Friday, 5 September 2014

Bab's Korean BBQ @ Likas Stadium

It seems more and more Koreans are attracted to open up an eatery business in Kota Kinabalu and one of the latest Korean Restaurant I guess is this Bab's Korean BBQ near Likas Stadium. Actually before this restaurant came in, it was another Korean Restaurant here but I have no idea why did the previous owner stopped his business. Anyway, I got this deal from Groupon and thought of giving this place a try! The deal has a set of beef, a soup with 14 varieties of side dishes. The total cost was about RM 48 for 2 person. So here you go!! =)

Bab's Korean BBQ Restaurant, by the driving range! From outside, you can see that the restaurant has a very interesting outlay... 

Complimentary side dishes.. Just filled up the whole table! One thing that I like the most is the KimChi!

Thin layers of beef served with raw mushroom and onions! Start your cooking now! =)

In the process of cooking!

Tadaa... Done! Wrap this with chinese lettuce and put some of the red chili pepper sauce... Fuiyo!

And lastly, the beef and bean-curd  soup.. Not too bad.. But I can say that it has the real Korean taste!

Total damage done was RM 48 (for Groupon) + RM 10 (for additional mushroom).. I guess without the Groupon is also worth for the price that you pay!

Give it a try if you have not try! Be there early because there will be many customer if you are late. Besides, there are not many helpers around, so it's kinda hard to get their attention if you are seated outside! But one thing good is that you can see their boss actually work tired-less with his helpers! =) kudos for the boss and wish his success for his business!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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