Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A Birthday That Will Never Be Forgotten

When I told my mum that I was leaving her at the hospital this afternoon, I was carried with a very sad and heavy heart. But I always tell myself that "I shouldn't look back"... For many years already, I am pretty sure that my mum has the "relief" too because she knows that I am independent enough to live alone.

One week ago, I was lucky enough to get cheap deals from Groupon and got my whole family to Damansara Village for a steamboat dinner. Mainly it's because my mum loves to eat steamboat a lot and secondly, it was her birthday. One coupon was meant for 2 person only, so I bought 2 and the additional person has to spent at least RM 18 from the menu. Anyway, we spent about 2.5 times more than that...

So, here are some of the pictures..

The outside view (Imbi branch)

Other than steamboat set, you may dine-in for many other interesting cooked dishes. Prices are reasonable.

Among the 7 pictures, only the pork slice and jelly fish were not part of the "deal". Trust me, it was really a good good deal! Thanks to Groupon!

The co-owner's book, TEOHLOGY... I can still remember that he was one of the famous radio personality many years back. I love his midnight ghost stories!!!

After the dinner, we had a home-made birthday cake for my mum and as for dessert. And unrealisingly, we actually became the white rats for my sister's first chocolate banana cake. =p Anyway, it turned out to be not too bad and not too good either...

Enjoy and have a nice day...

P.S. All the best to my mum... =)

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