner.. Food tasted fabulous, quite a big portion until I don't feel like eating the b'day cake as dessert, very peaceful atmosphere, fantastic ambiance and price is also reasonable. Just one word to describe all "Marvelous".. After that dinner, we nearly lost our way back and I drove in the counter direction of the road.. Haizz.. Anyway, I am used to it already. Hahaha.. So I hope that I have more sense of direction for the next destination that we are heading.

In front of Decanter, "dnt get me wrong, I am weak in editing, that's why I can't remove the bottom part" =p

And today, it's kind of a boring day for me as my family all went back hometown for 清明. If I do not have class in the morning, most probably I have gone back with them. Luckily I still have my 吹水gang called me out to watch football at night.. Ok, something new here.. I will try to include some jokes or IQ questions so that this can be more interactive, hopefully it is more interesting.. Hehe..

So are you aware that a wire normally used to tie around the claypot for cooking, for example claypot chicken rice, clay pot yee mee etc? Did you thought of why is it so? (See the pot, dnt see the rice)

Enjoy reading and have a nice day^^

Friday, 20 March 2009

It's All About Life (2)..

Life is always unpredictable, life does not always go the way like how we wish. The “surroundings” may have changed since long time ago, even myself. Even 10 years down the road, we will all be different people. Sometimes, changes may not favor us and we can’t assume that they will change for us; neither we can change for them. Take it as a challenge, face it with a well-prepared mind and optimistically. Don’t get interfered with the “bad influence”, be confident and patient. You may need to see from a different dimension as it may give you a more positive perception.

A mistake is a mistake, a perfection is always desired but it is sometimes far out of our reach. Nothing is perfect in life even the perfectionist is not perfect in all aspect either. We must appreciate for what we have now and we should not ask for more. Don’t hurt the innocents when they make mistakes. There’s always room for improvement and time will be the decider.

Learn from our own mistakens rather than pointing finger to others. I am sure that you would feel better if you win, but what is the benefits of it? Satisfaction? Or encouragement? Try to reflect ourself on a piece of mirror, not about how do we look like but it is how is the way that we are thinking. We do not know what will be happening 20 years down the road. An enermy to you now may be a V.I.P for you in the future..

=> "Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand; but I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hands..."

Enjoy reading^^

It's All About Life...

南拳媽媽(Lara) - 下雨天
"下雨天了 怎麼辦
我好想你 我不敢打給你
我找不到原因 為什麼失眠的聲音
寂寞的滋味 一個人撐傘
一個人擦淚 一個人好累"

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Back to Square One..

The mornings which make me lazy are those mornings which I dont need to go for classes. When I have a holiday, my books also wil have a holiday too.. Lolzz.. I can't even bother even there are a lot of job waiting for me..

It's getting more and more complicated in the preparation of PHC. Mr Terry and Ms Lee Yin are going to leave and now, internal complications arise. VP for SA is changing, every particulars or each details regarding PHC 2009 will be presented again to the new VP who is taking over SA. Though there are some good news whereby we are shifting our venue to a more crowded area, but the expections are getting higher and higher. The venue sponsor requested for a grand opening ceremony. Oh, gosh! How great is this event..! Everyone really got to scratch their heads for ideas to help out the protocol department. Haizz.. The thing is when some one seek for help, but I don't know why there is no people comes to the rescue.. Balik-balik also that few faces.. Perhaps everyone is busy, I guess so=>

Anyway, I think I am last to fetch people for games now, I better move now or else I will "mati" soon.. Lolzz.. Btw, happy belated b'day to Yun Yee, happy b'day to Chee Hing and Mei Fong and happy b'day in advanced to Yin Hui..

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 16 March 2009

Mission Clear..

I think this is the happening week for the Malaysians and Liverpool fans because they have completed wonderful performance in the sport arena. As for the Malaysians, Lin Dan's reign over Lee Chong Wei finally came to an end and the double's also did well by winning the Swiss Open title after several tough struggles from the top pairs. As for Liverpool, it hits the headline. They demolished MUnited at Old Trafford with the scoreline of 4-1. I know that those female readers wouldn't understand this. Nvm, just forget about it, you all just need to remember that MUnited is not the greatest on earth.

Miseries for the time being finally came to an end. Muhahaha.... Started with a tough one and now ends with a tough one also. I nearly panicked until I can't start writing a single word this morning. But luckily I was calm enough. I just know that it's really a good time to have a good rest now after the "warm-up matches" against the quiz papers. Hmm.. I just realise that I am having my Moral final paper on Good Friday. Wow, tough man! Life gets so difficult when you got to fast and study at the same time. Maybe I am too sinful until the God up there wants me to pay double for my sins this time. Nvm, fast and abstain with a sincere heart.! Hahaa..

The lastest lecturer that is leaving us now is Dr Thet. Haizz.. So sad. Did she thought of using one cheeze tart to console my heart.? No way! Why is always the best lecturers who goes off? I wonder how is our medicinal chemistry going to be in the later days with the "niam niam".. Haizz again.. Anyway, we cannot be so selfish as she may have better opportunities outside, if you happen to be in this situation, i guess you will also do the same like her. We are utilitarians. Everyone deserves to have the greatest pleasures and happiness. Think from a different aspect, she may be happier in the new working environment or she has gotten what she has long waited for. Be optimistic!

So, best wishes to her and good luck. Thank you...
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 14 March 2009

8th Annual Public Health Campaign

It is wonderful for seeing our hard efforts in organising the 8th Annual Public Health Campaign acknowledged by the community. Looking forward for our up-coming event in Sunway Pyramid Shopping Complex which is on the 5to7th of June 2009. Do join us for this meaning event and thanks for the great support.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Life Is Like A Dream..

It has been 100days since my paternal grandma left us. I supposed to attend a prayer session for her at the cemetery but i have class today. Anyway, at least I managed to drop-by before going to the U. I just pray that her soul may R.I.P.

In life, I am sure that there are a number of V.I.P.s has really give great interventions in your life for example changing your attitute, perceptions, perhaps financial status etc. Ok, so let me share mine.. I actually have 3persons which gave a great impact or changes in my life. 3of them are from different generations and all of them are females. See, how great is the power of females right! First, I have my grandma. My maternal grandma was an orphan last time, then she got married and she had a tough life in those days, struggled to bring up 7kids alone as my grandpa passed away early. This is where she inspired me and taught me how to be independant, do not always rely on people. Her concept is "I will do when I still can do". When she was still around, she always teach me about discipline even though she used to play poker or old-maid in those days when I was a small kid. Through out her life, the only time that she really need help is when she was on her sick bed. Then after that, she rested in God's hand peacefully at the age of 94. Anyway, I am very sure that she is watching us and praying hard for us also.

Next, I have my mum. Though she used to grumble me a lot. But I still have my utmost respect to her. It is she who brought me up, providing the best education for me and my sisters. Among the siblings, I have an additional thing, which is she often feed me very full. Lolzz.. Nah, see! She just call me up and ask me what do I want to have for lunch because she is outside now.. Mother is mother, can't deny that she is the greatest. I wonder how did she got the power to stay so tough to provide us all of this, including shielding bullets.... "Jkg, jkg"

Lastly, "she" was my good companion in those days but "she" is a very good friend of mine now. We have known each other for more than 6years. "She" didn't teach me any thing about disciplines, independance etc, but it was "she" who transformed me into a better person. Absolute everything, including my pessimism, temper and attitude. Learn, learn and learn to be optimistic and good and this how I am now. (I know that I am bad at many times, but at least I am better) About temper, I have tried to control myself and be calm everytime in dealing every situation. But i don't know why is everyone scare when I am in a bad mood. Don't worry, I don't eat humans... Haha.. Among 3, I have only 1left which encorages me to continue and head to a better life.

So I think this is all for now. Maybe you can try to express what you are feeling right now or to share the same stories from your side through this channel. Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 12 March 2009

"Shock", not "Shiok"..

O, come on! It's just 6years of studies only, please do not have high expectations on my mandarin. I admit that it was very bad.. Lolzz.. I just direct translated out like how i used to speak in cantonese. I have no intention in polishing my mandarin now or near future because it is not easy to learn a language which i do not get to practise everytime. No point at all!! That's why i prefer using back English for blogging.. Anyway, i already have my sundae cone for my first mandarin blog..=>

Ok, back to main topic.. 2 shocking things in 2 days. As for yesterday, the shocking thing was Mr Terry and Ms Lee Yin are going off soon. I was emotionless (include motionless) at that moment because I was stunted. I didn't expect that both of them will go at the same time. Since I entered this U, the turn-over rate is so damn high. Many lecturers have left us during my past 1 and the half years over here. Swt-.-" If Mr Terry leaves, it is not going to get easy to organise things. I think I should really reconsider and reconsider again in that "mega" project again.

Next thing is about today's PRP quiz. Haizz.. Sad to mention, but I stll want to mention.....
Our lecturer told us a set of questions during the tutorial class yesterday and she kept on emphasising that those questions are going to be in our final exam, nothing go to do with today's quiz. Eventually those were the questions for today. I was blank after seeing the questions so do my fellow "warriors" in the pin-drop silent exam hall. Comman sense, I am sure that you will assume that these question will not be coming out for quiz and you will skip this whole major part for the time being. So as the consequences, I left it blank 50% of the physiology part. I am going to die this time.
Play smart, act smart, study smart but doesn't think smart, what's the point!! Like what I say, 死板板, caught on the hook.. Haha..

Just do not too much and prepare for AMT II for tomorrow..

Cheers and have a nice day..^^

Tuesday, 10 March 2009


我每次都弄乱.. so sad..

衰到连PRP report都没印..
Aseptic lab又糟多一次..




It has been quite quiet these few days because many of my friends are not around. Before this, one already went to Penang, live life happily there until he does not feel like coming back during semester breaks. Then now, 2 have gone to Bangkok, they went for a 2weeks back pack trip, i just know that they just reach Penang, so hope that they will reach Bangkok in these coming few days. One busying doing thesis for his final exam, cracking his brain until it's going to crush and sprinkling many "flowery" words on PM. Lolzz.. One here, one there, all everywhere. Last but not least, I go no where because no one is free to go out 打机,吹水though it's a holiday on monday. Hahaha.. I think it should be the same for my U'mates as we are "polishing our weapons, for our coming battle against the quiz!"

Anyway, I just want to share something with everyone this time. Last Sunday, my parish assistant priest thought me a very powerful word, which is "MINDFULNESS". The sense of mindfulness is actually the concentration at a particular point. Regarding this sense, there are 4 aspects that are concerned: discipline, punctually, commitment and cleanliness. We can actually apply this concept into many different situations e.g. family, among friends, in school, workplace etc. I can't really give an example because it's no point if you don't understand it. This is actually about reflections and requires more about self-understanding in this concept. I am sure that this concept will give you the utmost performance when you carry out the tasks with MINDFULNESS> Trust me, it's true.

Hope you get something valuable out of this, enjoy reading.. Cheers^^

Thursday, 5 March 2009

"First Day Cover" collector

I bring out this topic is because it is so fake and so easy in becoming a First Day Cover collector nowadays. It comes in a sudden because i saw first day covers just now in the post office. Maybe some of you dont really know what is first day cover. It's actually the stamps which sold on the first issued day. In chinese they call it as 首日封. (if i not mistaken) => I have some examples for you beside.

I, myself have been collecting first day covers for more than 7 years since i was in my secondaries and i have come across with numerous collectors in around the world through friendster and facebook. I feel that some people are not really a collector because they prefer in investing big amount of money and buy straight for related channels. Do they really get the meaning of COLLECTION! Collecting this is actually something like collecting coins or currency notes where you dont actually buy these stuff. Dont tell me that you do go to the money changer there and change for all types of coins and currency notes. It's kind of ridiculous. For me, i really think that COLLECTION is all about patience and enthusiasm. Anyway, i cant change how people thinks, it's all about egoism. I hope that i can share these ideas in becoming a true, authentic, genuine, realiable, real first day cover collector. So it's not easy to become a first day cover collector right!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

The Trauma..

The trauma for moral is really here, what if i failed my moral this time..

The mind has been disturbed for these few days and i cant really concentrate on a certain thing too long, i will just lose my attention to that particular thing if someone just happen to nudge me. Hmm.. Ok.. Nothing personal, or else you just want to report this to the police. Keke.. When i was on my way to the U, i happen to knock down a police cone on the street which normally used as a temporary divider for counter flow of the traffic in the morning. Err, i dont really know how and why it happens, maybe i was just too tired or i was not concentrating on my driving. So just forget about it...

Today, my main purpose of going to the post office in Jusco is i want to renew my license. But if i happen to walk pass Vinnci at the lower ground floor of the shopping complex, i will sure drop by and pay my ex-colleagues a visit. => As usual, all of them will start the conversation with a few standard questions..

"Hey, Kevin, long time no see, how come you are getting thinner compared to the previous visit?"
"You actually look like an uncle, if you didnt call me, i will just ignore you because i will think that it might be a salesman who are just promoting some products."
"Hey, Kevin, where is your girlfriend... Hmm.. When are you getting one?"

Fine, i will just answer them with my standard answers because i have no other answers for these questions already. The main point here is "Why are they asking me about having a girlfriend? Is there a need to have a girlfriend now? Or is having a girlfriend an obligation or it is just a necessity?" Maybe different people has different point of view, i am sure that my stand is in the minority as i am a kind of weird person.. Haha..

For me, i have more cons compared to pros to support my stand, i think cons is 50X more than pros. No harsh feeling, it's not about my past, but it's all about the present. Not the there is no pretty girls on the street including in our class, but it's just that i prefer to have only friends, just simple friends. As simple as that.. Maybe i think like that is because i still have a lot of friends around meand i am fully satisfied with it, but i also got to realise that they will leave my one day. They cant be going for a date and call me along right! Haha.. Anyway, i have my own rational points here but i do not hope that my friends especially some of my classmates are in the same route of being a vegetarian. It's kind of funny when it comes to this kind of topic and i still remember this has been a "debate" on facebook. lolzz..

So, my last word is couples stay on tight to the present relationships, i know that it is difficult to maintain a relationship but it is more difficult to forget a person if you lose him/her or to find a new replacement. As for the singles, work hard to get into a relationship or fight hard if you are trying to grab someone.. Hehe.. Jkg Jkg..

Enjoy and have a nice day..^^

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