Saturday, 14 March 2009

Life Is Like A Dream..

It has been 100days since my paternal grandma left us. I supposed to attend a prayer session for her at the cemetery but i have class today. Anyway, at least I managed to drop-by before going to the U. I just pray that her soul may R.I.P.

In life, I am sure that there are a number of V.I.P.s has really give great interventions in your life for example changing your attitute, perceptions, perhaps financial status etc. Ok, so let me share mine.. I actually have 3persons which gave a great impact or changes in my life. 3of them are from different generations and all of them are females. See, how great is the power of females right! First, I have my grandma. My maternal grandma was an orphan last time, then she got married and she had a tough life in those days, struggled to bring up 7kids alone as my grandpa passed away early. This is where she inspired me and taught me how to be independant, do not always rely on people. Her concept is "I will do when I still can do". When she was still around, she always teach me about discipline even though she used to play poker or old-maid in those days when I was a small kid. Through out her life, the only time that she really need help is when she was on her sick bed. Then after that, she rested in God's hand peacefully at the age of 94. Anyway, I am very sure that she is watching us and praying hard for us also.

Next, I have my mum. Though she used to grumble me a lot. But I still have my utmost respect to her. It is she who brought me up, providing the best education for me and my sisters. Among the siblings, I have an additional thing, which is she often feed me very full. Lolzz.. Nah, see! She just call me up and ask me what do I want to have for lunch because she is outside now.. Mother is mother, can't deny that she is the greatest. I wonder how did she got the power to stay so tough to provide us all of this, including shielding bullets.... "Jkg, jkg"

Lastly, "she" was my good companion in those days but "she" is a very good friend of mine now. We have known each other for more than 6years. "She" didn't teach me any thing about disciplines, independance etc, but it was "she" who transformed me into a better person. Absolute everything, including my pessimism, temper and attitude. Learn, learn and learn to be optimistic and good and this how I am now. (I know that I am bad at many times, but at least I am better) About temper, I have tried to control myself and be calm everytime in dealing every situation. But i don't know why is everyone scare when I am in a bad mood. Don't worry, I don't eat humans... Haha.. Among 3, I have only 1left which encorages me to continue and head to a better life.

So I think this is all for now. Maybe you can try to express what you are feeling right now or to share the same stories from your side through this channel. Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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