Saturday, 28 March 2009

Earth Hour 2009

I miss out and left out from a lot of things this week e.g. petroscience 10th anniversary etc, I am not going to miss this event upcoming event, the EART HOUR. I am sure that everyone is aware that this is going on tonight. If you don't really kow, I think you better jump down from a tall-rise building. Remember, find a taller one!! Lolzz.. So I am not going to give an intro on this event.

Many of my friends said that they will off their lights but on their laptops, some even said that "ok, i will go to bed!" and some even plan to go some places such as the look-out point etc.. haha.. For sure it is not going to be a shopping center because some of the shopping centers are supporting this event, so going shopping is not going to be a good choice. No lights means no candle either. Please remember what is the objective of this event. Burning a candle means you are polluting the environment also. So as for me, the best choice is still going to bed.

I still remember my friend cracked a joke to me this afternoon.
"Hey, i think many people are planning something at home!" said of my friend. Then I was like "Hahh?". "I think many people are planning for robbery tonight." she continued. Lolzz.. Oh, gosh.. I didn't expect that she would think such an idea. Hye, it true also about what she said. There will sure be people 趁火打劫. Anyway, just be a bit careful if you are out of the house during this event.

Maybe you can view a clip about this event.

Ok, I think it time for me to go to church already. So enjoy and have a nice day^^

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