Sunday, 6 April 2014

KK See You Restaurant, Millennium Sabah

When it comes to weekend, it's all about waking up late, eat, sleep and dream back. But the interesting thing that you can do on weekends always is to search for good food that suites your fussy taste bud. We initially thought of going to Dong Feng Restaurant for some fishy stuff but we heard that there is also a new restaurant in Millennium that sells almost the same stuff. Why not to have a try!

KK Come Restaurant is located at the corner of some new shops. If you know where is I-Lotus, then this shop is the other end of I-Lotus. Many people might not realise this shop because it is hidden right behind where you would never turn into. Oh well, everything turns out to be good! Rating 4.5 out of 5.

Mixed vegetable. You would never thought that some fried potatoes goes well with this dish 

Tomyam seafood soup. Not a bad one, not too spicy either, having a mix of fish slices, prawns and squids. 

Fish slice and fish skin fried with ginger and spring onions. Not too salty, definitely you need to have a plate of rice with this!  ** We missed the fish lips because it was sold out!

Honey fried sotong. Didn't know that honey really goes well with fried sotong. A dish which you can hardly find. One of their special dish!

One more interesting dish is their oyster omelette. We didn't order that because it was also sold out. Their opening hours is from early morning 6 am till night. If you don't want any disappointment, better to have lunch rather than dinner. =) p.s. thanks Susan for the photos..

Enjoy and have a nice Monday!!!

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