Friday, 25 September 2015

Foo Chow Noodles @ Taman Mesra

I can still remember the very first time that I had a Foo Chow meal was about 5 years back at my friend's place in Sitiawan. I can never forget the taste of the home-cooked red wine noodle which my friend's grandma prepared for me. When I think back, I just feel like taking a flight back immediately and travel all the way to Sitiawan just for it! Anyway, too bad that my friend is not at her hometown whenever I go back to KL.

Just trying my luck to get back the taste of it, I thought of giving this stall a try. It's located at Taman Mesra, a corner shop facing the basketball court! It opens for breakfast only. This stall sells a variety of food such as Kon Lou Mian (Dry Noodle), Hong Jiu Mian Xian (Red Wine Noodle), Kuey Chap (Noodle rolls) etc. Price range is reasonable. Since there is only 2 of us, so we just ordered 2 types only!

 Kon Lou Mian (Dry Noodle) RM 6 per bowl... Very standard but I prefer them to use minced meat rather than BBQ and roasted pork to go along with the noodle!

Hong Jiu Mian Xian (Red Wine Noodle) RM 8 per bowl... The essence of the broth is not strong enough but the chicken is well cooked and tender! The colour of the broth might disappoint you a bit because it tasted like a normal chicken soup more!

Any chance that I will return to this stall? Maybe... =) Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Sabagus Beachfront Villa & Suite @ Sabah

Looking for new place to have a good rest by the sea in Sabah? Not too far from the Kota Kinabalu city center? 

Here you go! 

You can have it at Sabagus Beachfront Villa & Spa Suite. Located near Nexus Resort and it's just about 40 minutes drive from the city center! Wow.. So lucky to be able to make a reservation during their promotional period and had a wonderful stay there. To know more about them, click here --> Sabagus.. 

Pool Villa, just walk distance to the white sandy beach... =)

1-Bed room suite.. Just nice for a small family with one or two kids.. 

Well equipped kitchen with electrical stove..  

You can also enjoy the sunset view if you are lazy to walk to the beach! =)

Just a bit of my comment, it's a bit difficult to find food at that area because driving to the nearest shop will take you about 20-30 minutes, so it's recommended to bring your own food for dinner and perhaps breakfast for the next day. You can heat up or cook your food there since they have a very well equipped kitchen. As for the breakfast, you can opt to get room service. RM 19 per pax for a simple breakfast!

Enjoy reading! =)

Saturday, 5 September 2015

West Malaysian style Burger @ Servay Putatan

Hi guys. Sorry for no updates for so long because I was a bit busy with my work during these few weekends and couldn't find a right time to blog! Anyway, I guarantee you with a good stuff in this post. If you are hunger for West Malaysian style Ramlee burger at night, I highly recommend this place to you! This stall is located right in front of Servay Putatan. The most special that this stall has is its "Mix special cheese burger"! Mix means combo of 2 patties (chicken and beef) wrapped up with egg and cheese with lots and lots of sauce! Besides, it also has some other burgers ranging from RM 3 something to RM 6.50.

Mix special cheese burger (RM 6.50).. Typical west Malaysian style with lots of sauce and patties is seasoned with "special" sauce

Though it's quite a distance from KK city center but it's worth to travel far to have this once in a while! You will definitely ask for more once you have your first bite! =p

Enjoy and have a nice weekend! =)

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