Friday, 30 July 2010

Past, Present, Future.

Have you ever thought of what will you be in 10 YEARS time? Are you married or are you still single? I remembered that people saying that I have changed a lot compared to the PAST 10years. That time I was still so naive, funky, wasting money with all the online games. But now, I am a CHANGED guy! So what do you think about yourself in 10 YEARS ago?

I am glad that many of my friends are having a different life now example having some kind of mutual LOVING relationship. But so far none of them are married. Maybe it's still early as everyone is still in the mid of 20s. I am too eager to collect their ang pau but not giving out. At least it is much better now because breaking up rate is lower than building relationship rate among my friends. For sure that I have contributed the breaking up rate once and I have no intention in contributing for the building up rate in the meantime. Ha-ha. Because for me, I have a different concept about this kind of relationship. I will feel that I will have less freedom if I tied myself into these kind of relationships. Sometimes, it is really sickening to see friends doing "reporting" when we are out together. I know that many people are against my idea but different people can have different opinion.

Back to the PRESENT... So are glad about what you are doing now? Or is it far away from you vision which you had 10 years ago? And again, to have better life is not to look back at what we have done, but it is to move forward and prepare what is awaiting for us in the future. Can you imagine what will happen if all of your great inventors e.g. Thomas Edison, Wright brothers etc gave up easily with their inventions at that time? The secret is they didn't look back time, at their failure. They did learnt from mistakes but with a positive mind. Imagine if I throw you into the wrestling ring with The Rock and you say " I will sure die", you have already lose to him mentally. No point of fighting at all because you are at the losing side already. But if you say you can, you can have the chance to knock him down. Even if you lose, you can say that I have tried my best. That's what I told myself about my marketing paper last year. I have said that "I will fail marketing!" But not for this time.

How about the FUTURE? I wonder did any of your surrounding people suggests to "look back time" in 10 years time. What I mean is that writing a short note either about what you are now or what do you think about yourself in 10 years time on to a piece of paper, roll it and insert into a bottle. Bury that bottle and come and get it back in 10 years time. For me, 5 years is more than enough. When I read back my diary about what I wrote 5 years ago, I can say that I am stupid enough to have a dream of being a bus ticket conductor.
Spend some time with your closest friends which you have known for more than 10 years and share this with them. I am sure the day will filled with laughters. Make your life happy! Remember, people who doesn't smile frequently will get older at a faster rate.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Week 4

To dream something which you hope to dream of is a fantasy, but wanting to dream of something is thinking too much. I always wanted to dream of something, so is it a fantasy or am I thinking too much? Life is so stressful especially with the days of PBL and research project running concurrently. I am praying so hard that week7 can come soon.

I just thought of having few days of freedom for this weekend because my mum is not around. Unfortunately, "beloved" marketing lecturer suddenly having class on Friday evening. Really DAMN it! Torturing me with marketing is really cruel. Come on! Is this my life should be? The worst part is she teases us every class. "It's because they did their marketing plan last minute, that's why they failed their marketing paper and landed in this class again!" And "Everyone can create your own drug which you think is suitable for this time assignment!" Ok, high on adrenaline now. Better put a stop on this topic.

Time to work back again. Enjoy the video!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Everyday Is A Brand New Day

Is it stupid with such a title? We are starting a new day everyday. Is today the same as yesterday? No, no, no. Our earth is still orbiting the sun every moment. Definitely today is not the same a yesterday. It was also the same for marketing class today. MY ASS! Seniors kena tembak cukup2 again today! And the most frustrating part is when she said that our marketing plan can be based on any drugs which may not exist in the market! MY ASS again! Is she trying to fool all the seniors? The juniors are so damn lucky to have an ever-changing mind lecturer like her. Damn it! Spoilt half of the day already!

A bit sad that my seniors are leaving the university and having their first step into the society soon. After their convocation tomorrow, they will be ready to serve the community as they supposed to be. But for me, no doubt that this is going to be my final year in this university. I can't wait to end all PBL miseries by the mid of next year. Hopefully I can still survive by then. Ha-ha. But most importantly is that, I must pass my marketing paper this semester! I can't deny that I have a bit of hatred in that lecturer already. Anyway, I can't do anything! Just follow her ways and finish up her paper.

So, sometimes you got to believe that love is blind. You can't really deny it unless you are a "vegetarian" like me. If I not mistaken, the news of one 108-years old old lady married to a 38-years old guy was on the newspaper last weekend. And the most surprising thing is that, they want to have a child. As the old lady is too old to conceive, so they decided to adopt 1 baby. I am wondering what's the social concern on this news. Besides, the guy doesn't have a good background or history which may cause him to have hard time to earn for the new family. Ok, I can trust that the guy has turned over a new leaf and assuming that he really has no bad intention on this marriage. But.. but.. How are they going to take care of the child. This is nothing about criticism but this is something what the society should concerned about.

What I can say is that, life is always challenging. you won't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New New New..

Tiring. So damn tiring. This is just the second week of the semester and I still got 12 more weeks to go. Looking forward to 1st November for final exam and 19 November for last day of exam. Hopefully I can really enjoy my semester break this time. Ha-ha.
What is so new for this week? Good news for Lee Hom's fans and Mc Donald's cravers. Lee Hom has came up with his new song and McD has new stuff from today onwards. Here, I have the new video of Lee Hom's new song 柴米油盐酱醋茶as well as something about McD new stuff.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 12 July 2010

What A Day It Is!

Haiz. Today is really a wrong day to blog but I still must blog about these matters before I go for a nap. No encouragement but with full of disappointment and frustration. I have tried my best to end the day with a smile but it ended with a lot of question marks!

First thing first, I have been bearing a wonderful name for more than 23 years already. I have no idea why someone would comment about my name and insist of me changing it! It is in my birth certificate, it is also the same name for my identity card and all my certificates. But... But.. I am wondering what would I get or what benefit will that person gets if I change the sequence of my name? For your information, my certificate will not be valid if my name or the sequence of it doesn't follow my birth certificate or the one stated on my identity card. This is strange but I know that I must fight for my name.

Next, plagiarism and breaking promises. Oops. Did I mentioned something which I do not supposed to be mentioning over here? But it must be fair to me as a victim as well as my other friends too. To bad that trust can only be given once! Once you break the promise, you are really in deep deep trouble. That's why being a friend with me is never an easy thing. I prefer losing a friend like this kind of person than doing things which makes me feel uneasy. I am now wondering how should I protect all my hard works from being reached out to other's hands. Can I delay the publishing of my thesis and journal? I can't afford to be kind like this anymore. Too naive, Kevin!!!!

Something which is not related to the above. Sometimes I really wonder why, why and why does the mother wants to carry her small little child sitting at the front sit of the car with the driver! What a big mistake it is! Or am I wrong?! Be a bit more realistic and think more rational! Even how good is your air bag, it will never ever be able to protect the mother and the child if there is any accident. True? If let say that the mother wants to be the "air bag" for the child, do you think so it will work? Even your additional air bags will not work as you will smash the small kid into pan-cakes. I think it is more likely to happen in the other way. It is because of this kind of mentality, that is why the industry which makes baby sits will never gain profits. Come on, parents or anyone out there who is still doing this kind of thing! Stop it! God will never tell when does accident happens! "Prevention is better than cure!"

Looks like I should end here. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Interesting Week1

Ok, I got to be fast this time because I have ordered pizza for supper. The pizza guy is going to be here in half an hour time. It was really an interesting conversation with the operator just now. He sounded like a robot rather than a human. I wonder did they trained to ask or answer other question! Though they are able to identify the place which called up, but it doesn't mean it is always the same person who calls up!

Week1 of the semester. It is always new but it is really new this time. It is really a good experience to learn something via problem based learning (PBL) method. It really encourages communication among group members, at least I know what's the use of learning communication skills finally. Besides, it always force you driving out your brilliant ideas when you have no idea at all about your task and many more. I wonder who invented this idea.

And another thing, Paul the Octopus got his prediction correct whereby the Germans were beaten by the Spanish. So how about the Dutch? In his latest prediction, he predicts that the Spanish will win the cup but the outcome still remain unknown. Let's wait till this Sunday! But I really hope that the Spanish will win because there is quite a number of Liverpool's players in that squad. So sad that Torres has to sit on the bench that day but his fate may change this weekend. Maybe he will become the hero for the Spanish again this time! Anyway, go go go!

And lastly, this weekend has no marketing class. Hopefully I can make it an interesting weekend with beneficial activities! Ok, times up. Last 10 minutes! Better get ready for the pizza!

Enjoy and have a nice day..

Monday, 5 July 2010

Back To Reality.

Luckily Durex has stopped "Does size really matters?" ads on my blog. Haha. I wonder how did that ads landed on my blog. Anyway, at least better than nothing.

With just 3 days off after finishing my true holiday, I am back for classes. This is the first time that my bag is loaded with snacks from Kelantan, Sarawak, Langkawi, China and Thailand. Hey, no joke guys! Nearly 70% of my bag is occupied with all the snacks when I am back home. My mum felt one kind when she saw me unloading everything one by one from my bag. Ha-ha. Anyway, thanks everyone for all the stuff! I really appreciate you guys especially getting stamps and kit-kat for me. That's what i told my sisters, bury all my albums with me in my coffin though I know that they will collapse my coffin! I know it's a bit ridiculous but frankly speaking, this is what I wish for if I happened to d** early. *touch wood*

New semester always start with a surprice. As for this semester, my class is downed to 40+ students. Comforting, comforting and comforting! Me, you and everyone! Just a bit sad that my 4 years in this course will be ending just like that. Anyway, this is what reality is all about! But one thing for sure is that, we will all graduate from the course and maybe we still have the chance to be colleagues in the future. "No matter how high is Mount Everest, I am sure we can conquer it one day!" It is all just the matter of time. "When ever you fall, there is always a chance for you to get up!" It all depends on us! But I really hope that my favourite lecturers are still around when I graduate.

God always know that what sinners are doing on earth but sadly some doesn't really realise about that! When it comes to sexual instinct, OMG! It is really a great havoc. Click here. Teenagers, teenagers! No comment!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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