Thursday, 3 March 2011

Greed and Egoism

I am not sure whether I have mentioned anything about hooking lobsters in my previous posts. Anyway, my cousin brought me and my sister to hook some mini lobsters at a near-by abandoned lake last week. It was really fun and I am definitely looking forward for my next trip to hook more.

Let's come back to the topic. So what do you know about GREED? I am sure you would have come across many greedy people in life. Just an example, you would have asked God for a motorcycle when you do not have any vehicles. When you have gotten your motorcycle, definitely you would asked for a car. But one thing that can make no one to be greedy and that is God. There is no greater God than any other God because there is only one God. But the point is not mentioned yet, greed is sometimes bad when it comes to money. It is alright when you can earn money with your own hard work. But it is bad when you think you can earn money by gambling.

At many times, guys are very ego especially when they are with a bunch of girls. It is quite sad that I can't be one of them because I don't really have that type of "qualifications". Ok, I respect their "gentleman" qualities in them. Anyway, EGOISM is never a good friend to anyone. Egoism can be a very good friend at good times but it can be really bad at bad times. As you can see in the society especially the artists, they can be very well known at their success stage if they are ego enough. But they can be beaten down badly once they meet up with failures. Some may even opt to commit suicide because they were too depressed and felt ashamed to face the society. So do you agree with me?

Whatever your life it is now, be MODERATE and HUMBLE at all times. This is the only way to be a better person. As for success, COURAGE should also be within you! Time for some reflections!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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