Sunday, 30 August 2009

Say 'No' to Smoking'

God is very fair to everyone...

God gives life to everyone and He treats everyone equally. But it's very sad when human begins to be selfish and didn't really care about others. With one puff of the cigarette, you will get the pleasure, but did you think about others, the second-hand smokers? The government has really pushed hard on curbing this problem. Recently, they had came up with a very touching story related to the anti-smoking campaign. Maybe some of you would have seen it on the TV screen but I don't think you mind watching it again..

So as for my advice, those who are still smoking and didn't really think of smoking, please smoking more! Get to 2 or 3 cigarettes at one go!! If you really think of stopping it, get your hand on the action and don't look back. Lastly, for those have started to stop this habit, credits for you and keep it up the good job!

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