Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teenager Mothers

While I was looking thro' some of the profiles of my ex-colleagues on facebook just now, I found back this 'special' girl there. Amazing, facebook! This girl, she is nothing special for me but not the same for my ex-colleague (she is also a girl). Ha-ha. I nearly got 'match-made' with her but luckily the 'special' girl left early before it was a success. That was fun during the working time! I enjoyed and the 'special' girl also enjoyed too. Don't worry, I will never get in touch with her again now maybe it is because of the 'phobia'.

Talking about young mothers, it is getting more common nowadays. Not a shocking news if you hear a 16-years old girl got pregnant, but what if you heard about a 9-years old girl got pregnant for a 14-years old boy? Let's not talk about the children because they know nothing about sex in the first place. When something like this happens, who should be blamed? I am sure that many parties will be pointing fingers to each other especially the teachers in school and of course the parents. Sometimes parents are too naive to think that they are just children only, so they neglected about sex education. Please bear in mind that kids are getting more matured and smarter day by day! With the ease of internet access, they can do havoc of it when parents are not aware.

Why school? Why not religion? Here is another controversial. Don't put the blame on each other, both also play a role. Good educating system and faithful followers of a religion will never have this problem! As simple as that! Teaching safe sex in school and praying with sincerity, that's what I want to say. Back to our children. When something like this happens, it is always unfair to the girls as they will always bear the 2 burdens but the boys will always get away from this. The girls get pregnant is the first thing and they will be send to the rehabilitation centre is the second. As for the boys, for sure that they can't get pregnant but they can neglect the burden of responsibility.

Sometimes it is really sad about the unfairness among the 2 genders and this is not a life supposed to be! If their parents are open-minded, for sure they will opt for a marriage. But what if they are not, for sure another fetus will be flushed down the toilet bowl! Any somehow, they can't bring back the past!

Think, think and think.... I can't imagine that I have a 2 years old kid calling me "daddy" when I'm 16 years old.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Fever With Slammed Balls and Refereeing

More than half way through the world cup already and many people are still getting "high fever" because of it. No doubt that it has been the world greatest football event on earth, it is also now and............ forever! When talking about Jabulani ball, the ball will fly up high is all because of the altitude (it's just my opinion). No doubt that the ball may become lighter and lighter but one thing must also taken into consideration which is the gravitational force. It's simple as that!

Many upsets we have seen and the latest one should be about the misjudgement of the goal in the match of Germany against England. I can say that I support Spain and England in this world cup because both of them are having Liverpool players. No doubt that the Germans played better yesterday but a cancelled goal by Lampard has given a very big let down mentally and spiritually to the English players. Never mind, they will be packing back home just like the French and Italian giant teams. But this is totally unacceptable. Just for your information, that referee has actually been banned for 6 months before and even dropped out from the FIFA world cup 2002 edition.

So what can you conclude about this world cup edition? Is it that Brazil is going to bring back the world cup to their country and waiting for the next world 2014 in Brazil?

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mixed Feelings But It's Still..

... still what? I can't run away from Marketing. This sucksssssssssssss... I guess I have no choice to choose but got to just face the reality. I am really depressed with the news this morning but at least I have 3 sisters to so-called entertaine me after my lab session today.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I need to study marketing and with such a high standard? What is it got to do with my course now but everyone says that it will really benefit me in the future. Once my friend told me that he would set up a clinic and I should set up a pharmacy just beside his clinic, then another friend suddenly added, "I think I should open a coffin shop beside you guys!". Ha-ha. What a crap! Just a lame joke...

Anyway, I must be thankful that I can still proceed to my final year! I will definitely give my best shoot next semester and face the FACT! Come on, bring on MARKETING now!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 21 June 2010



不要做比较。因为,自己男友会有钱的一天。要经过考验,许多风风雨雨,希望妳们女人明白这一点。别嫌弃而要支持,陪在他身边一起加油。没有完美的情人,吵架也是难免的。不吵才有问题。(shared video)

I think I should have this song as a compliment. Enjoy and have a nice day.

p.s. thanks to y.t. for sharing the video on fb.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

If I Have A Million...

If you are given a million dollars, you can do many things with it. But does the way you spend it "rational"? Some people may say, I want to donate part of it to the orphanage or old folks' home; some people may want to retire right away, find a peaceful place and live their till end of life; some people may want to enjoy e.g. going for long vacations. But for me, I will invest the money to earn more money. Though I know that I can't spend it when I die, But at least I know that someone will spend it for me.

I remembered that one of my friend said that she would want to buy a big big house if she has the money. So does this gives her the same satisfaction as buying a smaller house to stay and spend the remaining money to buy some properties to rent? For me, it's something like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You have 1 sum of the money but you spend it in 2 ways to get 2 benefits in stead of 1. Trust me, not worth to invest in cars unless you can make it an antic. It's more recommended to sit in people's Ferrari rather than get 1 for yourself. Does this make sense?

Other than what is stated above, if we think from a wider aspect, it also gives you a start up point for your retiring plan. Do you know that many retirees do not have enough money for their survival till the end of their life? It's good that Malaysians have the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) which at least save up some money for them while they are still working. How about free-lancers? They earn but most of their income does not contribute to EPF. Sometimes, we must really think this really far ahead. Don't say that, "I will start tomorrow!" because your tomorrow forever will never be a today.

p.s. When mother's day comes, you give roses. But when father's day comes, what is in your mind? I hope that it is never be cigarettes or cigars.
Enjoy and have a nice Monday. "Happy Father's Day" to all fathers.

Friday, 11 June 2010


After having dissecting marathon for the past few days, I must really take a good good rest before starting on another new dose. So what if tomorrow is a Saturday, I still have to feed my rats though I am having world cup fever now. Haha.

I think facebook is nothing strange to us already. It serves many different purposes for many different people. Anybody can express their love to their love ones, anybody can get connected to any of the long-lost friends, anybody can make a secret not to become a secret, anybody can spend his/her free time on those applications and many more. But what I don't really like about facebook is that people can tell everything about themselves to strangers. Come on! Some may even want to report to everyone that they are passing motion in the toilet. Why not say that you are having sex in the middle of the night and who's your partner so on and so forth!

Besides that, many people can share videos with their friends' friends. I know that "Sharing is Caring"! But sometimes the content is not appropriate. For example like sharing some videos which has some violation elements, scandals, negative influences and many more. Ok, maybe there are only adults among us. But did you ever thought that a 10 years old kid can have a fb account? What if they assess into you profile and view those videos? A father which has 2 sons came by that day and asked me, " Do you think fb is safe?". Maybe and perhaps not! It's all up to you to decide!
Enjoy and have a nice weekday!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I Hate Taxi Drivers..

Sometimes I wonder, why taxi drivers are so "like that"! Especially KL taxi drivers. I didn't mean all, but they are part of the majority. They are real road bullies!!!

I was so tired on my way home just now but unfortunately met with this idiot taxi driver. He keep on horned me from behind because I didn't want to cut into the next lane as I thought that there was no need for me to cut into the fast lane. And this idiot finally cut out and went side by side with my car and horned me again. I shown back my blur look to him and pressed on the accelerator hard, turned out from that road and his taxi slowly lost from my sight. Too bad that I didn't have the opportunity to jot down his car number plate, or else there goes his "source of income".

I wonder where is their patience. They become even worse if they know that the car in front of them is driven by an ametuer driver. Come on! Everyone is also a road user. Be fair to everyone. They know that the public can't wipe them out because the public still prefer taxi even though they are now expensive. When it comes to parking, they are even worse. They can simply leave their car behind with half of their cars out of the parking box or even parking at the restricted area. Maybe that is not their own property, so they can "act without thinking". Anyway, just be more careful on those taxi drivers on the road. Don't get yourself into trouble with them, or else you will be in deep deep shit!

Remember and act smart!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Unbalanced Lifestyle. Do Research!

I am spending more of my time for my research after knowing that I passed all the subject for this semester. Though things happened unexpectedly everyday, but life still goes on!! Research still goes on!! Nothing can stop me from continuing my effort. I know that my stamina has dropped tremendously and soon will drop further more after missing some futsal games, but 1 person has gave me a very good consolation for all my effort today.

After having peaceful days in the lab for the past 1 week, I can't get myself used to the lab when there is a class going on today. As usual, I have my laptop there but it doesn't kill my free time like it suppose to be. Lab session for them is not like any lab session for us. Maybe that is why we are known as pharmacy students but they are not. Not only the behavioural aspect, it also includes their dress code. But 1 thing very obvious is that the girls are curious about the rats and mice, this causes the rats and mice do not have a peaceful sleep after the oral dosing today. swt

After that, I thought of walking around outside of the lab and I met someone. He knows that I am one of the research student and said this to me "Young man, it is worth it!". Then I just replied with a smile to him. When I think back what he said to me, now I know that what does he meant by that! Like my supervisor always comment on me, I used to feed the huge rats first then followed by the tiny ones because I am a typical Hakka people. He is actually hinting that I like to do the hard first and save the easiest one last. Or in other words, save the best for the last!

I can't really imagine that I will be finishing everything in 1 year time. I will be starting to work, starting to earn big money, thinking about investment but surprisingly not about having a family life yet. sigh......................... Maybe I should have something about how do I think about my future.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Oral feeding has reached to Day 4. 10 more days to go.. Mentally stressed because exam result is coming out soon, but don't know when is going to be the exact date.

Talking about humanity, I am sure that many people would like to comment about the accident which hit the headlines this morning. Not only the newspaper, even one of the local radio station were discussing about this issue yesterday morning itself. As what we always say, "Think rationally and act smartly!" But does it complies with the rules and regulations set by any organisation? It was a stupid excuse saying that the 4 fire extinguishers were locked behind the door. So what if the kiosk caught on fire? Does it mean that the attendants are not accessible to the fire extinguishers as well?

I know that it would be dangerous to believe anyone who walks into the kiosk middle of the night. Anyone can be a robber to rob all your cash but think rationally, anyone would want to rob your fire extinguishers ONLY? Ha-ha. That's silly! If you ask the attendants back, they will surely say 'No'. So did they act smartly?! Not just only that. A robber wouldn't be so anxious, unsettled, mentally stressed to ask for 'help'. If they think rationally, they definitely knowing that the guy was really needing some help. What I can say is that, they have a very rigid mind-set. They were just thinking about the rules, the regulations, the procedures but ignoring about acting smart. I am sure the guy left the kiosk with sadness and much and much anger!

And one more thing. What do you mean by 'Accident'? We do not know when does accident really happens. If we really know, we wouldn't be on earth anymore. That's why I want to emphasise that "Rules, regulations, procedures and so on are just guidelines for survival, not for better living." They will never make you to become smarter and most importantly is to have some sense of humanity. This really worth to think about! DO you have sense of HUMANITY

Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Expert vs Amateur

I know that I shouldn't be losing contact with everyone because it is now my semester break. But I got greater mission for this holiday which is my research project. Haha. It is really a very interesting project whereby I need to feed the 20 + 3 rats for 14 days. Pheww. I still got 13 days more to go and some of the rats are now more than 300 grams.

When talk about experts, one of them is my supervisor. He can feed 5 rats with the bitter extract within 5 to 10 minutes but I take like about 2 hours to feed the remaining rats. Gosh. This is going to be my 2 weekends and my futsal games. First day of the feeding was really horrible. I was not physically tired but mentally exhausted! It was really stressful when the rats were so stressed up. The problem got worsen when they wouldn't even let you to insert the oral needle down their throat. Phew again. They can become my "tool" to build up my muscle now. They are much greater than my dumb-bells. Hopefully I can have bigger size muscle when the semester starts.

I still have very long way to go. Come, get me rats! I am ready for tomorrow's challenge! Yo!!!!!

p.s. don't worry everyone! I will try to update more during the weekend or next week.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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