Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Felicia's Birthday (back dated on 31st July 2009)

Oopss.. I nearly left this out, but luckily what I have is not long term memory lost (LTMT)..
About 2 weeks ago, my U'mates and I celebrated Felicia's 22nd b'day at Bubba Gum, Sunway Pyramid. We went there after our late afternoon class and some even had their nonRx test before going there. Everyone took all the trouble to make their own way there just for the dinner. But luckily, no one lost his or her way there. Haha..


Shrimps Again

And More Shrimps

Ok, let's talk about the food. It is really heaven of shrimp. Every dishes in the menu is all about shrimps only. It's just too bad for those who allergic to shrimp but I am sure that the shrimp lover will be delighted. Taste wise for the food is ok, 1 set is exactly fit for one person. Not too much and not too little! As for the drinks, they are a bit too expensive. Haha.. Maybe you can get your bottle of sky-juice if you want to save cost.

The Birthday Cake that earned me a McFlurry!!

The Girls

The Guys

I think this is the Couple..
Ok, I think that's all for this "report". Yea, by the way. "Run forest run" means you want to get rid of the waiters.. lolzz.. Enjoy and have a nice day^^

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