Friday, 11 June 2010


After having dissecting marathon for the past few days, I must really take a good good rest before starting on another new dose. So what if tomorrow is a Saturday, I still have to feed my rats though I am having world cup fever now. Haha.

I think facebook is nothing strange to us already. It serves many different purposes for many different people. Anybody can express their love to their love ones, anybody can get connected to any of the long-lost friends, anybody can make a secret not to become a secret, anybody can spend his/her free time on those applications and many more. But what I don't really like about facebook is that people can tell everything about themselves to strangers. Come on! Some may even want to report to everyone that they are passing motion in the toilet. Why not say that you are having sex in the middle of the night and who's your partner so on and so forth!

Besides that, many people can share videos with their friends' friends. I know that "Sharing is Caring"! But sometimes the content is not appropriate. For example like sharing some videos which has some violation elements, scandals, negative influences and many more. Ok, maybe there are only adults among us. But did you ever thought that a 10 years old kid can have a fb account? What if they assess into you profile and view those videos? A father which has 2 sons came by that day and asked me, " Do you think fb is safe?". Maybe and perhaps not! It's all up to you to decide!
Enjoy and have a nice weekday!

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