Monday, 14 February 2011

It's Another "Flowery" Day

When it comes to February 14, everyone knows that it is Valentine's Day. A day to remember, a day to celebrate and perhaps a day to enjoy especially for many couples. Many people do have their own definition about Valentine's day, but most people really have forgotten about St. Valentine. Ok, I know that it is a very lame joke!

When it comes to Valentine's day, all prices from flowers to food are marked up. But some guys are so sincere that, they are willing to spend this big sum of money just for the minor celebration. If it's a proposal day, it is worthy. But if it is not, I would say "No". To me, if it is a good day, it will always be a good day; if it is a Valentine's day, every day should also be a Valentine's day. Seriously, I am not trying to condemn this wonderful day. Perhaps everything can be done in a cost-effective way. Why do you need to pay more whereby you can save up the money and do something more meaningful.

I know that guys would always want to be ego and girls would always want to be romantic. Perhaps Valentine's day should be in that way. Hopefully Valentine's day will not be so "commercialised" as Christmas day.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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