Saturday, 31 March 2012

Rumah Terbalik and Tuaran Crocodile Farm Trip (back dated on 3th March 2012)

Actually I supposed to post this few weeks ago but I was too busy with my work stuff! So, thousands of apologies!!! Life is never easy over here, it's really crazy over here. With hundreds and thousands of input each day, pray hard that my brain can stand all the "necessary" pressure! 

So, just a weekend off to the Northern part of Sabah few weeks back. Hmm. The first destination was the "Rumah Terbalik", located somewhere near Tuaran. What is interesting about this place is that everything is placed the other way round! Even the SLK (small little kancil) is glued up-side-down. Don't ask me how! So, the entrance fee is RM10 per person (adult). They have different rates for other categories e.g. foreigners, students etc. Take note, no camera is allowed. So the interior part still remain an unknown for you to explore!

At the counter of "Rumah Terbalik"

 The "Terbalik SLK"

 The exterior design of the house

Gosh. My RM 10 flew away just like. Anyway, I won't know how interesting it is if I didn't pay for that RM 10. SO our next destination was the Tuaran Crocodile Farm. Entrance fee is also RM 10. It's not about the farm only, you can also get some crocodile's skin products such as handbags, wallets etc and frozen crocodile meat as well as eggs. 

Welcome, welcome and welcome!


Not only crocodiles, you can also get some other animals from the farm like this one =)

Just before you leave the farm, there is a place for you to fish small little tiny fishes... Just for fun!!

Gosh, my friends were so serious and addicted to it!

Last but not least, preserved crocodile with her eggs

Just take note about one thing, please be aware of the timing for the cultural and crocodile shows. So, that's about it. Here goes my trip to the Northern part. I guess my next trip will be to the West!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =)

Saturday, 10 March 2012

Life Still Goes On

Just had a bit of relief after ending my first part rotation in the ward. With 2 clinical case presentations, 1 case report, 60 case clerking, 60 admission clerking and tonnes of counselling within 4 weeks in a medical ward, hopefully the knowledge and skills that I had learnt will not be forgotten. But my working life is not about doing my own part of the job, helping doctors to communicate with patients and showing respect to family members of patient who is going to pass away were also part of my role to be a passionate pharmacist. Just be mentally prepared each day before entering the ward. 

Just some sharing with my fellow friends especially pharmacist out there. Iron tablets, notably Ferrous fumarate (33% of elemental iron) can also cause intoxication if patient allegedly ingested in large amount. It will get worsen if they take in with Vitamin C tablets. That's about it!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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