Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Ho Yuan Restuarant @ Jalan Penampang

Who dare to say that KK got no nice food to eat! Ha-ha.. Prove this to those who make this statement that they are totally wrong! I have left KL for almost 3 years already and I still got new food to venture almost every week! To find for good food, you can't just rely on food bloggers but to get suggestions from the locals. Good food is not necessary to be a tourist spot but a common place where the locals like to hang out! Finding for the locals hang-out place is never difficult if you have the courage to ask them. So here I am again to recommended this place that I newly discover, Ho Yuan Restaurant

They have a wide variety of food but the most famous thing that everyone would order is their Meat rolls "Chun Juan" (春卷) and Meat balls "Rou Wan" (肉丸). You can order them with their own made flat noodles in dry, wet or soup style or without the noodles. Be there early for lunch because it's very packed if you are there past 1 pm! =)

Ho Yuan Restaurant, Jalan Penampang

The restaurant is quite hidden from the main road (Jalan Penampang). Look for Cempaka Square and turn in from the main road. Turn in to the right at the first junction and you will see the restaurant on your right hand side.

Wet fried flat noodles.. RM 7 for this. Really worth for the price as the ingredients are really huge and many. Each of the pieces is really solid and meaty and it's not like those which has lots of flour.

 Kon Lou flat noodles.. RM 7 for this too!

Look at the size of the meat roll, this is more huge than the one that I tried in Tenom!

They sell the fresh/ uncooked one too. RM 11 for the Meat roll and RM 16 for 500 grams of Meat balls. You can buy this and freeze it to bring back to your hometown too! =)

Enjoy and Happy Malaysia Day! =)

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