Wednesday, 6 July 2011

New Layout For A New Chapter of Life

Hey, guys! So how is the new layout for my blog and even my profile picture? Hmm. Looks like it's time for me to turn over a new leaf! From an emo kind of picture turning into a guy who is full of hope for his future! From a pale and gloomy type to a more cheerful type! I hope so.. Ha-ha.

Too bad that I can't really upload pictures from my trip to Penang and my Convocation yet because of the super slow internet connection speed in my university. When I reached home at late evening, I prefer to use my time to sleep but not surfing the net. Besides, spending more quality time with my family for example, just a simple chat after dinner is really important. I have a mixed of feelings now after receiving my offer letter from the Public Services Commission and soon I will be getting my posting letter from the Ministry. Everyone around me is actually assuming that I will definitely being posted to some places which is far far away from KL because I applied for it. But what makes me to do so? I have many reasons for it. But running away from my parents is definitely a lame excuse.

Though KL is where I have been leaving for more than 20 years and that is the place where I enjoyed and suffered most, I need to find a new place to refresh myself from the past, not just about a relationship few years back but to gain new experiences to be a better person in the future. The people, especially my coursemates actually transformed me a lot from the worst to bad. Hopefully my new place can transform me from bad to good. I don't hope for the best because I know that I can't do so! I don't look forward for any last gathering with my friends because I believe that I can still keep in touch with everyone even after I am no more in KL. Effort and enthusiasm to maintain the relationship is really important. As for now, whenever and wherever I can go, I will go now! I guess my next trip is not far from now!

Looks like I will be having a very hard time to wish each and every of my friends if I so happened to leave! Ok, I am assuming that I will not be in KL for the time to come too! Ha-ha. But my sixth sense told me that someone who applied for KL will be following me to "the land far far away" too!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

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