Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I Hate Taxi Drivers..

Sometimes I wonder, why taxi drivers are so "like that"! Especially KL taxi drivers. I didn't mean all, but they are part of the majority. They are real road bullies!!!

I was so tired on my way home just now but unfortunately met with this idiot taxi driver. He keep on horned me from behind because I didn't want to cut into the next lane as I thought that there was no need for me to cut into the fast lane. And this idiot finally cut out and went side by side with my car and horned me again. I shown back my blur look to him and pressed on the accelerator hard, turned out from that road and his taxi slowly lost from my sight. Too bad that I didn't have the opportunity to jot down his car number plate, or else there goes his "source of income".

I wonder where is their patience. They become even worse if they know that the car in front of them is driven by an ametuer driver. Come on! Everyone is also a road user. Be fair to everyone. They know that the public can't wipe them out because the public still prefer taxi even though they are now expensive. When it comes to parking, they are even worse. They can simply leave their car behind with half of their cars out of the parking box or even parking at the restricted area. Maybe that is not their own property, so they can "act without thinking". Anyway, just be more careful on those taxi drivers on the road. Don't get yourself into trouble with them, or else you will be in deep deep shit!

Remember and act smart!

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