Sunday, 30 August 2009

Say 'No' to Smoking'

God is very fair to everyone...

God gives life to everyone and He treats everyone equally. But it's very sad when human begins to be selfish and didn't really care about others. With one puff of the cigarette, you will get the pleasure, but did you think about others, the second-hand smokers? The government has really pushed hard on curbing this problem. Recently, they had came up with a very touching story related to the anti-smoking campaign. Maybe some of you would have seen it on the TV screen but I don't think you mind watching it again..

So as for my advice, those who are still smoking and didn't really think of smoking, please smoking more! Get to 2 or 3 cigarettes at one go!! If you really think of stopping it, get your hand on the action and don't look back. Lastly, for those have started to stop this habit, credits for you and keep it up the good job!

You may want to rate this video clip, so go ahead and leave your comment. Thanks and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 29 August 2009

Yeah, I Am Done With My Work..

Yeah, I am done with my lab reports, proposal for an event etc and it is now time to work on my research project... Now I got to search for journals, the real periwinkle flower for photo shooting etc. In case you don't know what is periwinkle, the Malay name for it is Kemunting Cina or scientific name is Vinca or Catharanthus.

I am quite excited and it will be a bit exciting because my parents are not in for a few days. So I can consider myself as a free man for 3 days, from today onwards. I think most of my u'mates were back in their hometown already due to the 4 days holiday for Merdeka, even half of the class was absent today. It's a bit sad for the lecturer but this doesn't affect her and me too. I just have my packet of Twisties and Nescafe throughout the whole lecture plus extra time.
Ok, just a few days back, one of my father's former classmate passed away (sudden death). I didn't have chance to attend for the funeral to pay him the last respect but my sister accompanied my father. My sister knew him it is because he was the runner for my sister's former company. According to my sister, he has quite a sad story as the children do not seem to be obedient as he is just a step father for them but he really treat them well. So after he passed away, actually no one knew expect his immediate family members. Not even their uncles, their aunties, church members expect the pastor and colleagues. It was just by accident only the colleagues knew this. Is this a secret that cannot be spread to everyone, not even within their own family. Why such things happen?
It's really strange and you can't explain this by using any reason. Sometimes life is so unpredictable, you will never know what is going to happen tomorrow!
"Many things about tomorrow, I don't seem to understand.
But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.."

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 24 August 2009

The Hammer

I have a friend who is very creative and inovative in thinking. He can turn his brain in the speed of light and come up with an answer for your question. But what I like about him is not about how fast he can think, but it is about how creative he can be..
Recently, he came up with a simple story which is about a HAMMER to relate to our personal life. In his story, he emphasises the importance of creativity and inovation in life. A carpenter will not be success or fulfilling all his customer's needs if he only has a hammer in his toolbox. No matter how hard he tries, his mind is just within the range of what a hammer can do! This shows that the carpenter's innovation is blocked instead of expended. So, the moral of this story is to remind you to be open-minded all the time.

"Do not always see something as what you previously perceive or
you may find yourself stuck in a circle in life!"

The world in always moving, life is always changing and so do you?!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 22 August 2009

SMKDL Invaded by BLIMP!!

Haizz.. I missed out another good event again!! My Lokman school is invaded by BLIMP!
So sad that I didn't have a chance to witness it by myself. Anyway, it is just another disappointment for me like donating money to build the school hall but I didn't have the chance to use it. Even if I want to play badminton, I still got to pay. This world is becoming more and more materialistic! Looks like only the gen Z will benefit it.
Ok, nvm. Let's get back to topic. You may wonder what is a blimp?! It's actually a free flying aircraft or airship which is non rigid in structure. This aircraft rely on both high pressure of the lifting gas inside the envelope and strength of the envelope itself. The concept that they use here is almost the same as hot-air balloon. So if you throw a hammer on it and it bursts, it's considered K.O. Here's some picture..

Actually It's More Than Half The Size of the Football Field

Luckily It Has Some Sense of Direction that It Didn't Bang on the 4-Storeys Building

Enjoy and have a nice weekend^^

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Late Better Than Sorry..

Back to last Saturday, my parents and I went out for dinner. So when I was looking for a parking space around the 'makan' place, there was 1 guy was actually trying to commit suicide by jumping off a 4-storeys high building. I think it was in front of the building but luckily he didn't jump down when my car went pass. Policemen were all there and even the fire bridget was there for the rescue, it was really a mess around that area. The roads were blocked and jammed the traffic up. But I was not really interested with what was happening at that time because I just want to concentrate to look for a parking space because I was super duper hungry at that moment...
I am not sure you guys still remember my past few blogs, something got to do with motivation. Sometimes, it is really not worth to terminate your life as a step to solve some personal issues e.g. love matters, family issues, financial status etc. Nothing in this world does not have a solution. Remeber this "There is always an answer for a question!" But death is not the ultimate solution for all problems. I am not sure whether they do think of those people who care for them, do they mind? But it was quite a good ending for this so-called event as that person changed his mind and he was taken into the police station, i guess so. Committing suicide is considered as an offence.
As I always like to say, "Life is like a dream". There are always obstacles in life but we can't solve everything by ourselves. That's why God made friends to live with us. Why friends do come and go? Because they are just a 'passer-byer' to aid us to overcome our obstacles. No matter it's joy, happiness, sadness etc, they are actually obstacles. Don't you think that a happy ending doesn;t need a sacrifice? Sorry to say that, it is very silly to carry every burden by yourself, making yourself a piece of burden, getting yourself into trauma and finally "freak out". Please, don't hesitate... Huu..
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Felicia's Birthday (back dated on 31st July 2009)

Oopss.. I nearly left this out, but luckily what I have is not long term memory lost (LTMT)..
About 2 weeks ago, my U'mates and I celebrated Felicia's 22nd b'day at Bubba Gum, Sunway Pyramid. We went there after our late afternoon class and some even had their nonRx test before going there. Everyone took all the trouble to make their own way there just for the dinner. But luckily, no one lost his or her way there. Haha..


Shrimps Again

And More Shrimps

Ok, let's talk about the food. It is really heaven of shrimp. Every dishes in the menu is all about shrimps only. It's just too bad for those who allergic to shrimp but I am sure that the shrimp lover will be delighted. Taste wise for the food is ok, 1 set is exactly fit for one person. Not too much and not too little! As for the drinks, they are a bit too expensive. Haha.. Maybe you can get your bottle of sky-juice if you want to save cost.

The Birthday Cake that earned me a McFlurry!!

The Girls

The Guys

I think this is the Couple..
Ok, I think that's all for this "report". Yea, by the way. "Run forest run" means you want to get rid of the waiters.. lolzz.. Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Just Some Motivation..

Life is always challenging.. Life is like a roller-coster..

Though we can always find peace, joy and gladness in life but I am sure that there will be some part of our life is our down-fall period. Some may fall very badly and it might be hard to get up back. This is the time where we will be demotivated and easily give. Some may thought of commiting suicide as the way to settle all problems. But in my opinion, this is the most stupid way of solving a problem. This is not only creating more problem to themselves, but they are also creating more problem to their love-ones, the society and even the environment.

Here, this is a very great video which I'm sure that it will give you motivation and climb back up to overcome the obstacles. I was very touched when I first saw this. I can't really imagine how far can I go if I'm like him. I, including you are much more fortunate than him. I hope that you can get back the grip which pull you up to continue to fight for a better life.

(Hye, I am really sorry that I can't get the video clip on my blog due to some technical error. i have been trying the whole day already, maybe it's due to the incompatible file format)

I have the link over here:

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 6 August 2009

No Electricity = No Need To Study

"Tak.. Tak.. Tak.. Tak.........."
Argh.. I hate listening to this sound in a pin-drop silent night. This means that there is an electricity breakdown in my housing area and there is only my alarm clock which is functioning. CRAP!! The worse part is I got to get out of my bed to open the window to get some cool night breeze to enter my room. But when I think of opening my windows, I will not dare see what is outside of the window because it’s kind of spooky when you see all the houses are pitch-black in colour and not even the street lights are on. Err. It’s something what you see in those deserted housing area like in movies of House of Wax or maybe Simon’s Say. It’s so eerie that until… Ok, fine.
This always reminds me about a camp that I went during my secondary. It’s actually a team building camp for the prefects. I can consider that this is my first camping trip in my life, not even before I join the scouts. Ok, back to the story. So the weird part of the camp was that all the participants were woken up at about 2am for jungle trekking. OH MY GOD!! I just know that I was very exhausted in the night before and I hardly have enough sleep as I just slept for about 1hour. I got no choice but I got to just follow the camp commander to enter the jungle with half of my eyes closed.
As you know the jungle rules, you are not allowed to shine your light here and there as to avoid getting attraction from the “penunggu”. So everyone was prohibited from taking their touch light into the jungle. As the whole group of us was walking in line through the jungle, it came to our surprise where there was a mother and a child came from no where and asked for direction in dark. I can’t really see them well as I was the 10th person in the line. I just know that they really took a lot of our time; I think it was about 15minutes that we got stuck there. So sad, this made us the blood reservoir for the mosquitoes, heaveans of heavens of luxuries for them. At that moment, the front line people were already suspecting that there was something not right about the 2people. Don’t you think that it is strange to see someone with a small kid asking for direction at about 3am in the jungle? Next, where did they go after that? Anyway, this made everyone in the midst of confusion after the jungle trekking session which ended about 6am. From that onwards, I always make my prayers before I enter the jungle or even a camping trip.
Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 3 August 2009

Everything About The Past One Week Including Nuffnang

I am sure that everyone has been waiting for some updates from me for a very long time. Terribly sorry if you have been looking forward for my new blog for the past one week as I was super duper busy with my school stuff, my lab reports, my school’s society etc……
My society’s AGM just passed today and the budget has been proposed and approved by the members, so it is time for me to have a rest before getting a kick start for the preparation for the oath taking event. Haha. Actually I made havoc today during the AGM as I was a bit too nervous when facing the crowd. I lost my grip on my first sentence when I was addressing all the students; I accidentally stepped and unplugged the mike etc. Oh, gosh! This is really a huge embarrassment of me especially for the year 1 students. Anyway, it is really a good exposure for me as I am having 2 to 3 times more of this kind of things in near future. I still got to present my final account report; I still have my literature review presentation and also the final presentation for my research project. Hopefully, it is not going to be a massive havoc at that time.
Yea, everything for this semester is going to be tough especially having both of the deadly subjects together which are pharmaceutical analysis I and endocrine system. And again, I am having a community pharmacy attachment in one month time to come and an industrial attachment at the end of the semester. But it is this semester which makes me understand more about the role of community pharmacist and the purpose of me taking up this course as I am studying non-Rx. I just had my mock test for patient counselling and drug recommendation last Friday. I am a bit lucky to get pass as my lecturer tested me on the knowledge of oral contraceptive pills. I prefer to be tested on women’s health rather than complicated conditions such and nasal congestion, cough etc. Haha. Or maybe something got to do about menstrual pain. Anyway, this is not up to my decision on what condition should I have for my final exam.
And lastly, I got my first Nuffnang cheque finally. They have been pending it for more than one and the half months to get my cheque sent here. Ok, I shouldn’t be complaining so much but I got to be thankful for everyone for their support for my blog and also Nuffnang too.

Hmm. I think I still owe you guys some updates about my work at Astro Talent Quest event and Felicia’s birthday celebration at Sunway. Actually I am still waiting for the pictures from my so-called big sister and so, I get you guys update about these soon. Thanks and have a nice day.

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