Friday, 4 June 2010


Oral feeding has reached to Day 4. 10 more days to go.. Mentally stressed because exam result is coming out soon, but don't know when is going to be the exact date.

Talking about humanity, I am sure that many people would like to comment about the accident which hit the headlines this morning. Not only the newspaper, even one of the local radio station were discussing about this issue yesterday morning itself. As what we always say, "Think rationally and act smartly!" But does it complies with the rules and regulations set by any organisation? It was a stupid excuse saying that the 4 fire extinguishers were locked behind the door. So what if the kiosk caught on fire? Does it mean that the attendants are not accessible to the fire extinguishers as well?

I know that it would be dangerous to believe anyone who walks into the kiosk middle of the night. Anyone can be a robber to rob all your cash but think rationally, anyone would want to rob your fire extinguishers ONLY? Ha-ha. That's silly! If you ask the attendants back, they will surely say 'No'. So did they act smartly?! Not just only that. A robber wouldn't be so anxious, unsettled, mentally stressed to ask for 'help'. If they think rationally, they definitely knowing that the guy was really needing some help. What I can say is that, they have a very rigid mind-set. They were just thinking about the rules, the regulations, the procedures but ignoring about acting smart. I am sure the guy left the kiosk with sadness and much and much anger!

And one more thing. What do you mean by 'Accident'? We do not know when does accident really happens. If we really know, we wouldn't be on earth anymore. That's why I want to emphasise that "Rules, regulations, procedures and so on are just guidelines for survival, not for better living." They will never make you to become smarter and most importantly is to have some sense of humanity. This really worth to think about! DO you have sense of HUMANITY

Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

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