Sunday, 21 September 2014

Thai Recipe @ Marketplace 88

Marketplace 88 is getting more interesting day by day and more new restaurants are coming up in that place! I can consider that this is the next hot area after Metro town in KK. When you talk about Thai food in KK, it's either Mai Yai Thai @ Waterfront, Nok Thai Restaurant @ Damai Plaza and etc. So why not try this Thai Recipe Restaurant at Marketplace 88. It's quite a new restaurant and it looks like a find dining restaurant from outside! If you come from the main road, you will never miss this which is located right behind of "Tian Xiang Hui Wei" steamboat Restaurant.

Very nice look from the outside! =)

 Fried Thai herb chicken.. This is the best dish on the dining table for this dinner!

Seafood Tom Yam.. Not too bad, at least better than many other places one!  

Green curry chicken.. The portion is very small and it's suitable for about 2 person only. A bit disappointment when you find more chicken bones than chicken meat in the bowl of curry! 

 Mixed vegetables.. Not really suitable for big group unless you order many dishes...

Total damage done was slightly less than RM 80 for 4 person. We order according to the recommendation by the waitress but I guess the dishes were just enough to fill 3/4 of our stomach. Anyway, no harm to give it a try! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ho Yuan Restuarant @ Jalan Penampang

Who dare to say that KK got no nice food to eat! Ha-ha.. Prove this to those who make this statement that they are totally wrong! I have left KL for almost 3 years already and I still got new food to venture almost every week! To find for good food, you can't just rely on food bloggers but to get suggestions from the locals. Good food is not necessary to be a tourist spot but a common place where the locals like to hang out! Finding for the locals hang-out place is never difficult if you have the courage to ask them. So here I am again to recommended this place that I newly discover, Ho Yuan Restaurant

They have a wide variety of food but the most famous thing that everyone would order is their Meat rolls "Chun Juan" (春卷) and Meat balls "Rou Wan" (肉丸). You can order them with their own made flat noodles in dry, wet or soup style or without the noodles. Be there early for lunch because it's very packed if you are there past 1 pm! =)

Ho Yuan Restaurant, Jalan Penampang

The restaurant is quite hidden from the main road (Jalan Penampang). Look for Cempaka Square and turn in from the main road. Turn in to the right at the first junction and you will see the restaurant on your right hand side.

Wet fried flat noodles.. RM 7 for this. Really worth for the price as the ingredients are really huge and many. Each of the pieces is really solid and meaty and it's not like those which has lots of flour.

 Kon Lou flat noodles.. RM 7 for this too!

Look at the size of the meat roll, this is more huge than the one that I tried in Tenom!

They sell the fresh/ uncooked one too. RM 11 for the Meat roll and RM 16 for 500 grams of Meat balls. You can buy this and freeze it to bring back to your hometown too! =)

Enjoy and Happy Malaysia Day! =)

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop @ Kepayan Ridge Commercial Center

If you are looking for a simple and cheap breakfast at Kepayan area, I guess this is the place! Located right within the Kepayan low cost housing area, there is this coffee shop named Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop. Not many people would realise this place unless it's either introduced by someone or staying in near at that area. One thing very good about this place is the varieties that they have to serve you. Ranging from a large varieties of steamed buns, buns, breads, dim sum, pastries and finger food. There is also a stall selling FuChow noodles within the same shop. And not to forget, everything is super cheap! I can say that this is one of the cheapest place for simple good food.

Pinn Xiang Coffee Shop.. The back part of the shop which you can see the FuChow stall at the front line...

BBQ pork steamed bun. RM 1.10 for this! Simple and nice... 

Pork steamed bun.. Miniature of large bun with egg! 

"CharKuey Kahwin" almost the same as Bukit Padang's one but I prefer BP is the best because that is more crunchy...

Siew Mai with huge prawns! =)

 FuChow noodles.. RM 5 for this. Looks good and taste even better! RM 5 for this.. Really worth for the price and you can never find the same price for the same food in KK anymore!
Sarawakian Laksa... Taste is not as good as the one at Taman Cantek! But the taste is above average... RM 5 for this as well!

As for the drinks, the price is almost 20-30% cheaper than many places! A simple cup of hot Milo is just RM 1.50 and they really follow according to your order if you do not want too much of sweetener! Give it a try if you haven't been to this place.. Look for direction to Cosway pharmacy at Kepayan if you have no idea where the place it! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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Friday, 5 September 2014

Bab's Korean BBQ @ Likas Stadium

It seems more and more Koreans are attracted to open up an eatery business in Kota Kinabalu and one of the latest Korean Restaurant I guess is this Bab's Korean BBQ near Likas Stadium. Actually before this restaurant came in, it was another Korean Restaurant here but I have no idea why did the previous owner stopped his business. Anyway, I got this deal from Groupon and thought of giving this place a try! The deal has a set of beef, a soup with 14 varieties of side dishes. The total cost was about RM 48 for 2 person. So here you go!! =)

Bab's Korean BBQ Restaurant, by the driving range! From outside, you can see that the restaurant has a very interesting outlay... 

Complimentary side dishes.. Just filled up the whole table! One thing that I like the most is the KimChi!

Thin layers of beef served with raw mushroom and onions! Start your cooking now! =)

In the process of cooking!

Tadaa... Done! Wrap this with chinese lettuce and put some of the red chili pepper sauce... Fuiyo!

And lastly, the beef and bean-curd  soup.. Not too bad.. But I can say that it has the real Korean taste!

Total damage done was RM 48 (for Groupon) + RM 10 (for additional mushroom).. I guess without the Groupon is also worth for the price that you pay!

Give it a try if you have not try! Be there early because there will be many customer if you are late. Besides, there are not many helpers around, so it's kinda hard to get their attention if you are seated outside! But one thing good is that you can see their boss actually work tired-less with his helpers! =) kudos for the boss and wish his success for his business!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Tamparuli Coffee Shop @ Tamparuli

As one of my friend always praise this little coffee shop for his famous pumpkin steamed bun and tamparuli noodle, so we decided to go all the way to Tamparuli just for this on one fine day! Tamparuli is a small town near Tuaran. Famous attractions around the area are such as "Rumah Terbalik" (Upside-down house), Kiulu White Water Rafting (rated as level 1 to 2) and the famous "sinking" hanging bridge. Spending half an hour is  enough sufficient to round the whole town. 

Famous Tamparuli fried noodle is highlighted in yellow! 

Steamed pumpkin bun, freshly made every morning! Good to eat it on its own without any stuffing! 

Tamparuli fried noodle. Looks interesting, and look alike like Tenom fried noodle but this doesn't have 春卷. Taste wise is good! =) You should give it a try if you have travel to nearby places!

After having good brunch at Tamparuli, coconut pudding with lokan is always in the list for dessert before heading back to the city center. To find good coconut pudding, you can always find it at Jalan Norowot. In case you have no idea on how to get here, use your Google Map to search for this place!

Chilling coconut pudding! Yummmmmmyyyyy..... =)

Roasted coconut water! Smells like some alcohol but taste very different from the normal coconut juice! 

And finally Lokan to satisfied our taste bud before leaving this place!  

If you have time for sunset, you may travel to Rasa Ria Shangri La or Nexus Karambunai! They are just 15-30 minutes drive from Jalan Norowot. So here you go for your half a day trip if you have nothing to do during the weekends!

Enjoy and have a nice day! =)

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