Friday, 18 February 2011

Indeed, It's Truly A New Experience

To me, Cap Goh Mei (marks the end of 15-days CNY) has been a very normal occasion for more than 20 years already. But this year's Cap Goh Mei was really special. Something which I will never forget and I don't think I would experience something like this in near future, perhaps not anymore.

I joined a group of friends and went to this famous Buddiest temple (Tian Hou Gong) in KL last night. The crowd was so huge as early as 6pm, a stage was set up and many performances such as lion dance and dragon dance were held at 8pm onwards. But before the clock struck at 8pm, many, many and many devotees were moving around the compound and praying to different Gods. Definitely, my friends were among the crowd too. At some stations, such as God of Literature, Books and Writing (Weng Chang), God of Love (Yue Love) and God of Wealth, they had some special "returns" if a certain offerings was given. These Gods were some great Gods like what we called as Saints in Catholic faith. Anyway, I just followed them walking around to different stations, crossing the "changing fate" bridge etc.

I even had my first experience in "Qiu Qian". It was something like predicting your future in different aspects e.g. matrimony, wealth, health and so on. Er. I can say that it was quite similar to Tarot cards but they were handled in different way. Interesting right?! Ha-ha. Then there were also places like writing love massages, colourful lanterns display, replica of some world expo buildings etc. When the time approached near 8.30pm, we ended our tour because I was supposedly to get back home for dinner. Hopefully my friends really enjoy too! And also hope that their abundant wishes come true.

This is the fun of being a Malysian where I can really learn many things about different cultures. Though I have my own faith strong within my heart, but this doesn't put a STOP to me from learning other people's culture. So how about you?

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =>

Monday, 14 February 2011

It's Another "Flowery" Day

When it comes to February 14, everyone knows that it is Valentine's Day. A day to remember, a day to celebrate and perhaps a day to enjoy especially for many couples. Many people do have their own definition about Valentine's day, but most people really have forgotten about St. Valentine. Ok, I know that it is a very lame joke!

When it comes to Valentine's day, all prices from flowers to food are marked up. But some guys are so sincere that, they are willing to spend this big sum of money just for the minor celebration. If it's a proposal day, it is worthy. But if it is not, I would say "No". To me, if it is a good day, it will always be a good day; if it is a Valentine's day, every day should also be a Valentine's day. Seriously, I am not trying to condemn this wonderful day. Perhaps everything can be done in a cost-effective way. Why do you need to pay more whereby you can save up the money and do something more meaningful.

I know that guys would always want to be ego and girls would always want to be romantic. Perhaps Valentine's day should be in that way. Hopefully Valentine's day will not be so "commercialised" as Christmas day.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 11 February 2011

Meanings of CNY

I am so freaking tired, I think I need at least 2 or perhaps 3 days sleep to re-energise my whole "battery". What a meet up at Felicia and Serene's houses, but I think Christine would be mad about me. Haha. Hopefully no hard feelings. With such a sudden change of plan, I had tried to make every party to be equally happy. Hopefully I did!

Throughout the past 1 week, I have experienced many types of Chinese New Year joy which never happened in my life before. Poor CNY, lonely CNY, unlucky CNY and perhaps, a thrifty CNY. Whatever a CNY it is, it is nothing more important than family gatherings. The laughter, the harmony, the happiness which all bring meanings to a fruitful CNY celebration. It desn't really matter how much did you get from your "red packet" collection, but it is just a sign of wishes to you. Sometimes it is really worthy to go to church on the first day of CNY. Though the amount in the red packet given by the priest is just about 1 buck, but at least everyone comes from different communities comes and receives it with tremendous joy. And another thing, there is actually no difference in having shark-fins soup or abalone as compared to salted fish with white rice only on the dining table, everyone still have their reunion dinner with joy!

How about the lonely CNY? My buddy who is always left behind by his family members as the parents and uncles and aunties will normally go for holiday on the eve of CNY itself. Then, I knew that he is not a very shy person, that's why I invited him to have lunch at my house during CNY. So is it really a pity to celebrate alone? Here, no family, friends come second and they are really important. But as for you, how do you spend your CNY holiday especially with your family? Back the the money issue, the more money you get, would you be a richer person and be happier as compared to yesterday? Nope, I don't think so. Sometimes the lesser the amount, it may be more sincere the wishes. It is something like receiving 2 bucks indicating you to buy a "packet of seeds", to plant them and grow your own crops with your own efforts but receiving 5 bucks may indicate you to buy a bowl of noodles which is quite a short term relief without any effort.

I still remember watching a news for the past few days, a grandson stabbed his grandpa 20 times because the grandpa didn't want to give a red packet to his 14-years old grandson. This is a bit insane right? Anyway, for those who have not watch "Homecoming" (笑着回家), perhaps you can enjoy this movie with your family. It is really a nice movie.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 4 February 2011

A Worry That Not Suppose To Be A Worry

2 days ago, I was so happy because I woke up again this year and went to Pudu wet market with my mum at 4.30am. As usual, my mum went and shopped for some last minute stuffs. Ok, maybe my mum just felt that it was good that I was there to help her to carry some stuffs. But to me, the significance was totally different. Absolutely nothing was about the first or second of chinese new year, it was all about "what if I am not around?"
I am actually getting more worried day by day, "what if I am not around in KL next time?" Who will take over my roles especially when it comes to cleaning. I have no brother or else I would have much relief now. It is really sad to think about but I can't do anything. I just hope that my siblings will realise that my mum is old already and she "needs" time to rest, perhaps someone to take over her roles in the family. Oh, dear! I think I am really thinking too much throughout the week. I just don't realise that the one week is going to end soon and my books "had a long holiday" too. Fine, it is time to start back my engine and fitting it with superbly charged turbo.
Be happy and don't think too much Kevin!!
ENjoy and have a nice weekend.

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