Sunday, 31 July 2011

Exclusive for Someone Special

Phew.. It is such a big relief. Finally, I am done with my job at the university and I promise myself to have at least 12 hours sleep everyday for this coming week! Most probably, I will be going of for a trip for the following week to get myself enjoy for one last time before the real working life comes.

Just yesterday, my friends and I had a gathering-cum-birthday celebration at Khuntai Restaurant, Desa Aman Puri. Friends from NSembilan, Penang, Perak and even Kelantan really made their effort to come together just for a dinner. Too bad that the one from Johor and another one from Kedah couldn't make it! Anyway, laughters were still around the table as everyone gathered with joy. Hopefully this is not going to be our last gathering! Just some pictures taken...

Khuntai Restaurant

The ambiance

Just some of the Thai dishes that we ordered: (clockwise) Seafood tomyam, Pandan chicken, Mixed Vege (with Petai and prawn) and Steamed fish.

The birthday girl and boy

"Happy birthday once again to Felicia and Jia Xun!"

Just some great friends...

And kudos to my sister too! Simple but perfect Western stuff for the day.. Just to "Yummy"..

(Clockwise): Pasta, Cream of Vegetable, Baked chicken with BBQ sauce and Potato salad with ham

Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

P.S. You can just check out for more details about the restaurant on the link..

Comment: Nice and affordable, great and cozy ambiance. It was about RM20+ per person and rating: 6/10.

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