Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Naked Truth

A brand new day with McD breakfast before my paediatric clerkship started is simple perfect!
Hmm. I actually felt so pity for those kids who were in the ward this morning. As compared to those kids which my mum babysits, these were far more unfortunate. Anyway, this is not going to be my concern for today because there are some other topics related to kids are far more important. I remembered that there was a very interesting article about the "modernised" teenagers, or perhaps I should call them as kids (not matured enough for me to call them as teenagers). Can you imagine when your friends show you some naked girls' pictures and claim that those are their girlfriends? First thing that came into my mind is "SHIT"! Please take it seriously, because this is reaally happening in Malaysia as well and those kids were as younger as 11 years old. Both parties to be blamed. The males are not ethical and this is really immoral; whereas the females are dump enough to give their naked pictures to the males as to please them, what? based on TRUST! Or perhaps the blame should be put on the parents?

With years of religious or moral studies, these are just easily flung out of their brain and it is really not difficult to screw in some concepts of westernisation to replace them. What I can say is that the mental status for kids is getting worse and now reaching an alarming state. But parents know nothing about this, instead they are putting more pressure on them. Do you think sending your kids to extensive tuition classes, art, music, drawing or dancing classes can prevent them from getting involved in these unhealthy activities? You are really wrong about it! Can you assure that your kids will not skip these classes when they know what is 'ponteng'? Don't judge me by looking how I look, I admit that I had "ponteng" classes ILLEGALLY when I was still in primary. Anyway, I think the way that can work the best is spending quality time with them.

Next is that, kids especially girls (again) are too naive and assume that "LOVE IS EVERYTHING"! I remember something about this 15 years old girl that I met at the hair saloon, she told the aunty "I don't feel like studying already because I plan to come out and work, perhaps getting married with the guy that I am with now!" OMG I really have no comment about this. I don't mind if everything turns out fine for her, present and the future! But what if the guy dumps her, maybe 2 years later. I can definitely say she will become a single mum if she happens to have a kid and most probably committing suicide if she doesn't have a kid. Full stop* Anyway, you might take it very lightly because it is quite common nowadays. But please don't torture the policeman to pick up crops.

Really worth to think about!
Enjoy and have a nice day!

Saturday, 26 March 2011


I am back to the futsal court finally after having been missing for 3 weeks in action. My stamina was really bad and I can hardly cope up with the intense game. Anyway, it was a good game, fair play! My team scored more than our oponents.

For the past 1 week, I have learnt something very meaningful. Something which I don't really know how to explain! Different people has different dream to achieve in life. My dream is always to cater myself to everyone around me if possible and make everyone happy as well. Ha-ha. How about yours? I am sure many of us are capable of achieving our goals in life. But unfortunately, I have met the minorities who are unable to achieve what they want to achieve in their life in the hospital.

When I had my very first step into the psychiatric ward, I have already tensed myself up. Can you imagine? You are actually meeting strangers among strangers in the ward. Because when I ask them "Where are your friends in the ward?", they will defintiely asnwer, " I have no friends here because I have no mental disorders at all." See, no point being friends with them. They may eventually forget about you the next day. But one thing that I know is that we must learn how to respect them. As what my preceptor said, "Don't ever pronounce schizophrenia as schizo!" Help them whenever they need help because they God's creature as well, but just the unfortunate one! But the saddest part is that some family members do not want to take the patient back. Anyway, it is not up to me to decide whether it is right or wrong.

Remember! No matter how the people around become in the future, treat them well and don't let them alone. Leaving them alone will make things even worse and you just killing their life off without a purpose.
Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Sunday, 13 March 2011

To Be Naive Or To Trust?

I had quite a good conversion topic with my friends just now. We were just discussing something about future investments. How can you spend your 1 buck and earn back at least 1.5 times in return. Isn't it interesting? As everything in KL is getting more expensive, from houses to lands, cars and even food, everyone is facing this problem because when the price for everything increases, the salary still remain the same. Full stop!

Your life can be interesting when you have a lot of friends. And your life can be more interesting when you are cheated by your friend because of money. Actually, the lesson here is that, don't ever become a guarantor for your friends even though both of you are really close to each other. I have really heard many news about this and I think that everyone should really consider this seriously. When you say, I can become a guarantor for my friend because of trust. So I can say that very likely that you will become the person who pays back their loan. When it comes to money matter, you should trust no one unless you are filthy rich and you have no place to spend your money.

As you grow older, you must always realise that the society is actually a very realistic community. You can't survive without a single cent. Some people just don't mind to lose a friend because of their own benefit because they think that they can find back a friend to replace back. Just a real life example, XXX have to mortgage his house because of trusting his friend too much. I have heard that the debt is simply unbearable and he is now facing financial problems because he can't find a way to pay back his friend's debt to the bank. He might lose his house if he can't find a solution to it. As simple as that! Anyway, it is up to you to be naive (to trust) or not to trust when it comes to this kind of situations. The consequences may be as bad as what I have described.

A lesson is for you to learn and share!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Monday, 7 March 2011


Everytime when I pass along this road near my house, I keep on asking myself why are the trees along the road have been cut down? I don't really get the point, that's is why I keep on thinking of it whenever I pass along this road. It has been more than 1 year already since they have been cut down and I am still asking this question to myself. Why is it so?

Many people knows what is ADAPTATION and everyone would have their own definition about it. But by knowing it, did it really significantly changes your life? My mum knows my sisters and I are big enough, that's why my mum always like to emphasise on PATIENCE. Be patient and adapt to it. True, to be patient means you are adapting to the environment. Once you adapted to it, you are CHANGED and hopefully to become a better person. That's why I am really learning to be more patient and adapting to my surrounding in a very fast manner whenever it changes. When you are lack of pace to keep up, don't worry! Friends are always there to help you to adapt. This is life!

Same goes to working life. If you are still new to a working place, keep your mouth shut (be patient) and do your job in the way that it should be. Never argue with your boss or someone who is more superior or even someone who is more elderly to you. You know what! At the time you talk something bad about your colleagues, that is the starting point for all politics and your will never stay long at that place. Change job? Sure, but you are just adding more scratches to your CV. So how adaptation can come in place? As what I said, be patient is the way to adapt. Once you get used to it, you are at the neutral position and everyone is your friend.

Same goes to love life. You would never ever give your 100% promise to your partner whenever you start a relationship unless both of you are very good friends before that. So as time goes by, you tend to adapt yourself more to that person and that is what makes you to love that person more. True? And to adapt, you need to have a lot of patience. Am I right? But whenever tempers come in, frustration develops, that is what makes people to have the thoughts of separating.

So, it is never too late to start to adapt to your surroundings. Most importantly are those people around you.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

Greed and Egoism

I am not sure whether I have mentioned anything about hooking lobsters in my previous posts. Anyway, my cousin brought me and my sister to hook some mini lobsters at a near-by abandoned lake last week. It was really fun and I am definitely looking forward for my next trip to hook more.

Let's come back to the topic. So what do you know about GREED? I am sure you would have come across many greedy people in life. Just an example, you would have asked God for a motorcycle when you do not have any vehicles. When you have gotten your motorcycle, definitely you would asked for a car. But one thing that can make no one to be greedy and that is God. There is no greater God than any other God because there is only one God. But the point is not mentioned yet, greed is sometimes bad when it comes to money. It is alright when you can earn money with your own hard work. But it is bad when you think you can earn money by gambling.

At many times, guys are very ego especially when they are with a bunch of girls. It is quite sad that I can't be one of them because I don't really have that type of "qualifications". Ok, I respect their "gentleman" qualities in them. Anyway, EGOISM is never a good friend to anyone. Egoism can be a very good friend at good times but it can be really bad at bad times. As you can see in the society especially the artists, they can be very well known at their success stage if they are ego enough. But they can be beaten down badly once they meet up with failures. Some may even opt to commit suicide because they were too depressed and felt ashamed to face the society. So do you agree with me?

Whatever your life it is now, be MODERATE and HUMBLE at all times. This is the only way to be a better person. As for success, COURAGE should also be within you! Time for some reflections!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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