Sunday, 31 July 2011

Exclusive for Someone Special

Phew.. It is such a big relief. Finally, I am done with my job at the university and I promise myself to have at least 12 hours sleep everyday for this coming week! Most probably, I will be going of for a trip for the following week to get myself enjoy for one last time before the real working life comes.

Just yesterday, my friends and I had a gathering-cum-birthday celebration at Khuntai Restaurant, Desa Aman Puri. Friends from NSembilan, Penang, Perak and even Kelantan really made their effort to come together just for a dinner. Too bad that the one from Johor and another one from Kedah couldn't make it! Anyway, laughters were still around the table as everyone gathered with joy. Hopefully this is not going to be our last gathering! Just some pictures taken...

Khuntai Restaurant

The ambiance

Just some of the Thai dishes that we ordered: (clockwise) Seafood tomyam, Pandan chicken, Mixed Vege (with Petai and prawn) and Steamed fish.

The birthday girl and boy

"Happy birthday once again to Felicia and Jia Xun!"

Just some great friends...

And kudos to my sister too! Simple but perfect Western stuff for the day.. Just to "Yummy"..

(Clockwise): Pasta, Cream of Vegetable, Baked chicken with BBQ sauce and Potato salad with ham

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

P.S. You can just check out for more details about the restaurant on the link..

Comment: Nice and affordable, great and cozy ambiance. It was about RM20+ per person and rating: 6/10.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

A Trip Towards The South

It should be a fine fine day today but too bad, this university made it a bad day instead! And they are really good in sucking money but really bad in paying back the money to you! I can't believe that they need about 1 month to come up with a RM400 cheque! *sucker punch

Just not to make my mood from bad to worse today, so just forget about it! Oh ya, I know that I should have blog about this and acknowlegde her since weeks ago, but I am just to lazy to do it. Anyway, it's not too late! Ha-ha.. Just about 3 weeks back (3/7/2011), my friends and I made a short trip to Seremban for this particular good food. CRABS! Oh my GOD! It's really finger licking good! But I think only the locals will know this place, I doubt many people from other states wouldn't know about this place... I can't really remember the exact name of the place but it is somewhere near Taman A.S.T. Or perhaps you can use your Iphone to track this place, Restaurant Food Street!

So, here you go with some pictures of the good food.. Yummyyyyyy!!!

Grilled crab 烧蟹

Black pepper Udon noodle 黑椒乌冬面

Sotong Mihun 鱿鱼米粉

Right after dinner, the famous A&W was our last destination before heading back to KL. Ok, thanks to ShuenNie once again and time to plan for trips to other states...
Enjoy and have a nice day...

Thursday, 21 July 2011

Sower, Seed and Soil

I was wondering, "what if I can't get Sabah for my posting". Instead of Sabah, I got HKL. Then it is really an O... M... G...

Life wasn't that easy for these few weeks. I need to work for extra working hours nearly everyday for the past 2 weeks and I am still unsure whether I will get paid for the extra working hours. It's ok. My mum just said that take it as part of your learning experience and don't worry too much about the amount on the pay-slip at the end of the month. Moreover, this is not going to be my long term job which is suitable to earn for a living. Anyway, I am already counting down the days. 6 more days to go and hopefully I am not soft-hearted to extend my working period here.

Oya, I have something to share out. Just a wonderful reflection from my parish priest 2 weeks ago.. It was all about a sower, seed and soil. We, as humans are always the sowers whereas the seeds are what we want to deliver to other people. And the soil is about the surrounding. While I was blogging about this, I think I should use happiness as the seeds as an example because my priest actually use good news from the bible as the seeds. "If we (sowers) are able to plan good seeds (happiness) onto good soil (surrounding), I am pretty sure that we are able to produce good crops (people around us)." So how true is this?! One very common or perhaps a very good example is about influence from the parents since young. Just got lucky to get a very good video clip from Youtube. Check this out..

This is really worth for reflecting ourselves sometimes. Just spend about 10 minutes and think about this. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 15 July 2011

Not Too Bad!

It has been a very tired and moody day for me because it keeps on raining for the whole day and even now. But it reminds me a nursery rhyme, "Rain, rain go away. Come again another day. Little children, little children, little children want to play!" =>

Frankly speaking, I don't really enjoy my work now. Just an example about what happened just now. I was quite frustrated today when I was told to run 8 samples just an hour before I am off! Because each sample needs about 10 minutes of analytic time and after running all the samples, I need to do washing for at least 30 minutes before I can turn off the HPLC machine. Anyway, lady luck was by my side. I got negative result and I decided to stop the sequence after the 4th sample. Continue on Monday!

So, I am counting down the days that I am left at the university. 2 weeks more and I will be a free man! At least free for a few weeks before starting on a new job. Though everything was very boring today, but at least one joke just made the day! "50 men can live under one roof peacefully but women can't even if there are only 2!" Ha-ha. This man came up with this because there were some "political issues" happening at the next lab! These 2 aunties just can't be patient with each other and they will really make a big fuss even when there is a small issue.

Ok, looks like I am just releasing some of the frustrations. That's all for now! But before that, I graduated 2 weeks ago and here goes my picture! Now, this really give a big relief to my parents!

P/S: Just to remind myself that I still owe Gading 30cents. =S

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Layout For A New Chapter of Life

Hey, guys! So how is the new layout for my blog and even my profile picture? Hmm. Looks like it's time for me to turn over a new leaf! From an emo kind of picture turning into a guy who is full of hope for his future! From a pale and gloomy type to a more cheerful type! I hope so.. Ha-ha.

Too bad that I can't really upload pictures from my trip to Penang and my Convocation yet because of the super slow internet connection speed in my university. When I reached home at late evening, I prefer to use my time to sleep but not surfing the net. Besides, spending more quality time with my family for example, just a simple chat after dinner is really important. I have a mixed of feelings now after receiving my offer letter from the Public Services Commission and soon I will be getting my posting letter from the Ministry. Everyone around me is actually assuming that I will definitely being posted to some places which is far far away from KL because I applied for it. But what makes me to do so? I have many reasons for it. But running away from my parents is definitely a lame excuse.

Though KL is where I have been leaving for more than 20 years and that is the place where I enjoyed and suffered most, I need to find a new place to refresh myself from the past, not just about a relationship few years back but to gain new experiences to be a better person in the future. The people, especially my coursemates actually transformed me a lot from the worst to bad. Hopefully my new place can transform me from bad to good. I don't hope for the best because I know that I can't do so! I don't look forward for any last gathering with my friends because I believe that I can still keep in touch with everyone even after I am no more in KL. Effort and enthusiasm to maintain the relationship is really important. As for now, whenever and wherever I can go, I will go now! I guess my next trip is not far from now!

Looks like I will be having a very hard time to wish each and every of my friends if I so happened to leave! Ok, I am assuming that I will not be in KL for the time to come too! Ha-ha. But my sixth sense told me that someone who applied for KL will be following me to "the land far far away" too!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Penang Trip (24-26 June 2011)

Just too tired about my working environment after 1 month and I got out of KL for a last minute planned trip! Perhaps I should say, I have no plannings at all but all thanks to my lecturer and fellow friends who are from the Penang island.

The trip was all about food because that was the only place where you can get authentic Penang food. Please don't ever trust KL's fake Penang's food! They taste totally different. Anyway, I can will only upload all pictures about food for this time. Hope that you guys like it!

Cendol in the City Center
Dinner 1 at Bukit Genting
Steamed fresh octopus with Kuey Teow Teng

Oyster with Egg, Mua Chi and "???" at Jelutong (opposite of Post Office)

Loh Mee and Hokkien Mee for Day 2 breakfast

Durian Feast at Balikpulau

Asam Laksa and Asam + Lemak Laksa at Balikpulau

Desserts at Tropical Fruit Farm

Loh Bak and Asam Laksa at Air Itam Market

Nyonya Dessest before dinner

Dinner time at somewhere further away from Queens' Bay

Duck Drumstick Noodle and Kueh Cap at Pulau Tikus

Char Kuey Teow at Air Itam for my last meal at Penang

Tempted you guys? Ha-ha. So what are you waiting for?

Enjoy and have a nice day.

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