Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It Was A Fruitful Year.. (Part 1)

I didn't realise that 2010 is coming to an end. Phew. Not until I spent time to write my diary. Anyway, I need to start back on the track for my blog. Damn. The year is going to end soon and New Year is just around the corner.

This year, many things happened unexpectedly. The unexpected ones did happened but the expected ones did not happen at all, not even a glimpse of it happening. I am glad that many of my friends are getting more mature and getting into relationships but not at a state where everyone is getting married. Ok, I admit that many people are piling up stress onto me because they are curious why I am not part of them yet. Please, don't get me wrong on this issue. It is not about any past issues or some sort of things happen to me. It is just that I want to be a free person for the meantime!

Normally I don't fell sad when it comes to the end of the year because this is always the best part of the year. I get to meet a lot of my friends, having Christmas gatherings and surprisingly, I got a few Christmas gifts as well. But I have mixed feelings for this Christmas because I am wondering will I be celebrating Christmas again with everyone in KL next year. I have no idea at all! The saddest part is that I went to church in the same car with my family but I have no idea why I don't have the guts to sit with them in the church. I have been the "out-standing" one for more than 13 years. Hopefully I can still find a chance to sit with them....

A fruitful year, nothing to do with any fengshui master or wicked spells. To me, fruitful means I have learnt a lot this year. Maybe it is because I'm exposed to many different surroundings this year. I had my first experience in the hospital setting, going for carols for different houses, going for camp which I have no close friends at all on the first day and I am more into musics nowadays. But if you ask me what experience is it all about, I really have no idea how should I answer. Anyway, this is the type of experience which gives me the drive to get out from KL. I hope that I can become a better person someday. One thing in my mind, I am not afraid for being away from home but I will definitely miss home if I am away.

"I appreciate my life a lot. No matter how bad it started, I know that I have a role to make my life better." How about you?
To be continued...

Thursday, 16 December 2010

Finance, Finance and Finance

I was so not in the mood in flipping thro' my book as Christmas is just around the corner. Haiz. Anyway, I watched Harry Potter Deathly Hollows Part 1 last night. It is just an average rating by me, hopefully it will more interesting in the second part. But what is in the movie definitely can't beat the book.

Hmm. Financial management, everyone knows about it. So how do you manage yours? Nowadays, people are spending more than what they have earned. But they don't realise that they are living in debts. One simple example is credit card. Sometimes when you think back, using credit cards actually causing you to pay more for an item because you may need to pay back your debts with interest at the end of the month. It is good that the government imposed such a tax on credit card holders, so that they will take control on their spending and using less credit cards. Remember, always plan on your spending ahead! Don't buy things if you can't afford to pay for that price and make sure there is some left-overs after each spending for emergency use.

So do you have any plans for your future? What I mean is when you retire, do you have sufficient money to spend for the rest of your life. It doesn't matter if you are in the early 30s or 40s to think about this matter. Many young people are making a big mistake whereby they tend to set the age which they want to retire. Believe me, I even heard some people wanted to retire at the age of 40. It's not a bad idea at all, I know many people want it very badly too but do you have that amount of money for you to survive for the rest of your life? Studies actually have been done and stating that many retirees around the world do not have enough to survive until they die. Think thoroughly especially for those are having a family, think about your children, their educations etc.

P.S. I wish I can remember about the "Pencil and Eraser" story when I blog next time.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 13 December 2010

Love & Life

Good. I have finished one day of carolling. 2 more days to go but my fingers are now starting to pain. Anyway, it is really a good experience on the first day of carols because I'm the one who created to music for them. Kudos to myself.

When talking about Love & Life, it is really not easy to explain. Many people say Love is blind, Love with your Life, Love with all your heart, but how Love supposed to be in our Life? It is quite interesting to flip thro' the newspaper nowadays. Just last week, a 23-years old bridegroom married a 14-years old bride. And also, a 22-years old guy committed suicide 2 days ago because of Love. There are many controversies especially in the first case because the society can hardly accept the fact that a 14-years old kid is getting married. Come on, the kid is just about to achieve maturity and this is actually the stage where kids always wanted to try something new. That's why many kids can easily get influenced and get into some immoral or bad activities during this stage of life. Trust me, they can hardly make rational thoughts and decisions!

As for the second case, many people have different opinions about it. Some says that it was the girl who caused the guy to commit suicide; some says that it was the guy's own problem, it has nothing to do with the girl. It is actually very subjective to judge the actual situation as I believe everyone does not have the full picture about the story. But one thing is that the guy actually made a very big mistake. Remember "A problem is for you to solve; but not running away by committing suicide or doing something ignorant". Breaking off is not end of the world. Trust me, always set a challenging goal after every failure can really motivate you to achieve better success in Life. And another thing, also think before you act. Think of your love ones!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

P.S. Pray hard that I can wrap up everything for the year in the coming to blogs.

Friday, 3 December 2010

Pretty Girls Getting Better Treatment

Everyone in KL is crazy about KL International Motor Show 2010 at PWTC convention center, even my sister goes crazy for that event. But it is definitely a NO for me. To me, PC fair and MotoShow are no more places for exhibiting what they suppose to be. Particularly most guys are taking photos more on the girls rather than the items or accessories that are displayed.

Ok, back to the topic. Sometimes I wonder why pretty girls always get better treatment??? How about the rest of the girls in the society? Are they given a lower rate as compared to pretty girls! About an incident this morning, I got so irritated with 3 pretty donkeys in the library. It was already very bad that they were actually using the printing PC for editing because the uni is so stingy that they only provide 3 printing PC. But they couldn't be bother and they did the editing even when there was someone was queuing behind them. That was not all. They were actually using 2 out of the 3 printing PC. Cool! I wonder were they blind as well. Argh...

I believe that these uneven treatments really happen in the society, I even witnessed some with my own eyes. For example, pretty girls are always "Queen on the road". "Gentlemen" will definitely stop their car and let them cross the road. But if the girl is not up to the acceptable level, what to bother! She is so luck if that "gentleman" doesn't press on his horn. Please don't get me wrong! This is not about criticism! This is true about our life! Take this into deep consideration. My friend asked me once, if I was given a choice to choose between a pretty girl without a brain or a "so so" looking girl which is smart (in the sense of consideration), what will be my choice. I will definitely choose the second one. He then joked to me, "Yeah, true! You may die at young age because of irritation if she is brainless!" So, remember to treat all girls equally.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 1 December 2010

25 Hours A Day

I was lazy to go on to the internet because I was just simply too lazy to go and on the modem. Phew. I got my ankle injured during the weekend game, so I got to stay at home and go no where. Anyway, it is holiday. So, it is all about eat, sleep, playing computer and guitar only.

When I was tidying some of the drawers in the noon, I found a stack of cards. They were actually my wishing cards, birthday cards etc for the past few years. I even found some of the written letters which I used to communicate with 2 of my primary schoolmates. I never thought that it can trigger my emotion while I was looking thro' again every cards. When I think back, they gave me many wonderful memories which were priceless and I know that there will be no other day like the day we had together.

Absolutely all of my friends had put in a lot of efforts and written great wishes for me. But there is 1 thing that I definitely couldn't accomplish and didn't even think of accomplishing it in near future. It was quite a sad thing so I have to leave it as a secret. Ha-ha. And again, while I was looking thro' emotions came into place because I was wondering will there be such a card next year. Mainly it is because another group of friends is leaving soon as everyone is graduating in half a year time. I always tell myself, " Friends are pass-byers in life". They are only there for you in some part of your life. Once their assigned "mission" is done, it is going to be hard to see them again.
So, so and so again, guys and girls out there! Remember to treasure every friend around you. No matter they are the good apple or the bad one; it is your destiny to meet them in life. Every moment being together is priceless. Enjoy friendship!

Have a nice day....

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Stop Child Abuse...

When we talk about child abuse, the pointing fingers will always be directed to the parents or the child care-givers. Sometimes, parents just have children just for the sake of having one but how much do they know about the responsibility of having children.

The saddest part is when you see some news about the fathers or step-fathers raping their own chilren on the newspaper or the internet. Keep in mind that children are not tools which anyone can let off his/her anger, frustration or even sexual desire. They have their own rights to live happily like other people in the society. It's just that you need to have more patient and time to tolerate with them. It is the process of achieving maturity. Just something worth to think, try to put yourself into the children's situations. How will you feel about it? Remember, what goes around comes around! Let's join our hands and fight against child abuse! Stop child abuse now!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 20 November 2010

I Am A Wanted Man

After a super nerve cracking viva yesterday, I can now move on with a slow pace for the next one week to make necessary corrections to my thesis. Damn it.. Yesterday was the worse among any other presentations or what so ever. But it's definitely worth going for it. If I have another chance, I will definite say NO. =p

Just a month of exam period, I had became a wanted man. Everyone is looking for me and even the futsal court as well. But the bad thing is that, I still need one more week to settle down everything before I can say that I am really free. I am worried of my results now but that should not be my priority as the results is only coming out in 2 weeks time. Come on, Kevin! Think about the camp, enjoy it and finish up the thesis first. Oh, crap! I still have not pack up my stuff yet and I thought of going for a movie later. Harry Potter is showing in cinema now, how could I miss it. My checklist is full now. Get back to you guys when I am back from the camp!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Friday, 15 October 2010

How Do You Value Yourself?

Exam is just around the corner but I have a blur brain to prepare everything. 1 lecturer is about to leave and another one is planning to leave. The turn-over rate is so high. Luckily I am about to finish the course or else I will be in deep trouble.

Just another topic before the week ends. "How do you value yourself?" When we talk about value, it can meant by 2 things. One is about the Price and the other will be Confidence. Let's talk about the first value first. Does everyone has a price tag on them? It's absolutely not. Some people are tagged with low dignity when they are born e.g. poor people. It's a social discrimination. But some may tag themselves with low dignity naturally. I guess you know what do I mean by that. The main idea is that we don't see how much are they, so we can't tag them with a price. But human will naturally tag the poor as worthless. Sometimes I may wonder, is it fair to them?

Another value is about confidence and agony. No matter how they look, how they dress or how they face the society, they will still carry high confidence level in them. I am not critisising any celebraty but Lady Gaga can be an example. She doesn't look pretty, absolutely looks weird to me! But with her condifidence and courage, why does she needs to bother what I critisise her! When you have the confidence, you are rating yourself higher compared to others. That's where everyone will be taking you as a role model or admire you, naturally they fall in love with you! Actually the main message in this part is that, confidence is the natural beauty of woman and confidence is also the "macho"ness of a man! Haha.

ENjoy and have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Let's Have A Change!

It was a really sad tragic which happened 2 days ago. It was because of a negligence of a bus driver, 19 people died and many more injured. Imagine a young boy at an age of 19 has to spend the rest of his life on the bed, one even got his hand amputated, some may have lost their love ones. So, what is it got to do with the below video!

Sometimes I am not prejudice towards bus and lorry drivers, but they are just taking things for granted. Experience is not everything, accidents can easily happen with just one wrong step. Same goes to how do you determine your future! Will it be a straight or windy path? We totally wouldn't know about that because everything is under His control. But one thing I know the most is that, we must learn how to change! Just as simple as "Who moved my cheese?" For sure that there will be a risk when there is a change but we must always be optimistic.

I always like to advise my friends. "We still need to live for tomorrow no matter we are sad or we are happy' why not we live a happy life everyday!" And moreover, the change may be a good one which is beyond your expectation. Remember, "Only winners will make things happen but not losers!" For my fellow classmates, time is a bit constrained but there is definitely a way to solve every problem. It's just the matter of time.

Enjoy and have a nice day! Enjoy the video.....

Thursday, 30 September 2010

Hey, You Are Cheating On Me! (2)

Just too busy with homework, exams and so on. Insufficient sleep has already been a norm for myself and my classmates, hopefully everything can end within 1 year time. Anyway, I am so glad that weekend is just around the corner. So just continue with what I have mentioned in the previous post!

7 Increasingly away from home - Has there been a sudden increase in long hours at work? Does he/she seem to be spending an unusual amount of time with their friends recently?

8 Indifference in the home - If your spouse/ partner has seemingly lost interest in activities like spending time with the children or the family and maintaining the home, they may be bored with family life and seeking simple pleasures elsewhere.

9 Changes in grooming and appearance - While there are many reasons to want to look and feel better, often times a new lover can be the impetus behind a new hairstyle or sharper attire.

10 Physical signs upon returning home - Does your partner avoid eye contact or rush upstairs to take a shower upon returning home? Lipstick on collar, unknown perfume or cologne and dishevelled clothing in general could mean your spouse/ partner is engaging in "extra-curricular" activities.

11 Missing wedding ring - Sometimes we overlook the obvious. Has your spouse/ partner stopped wearing the wedding ring or something which you gave which is very significant to him/ her recently? Have you given your partner any other jewellery that they are suddenly no longer wearing?

12 Clues in the car - Some of the many clues you can look for in the car are receipts, cigarette butts, foreign smells, moved passenger seat, changes in clothing in the trunk, unexplained mileage, removed car seat and other personal effects that may indicate a person is in a relationship.

If you find many items on this list of 12 seem all too familiar, don't tip your hand just yet. Confronting a spouse/ partner with no proof can be backfiring, so be prepared to gather evidence and force the facts. Just something additional, do you think you would be happy to be another person for the sake of someone? Living a good, happy and healty life is about expressing well about yourself naturally but not about living in stress to cope up with others.

Enjoy and have a nice day..

Friday, 24 September 2010

Hey, You Are Cheating On Me! (1)

Hey, guys! I got this article last week from the newspaper. It is an interesting one. Though it applies to spouses but I am sure that it is practically suitable for partners who are not married yet as well. It's all about life!

So, first 6 things (part 1) to watch out if your spouse/ partner is cheating on you:-

1- Lack of Intimacy
Sex and intimacy is an important part of a relationship. A noticeable change or loss of interest in this area definitely points to a problem in your relationship.

2- Not allowed to contact them at work
If your partner has requested that you no longer visit or call him/ her at work, there may be reason other than the boss is strict.

3- Friends and co-workers behave oddly
Your partner's friends and co-workers may know about a secret relationship, and thus act strangely in your presence because they are uncomfortable looking you in the eye and lying to you.

4- Excessive computer use
A good deal of cheating taken place right at home over the internet. Signs to look for locked screen, your spouse/ partner quickly switching screens when you enter a room, or spending excessive time on the computer.

5- Private mobile phone use
Just like the computer, a mobile phone can be one of the tools your spouse/ partner uses to engage in undisclosed activities. Watch out for secret phone calls and excessive texting.

6- Negative attitude
Typically a cheater will be overly loving and sweet to you in the beginning but that quickly turns to finding fault with you as your spouse/ partner tries to mentally justify his or her action.

I have actually thought of being a psychologist whom expertise in the field of LOVE, but there is no such course in this world. Anyway, girls! I am not sure about how true this is! If you happened to chase a guy and you became the first love of that guy, then the relationship didn't seem to work out for you after some time and you suggested to break off. So, do you think that guy can afford to lose you with just a word of "Sorry"? Remember, guys can also be very fragile!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Thursday, 23 September 2010

15th Day of 8th Lunar Month

I can really remember a lot of those excitements which I had many years ago. WHen I had my so-called brother (also my neighbour since I was 6years old), we had many great times together. Not forgetting about the days when Lantern festival was just around the corner.

Lantern festival for us was not about playing lanterns and eating moon-cake under the bright round moon. We had a secret hide-out place around those factories behind our houses. So we usually hang around our hide-out place after our dinner time. What we had there was just boxes of colourful candles, a big Milo tin and match box. I am sure you might be thinking that we were drug addicts because these were those necessary needs for them. But you are WRONG! Many things you can do with them, you can "cook", you can make dangerous stunts with fire and many other things which were beyond your imagination.

Then I remembered once we actually made torches and adventured that whole area of those factories and office blocks. We wanted some kind of "Resident Evil" feel, but it really disappointed all of us because the scariest part was not about meeting "zombies". Ha-ha. I can still recall that there was this security guard chasing after us after we tried to play a fool out of him. Damn it! But luckily we had him, or else we could have missed out some live "moving" action on one of the trailer which parked along the quiet road. Anyway, we didn't enjoy much though we saw the back part of their naked bodies as we really didn't know what was happening. We were just too innocent at that time. But when we think back, they were actually offering some free adult shows! Pheww... What an influence!

As years went by, no more candles for us. We preferred cyber cafes and drinking sessions. So, that was my so-called first live "moving" action show. Damn!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Monday, 13 September 2010

Life After Death Is Not About Sadness

I like to see the SEA, the very blue sea. I am sure that many people would like it too! It is always calm, relaxing and you will have a peace of mind when you hear the sounds of the waves hitting the shore.

When I was on my journey back to KL, I saw something very interesting. I saw a mother with her small little child throwing ashes of "someone" by the sea. It didn't seem to be a very sad occasion for them. Maybe I was just assuming that they were setting a person free "after death". It's good that they can really accept the fact. Life, it is a cycle which one will live生, aged老, sicked病 and die死. I am sure that you and I will go through the same cycle. It is all in His hands. I remembered when my grandma passed away, I was very sad because I was close to her. Same went to my mum.

But when I heard the song,

"Just a closer walk with thee,
grant it Jesus this my plea;
daily walking close with thee,
let is be dear Lord, let it be..."

I knew that she was with Him already.

Cry is not a sin but SADNESS is definitely a defeat to you! It is really hard to control emotions especially in occasions which our love ones leave us behind. But we must always think from another point of view. It may be a good thing e.g. taking away all his/her sufferings if he/she returns to God's kingdom. Or maybe He knows that he/she is "tired" already and it is time to "leave" But our life still goes on. And when we die, I am sure that we would not want people around us to cry for us as well. So keep in mind that, death is no more a new thing for us. It is alright to be sad during mourning period, but don't let emotions overpower yourself for long time.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Does It Really Matter?

I woke up early this morning, thought of going to the library to print out some of my stuff. What to do, I want to save up money for my graduation trip! I am putting my vision far ahead, hopefully it can be a success. But.. but.. Unfortunately, there is only 1 usable printer this morning because there was 1 girl was using 1 of the printer for more than 1 hour. Not considerate at all! Not only that, she even allowed her friends to cut queue! I am just a bit symphatise the guy behind her. That's why I always ignore my friends when they say, "Look, she's beautiful!"

What I can say is that "No one is perfect in this world"! That girl looks fine to me but too bad that she doesn't utilise her brain well! So damn ignorant! Just too bad for that guy behind her, he nearly fell asleep. I know that she will be sneezing the whole afternoon because I am now cursing her. Ha-ha. When it comes to reality, this is not the point anymore. Because the nature of beauty is always the first criterion for a guy to choose a girl. But in a recent scientific study, it says guys are now attracted to the size of the waist compared with her hips rather than other parts of the body.

Why? Why? And why? Why not about the complexion?

It's all about chemistry and perceptions. To guys, it is actually sending a biological signal that that women is most fertile and most likely to produce a healthy offspring, no matter what size that women is. Does it sounds interesting? For female readers, maybe you can try to ask your male partner why and what attracted them to you! Ha-ha. Hopefully it would be interesting! As for male readers, does beauty really important for you?

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Sunday, 5 September 2010

It's All About Girls

It was quite sad when I told my buddies about what's my plan next year. I guess they know why I have made up such a decision. It definitely not because of the extra allowance. Anyway, 1 year is still far way! We can still enjoy a lot of precious time at cafes on weekends. Back to the topic. GIRLS!

When you walk on the street, it's either you will see guys or girls only. This is because God did not have the third gender in His creation list during the time of Creation. As everyone knows, guys and girls are totally 2 different "creatures" on earth from many aspects for example physical wise, mental, emotion, IQ, EQ etc. But is there any superiority among these 2 genders? I am sure many people would say "yes"! This is because they are still living in far far behind from time as compared to us. But the truth is NO! These people should accept the facts that many women are now world leaders because many girls have more patience than guys, besides scientific proven that they are smarter as well because they live in mother's womb 2 weeks more that the guys.

It is quite sad when you read back the history about people were killing baby girls because they had the mentality that the guys were more superior. Anything to do with the family, financial matter etc, the guys were always the one who decides on everything. Guys were the "manager" who managed the girls as "workers". Anyway, thanks God that things are changing. At least, guys and girls are somehow at the same "level" now. The decision makers are not solely the guys. But it will be sad when the girls over-powered the guys! Haha. This is totally unbearable! Praying hard that this not my life!

I wanted to write more but too bad it's dinner time for me. Hopefully I can come up with something more for the second part. Anyway. enjoy and have a nice day!

Friday, 3 September 2010

Lives Which Deserve To Live

I remembered watching 1 documentary yesterday. It was about the love of the parents for their crippled daugther. It was not about losing 2 limbs only, but it was also about the matter of life and death whereby the small little girl was having other disorders as well. It seemed that she will suffer even opt for surgery to rectify the problem and high chances of mortality as well. The parents were in a very confused state but luckily they were still optimistic about what is given to them.

But some people are not thankful about what God given to them! Child abuse, baby/ foetus dumping and abortion are now becoming a "trend". I remember once seeing "baby dumping" headlines for 3 consecutive days on the newspaper. All of these were mainly due to having sex before married, ignorant young couples, no proper family planning etc. This is mainly because they have the thought that it is actually a burden to them. But did they thought of that before having sex? So the easiest way is to flush down the toilet bowl or throwing in the dustbin. They wouldn't think of cruelty at this point of time!

When there is any unintended pregnancy, the girls will always get the blames. How about the guys? Is leaving the girl aside is the end of his responsibility? Think about it! Be a real man!

Have a nice weekend..

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just Don't Learn Their Lessons

I just missed a show when I was back home just now. The house opposite of mine caught on fire! But luckily everything was fine and most importantly, the fire didn't claim any lives. It is "Merdeka" (Independance) day today. But surprisingly there was no fireworks at midnight. Ok, maybe the government and private sectors know that it is dangerous and costly.

But some people just don't learn their lessons. Now, children as young as 6 years old have the freedom to play home-made fire-crackers not just because of the festive session is just around the corner. Sometimes it's not to say that I am cruel, maybe they will learn when there is death or only the kids sustain seriuos injury. Just 2 days ago, a news has reported that a girl lost her eye-sight because of fire-crakers. What to do! I can't help her since her parents do not want to do anything about it!

Perhaps parents are now giving more freedom to children and assuming that they have the maturity to decide everything by themselves. But the maturity is in the aspect of physical but not about the mental status or emotional wise. Just an example, kids as young as 12-15 years old are getting pregnant but did they ever think of what is the consequences of having sex? I am sure that you will agree with me in this point. So, the blame is always with the parents! How you want you child to be in the future is in the parents' hands!
Enjoy and have a nice day! Merdeka!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Services Which You Wouldn't Hope For..

Everytime i will start with "I have my free time finally"! I was terribly busy with the school works for the past few weeks and soon, life will be busier! Hmm. I actually have a lot of things to blog, it is just that time is the factor which doesn't allow me to do so! I thought of blogging something about Hungry Ghost Festival, but I has now became the past. Move on and move on!

When we talk about services, there are many things to talk about. Even a university itself is also service provider! But for my own university, it is actually thinking of how to gain more money rather than fulfilling the needs of the students. Sometimes it is good to have renovation to upgrade the university but using 1 whole year to finish 1 minor project is totally ridiculous. I don't mind if the project is running some other places which are far away from the library and the classrooms. Cafeteria which used to cater the students is also unacceptable! What's the point of charging high price with low quality of food! Do they feel happy by earning this kind of income? Anyway, it's 9 more months to finish everything in that university!

I still remember once I called up for pizza delivery. It was quite disappointing. Though they have no longer using those "static" call operators but this operator who spoke to me was more rigid than those :static" call operators. I was wondering whether I was talking to a machine or what! Too bad that I can't give my feedback but at least the pizza delivery man was very friendly. I totally salute him when he started the first sentence for the conversation between us. Actually never in my mind that I think what my marketing lecturer told me yesterday was correct! She actually said that "Marketeers will not use price reduction as the main strategy to hit the market, instead they will prefer to provide good services to customers as to beat the competitors"!

Anyway, I wish that the service providers would ask for some feedbacks before concluding or finishing any services. No one is perfect in this world, there is always room for improvement for everyone!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Damn it. It is going to be 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. Trust me, the days in the university will never make me miss it in the future. I swear it! So hard to find some free time to blog. Ok, just forget about it! Hmm. Let me think what to talk about this time.

Many people had talked topic about getting into relationship with me these few days, but these didn't stimulate any of my interest to blog something about it. I just want to say that I am glad for those who just got themselves into "commitments/ mutualism" and I just knew that one got into life long commitment. Don't worry, none of it is related to me. I am not interested in what-so-ever relationship for the meantime!

Frankly speaking, driving at night especially in a rainy day is one of my greatest fear. Moreover, it is now the 7th month in lunar calendar. (Just for you knowledge, 7th month in lunar calendar is where you have your hungry ghost festival) But why do I need to be afraid of it?! Sometimes it is really hard to explain "spirits" in the scientific point of view. I still remembered my uncle said, he actually captured a few photos having "something" during my grandma's funeral. It seems that it was my grandma at that time. Phew. I was so afraid that I couldn't sleep for 3 nights after the funeral because of this. I scared that my grandma will come to my house because she used to stay at my house during the weekends when she was still alive. Anyway, luckily nothing happened after that.

And even in the jungles, many people used to say there are a lot "jungle rules" and you must obey them. That's why people always say don't call your friend's name in the jungle, or even playing hide-and-seek at night because "they" tend to become part of you and you will not realise it. Trees, not all trees are safe too! Your belongings, what I meant is that tissues containing blood stains, don't ever leave them behind in the jungle. This is because "they" then to track you if "they" got it. You can't see them, but they can see you unless you have the 6th sense. I cannot say that it is really interesting to know more thing about "them" because it is not safe to get yourself into this kind of trouble! I am afraid, so how about you?

(For stumulation purposes!)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

Friday, 30 July 2010

Past, Present, Future.

Have you ever thought of what will you be in 10 YEARS time? Are you married or are you still single? I remembered that people saying that I have changed a lot compared to the PAST 10years. That time I was still so naive, funky, wasting money with all the online games. But now, I am a CHANGED guy! So what do you think about yourself in 10 YEARS ago?

I am glad that many of my friends are having a different life now example having some kind of mutual LOVING relationship. But so far none of them are married. Maybe it's still early as everyone is still in the mid of 20s. I am too eager to collect their ang pau but not giving out. At least it is much better now because breaking up rate is lower than building relationship rate among my friends. For sure that I have contributed the breaking up rate once and I have no intention in contributing for the building up rate in the meantime. Ha-ha. Because for me, I have a different concept about this kind of relationship. I will feel that I will have less freedom if I tied myself into these kind of relationships. Sometimes, it is really sickening to see friends doing "reporting" when we are out together. I know that many people are against my idea but different people can have different opinion.

Back to the PRESENT... So are glad about what you are doing now? Or is it far away from you vision which you had 10 years ago? And again, to have better life is not to look back at what we have done, but it is to move forward and prepare what is awaiting for us in the future. Can you imagine what will happen if all of your great inventors e.g. Thomas Edison, Wright brothers etc gave up easily with their inventions at that time? The secret is they didn't look back time, at their failure. They did learnt from mistakes but with a positive mind. Imagine if I throw you into the wrestling ring with The Rock and you say " I will sure die", you have already lose to him mentally. No point of fighting at all because you are at the losing side already. But if you say you can, you can have the chance to knock him down. Even if you lose, you can say that I have tried my best. That's what I told myself about my marketing paper last year. I have said that "I will fail marketing!" But not for this time.

How about the FUTURE? I wonder did any of your surrounding people suggests to "look back time" in 10 years time. What I mean is that writing a short note either about what you are now or what do you think about yourself in 10 years time on to a piece of paper, roll it and insert into a bottle. Bury that bottle and come and get it back in 10 years time. For me, 5 years is more than enough. When I read back my diary about what I wrote 5 years ago, I can say that I am stupid enough to have a dream of being a bus ticket conductor.
Spend some time with your closest friends which you have known for more than 10 years and share this with them. I am sure the day will filled with laughters. Make your life happy! Remember, people who doesn't smile frequently will get older at a faster rate.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Week 4

To dream something which you hope to dream of is a fantasy, but wanting to dream of something is thinking too much. I always wanted to dream of something, so is it a fantasy or am I thinking too much? Life is so stressful especially with the days of PBL and research project running concurrently. I am praying so hard that week7 can come soon.

I just thought of having few days of freedom for this weekend because my mum is not around. Unfortunately, "beloved" marketing lecturer suddenly having class on Friday evening. Really DAMN it! Torturing me with marketing is really cruel. Come on! Is this my life should be? The worst part is she teases us every class. "It's because they did their marketing plan last minute, that's why they failed their marketing paper and landed in this class again!" And "Everyone can create your own drug which you think is suitable for this time assignment!" Ok, high on adrenaline now. Better put a stop on this topic.

Time to work back again. Enjoy the video!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

Everyday Is A Brand New Day

Is it stupid with such a title? We are starting a new day everyday. Is today the same as yesterday? No, no, no. Our earth is still orbiting the sun every moment. Definitely today is not the same a yesterday. It was also the same for marketing class today. MY ASS! Seniors kena tembak cukup2 again today! And the most frustrating part is when she said that our marketing plan can be based on any drugs which may not exist in the market! MY ASS again! Is she trying to fool all the seniors? The juniors are so damn lucky to have an ever-changing mind lecturer like her. Damn it! Spoilt half of the day already!

A bit sad that my seniors are leaving the university and having their first step into the society soon. After their convocation tomorrow, they will be ready to serve the community as they supposed to be. But for me, no doubt that this is going to be my final year in this university. I can't wait to end all PBL miseries by the mid of next year. Hopefully I can still survive by then. Ha-ha. But most importantly is that, I must pass my marketing paper this semester! I can't deny that I have a bit of hatred in that lecturer already. Anyway, I can't do anything! Just follow her ways and finish up her paper.

So, sometimes you got to believe that love is blind. You can't really deny it unless you are a "vegetarian" like me. If I not mistaken, the news of one 108-years old old lady married to a 38-years old guy was on the newspaper last weekend. And the most surprising thing is that, they want to have a child. As the old lady is too old to conceive, so they decided to adopt 1 baby. I am wondering what's the social concern on this news. Besides, the guy doesn't have a good background or history which may cause him to have hard time to earn for the new family. Ok, I can trust that the guy has turned over a new leaf and assuming that he really has no bad intention on this marriage. But.. but.. How are they going to take care of the child. This is nothing about criticism but this is something what the society should concerned about.

What I can say is that, life is always challenging. you won't know what is going to happen tomorrow. Enjoy and have a pleasant weekend.

Thursday, 15 July 2010

New New New..

Tiring. So damn tiring. This is just the second week of the semester and I still got 12 more weeks to go. Looking forward to 1st November for final exam and 19 November for last day of exam. Hopefully I can really enjoy my semester break this time. Ha-ha.
What is so new for this week? Good news for Lee Hom's fans and Mc Donald's cravers. Lee Hom has came up with his new song and McD has new stuff from today onwards. Here, I have the new video of Lee Hom's new song 柴米油盐酱醋茶as well as something about McD new stuff.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 12 July 2010

What A Day It Is!

Haiz. Today is really a wrong day to blog but I still must blog about these matters before I go for a nap. No encouragement but with full of disappointment and frustration. I have tried my best to end the day with a smile but it ended with a lot of question marks!

First thing first, I have been bearing a wonderful name for more than 23 years already. I have no idea why someone would comment about my name and insist of me changing it! It is in my birth certificate, it is also the same name for my identity card and all my certificates. But... But.. I am wondering what would I get or what benefit will that person gets if I change the sequence of my name? For your information, my certificate will not be valid if my name or the sequence of it doesn't follow my birth certificate or the one stated on my identity card. This is strange but I know that I must fight for my name.

Next, plagiarism and breaking promises. Oops. Did I mentioned something which I do not supposed to be mentioning over here? But it must be fair to me as a victim as well as my other friends too. To bad that trust can only be given once! Once you break the promise, you are really in deep deep trouble. That's why being a friend with me is never an easy thing. I prefer losing a friend like this kind of person than doing things which makes me feel uneasy. I am now wondering how should I protect all my hard works from being reached out to other's hands. Can I delay the publishing of my thesis and journal? I can't afford to be kind like this anymore. Too naive, Kevin!!!!

Something which is not related to the above. Sometimes I really wonder why, why and why does the mother wants to carry her small little child sitting at the front sit of the car with the driver! What a big mistake it is! Or am I wrong?! Be a bit more realistic and think more rational! Even how good is your air bag, it will never ever be able to protect the mother and the child if there is any accident. True? If let say that the mother wants to be the "air bag" for the child, do you think so it will work? Even your additional air bags will not work as you will smash the small kid into pan-cakes. I think it is more likely to happen in the other way. It is because of this kind of mentality, that is why the industry which makes baby sits will never gain profits. Come on, parents or anyone out there who is still doing this kind of thing! Stop it! God will never tell when does accident happens! "Prevention is better than cure!"

Looks like I should end here. Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Interesting Week1

Ok, I got to be fast this time because I have ordered pizza for supper. The pizza guy is going to be here in half an hour time. It was really an interesting conversation with the operator just now. He sounded like a robot rather than a human. I wonder did they trained to ask or answer other question! Though they are able to identify the place which called up, but it doesn't mean it is always the same person who calls up!

Week1 of the semester. It is always new but it is really new this time. It is really a good experience to learn something via problem based learning (PBL) method. It really encourages communication among group members, at least I know what's the use of learning communication skills finally. Besides, it always force you driving out your brilliant ideas when you have no idea at all about your task and many more. I wonder who invented this idea.

And another thing, Paul the Octopus got his prediction correct whereby the Germans were beaten by the Spanish. So how about the Dutch? In his latest prediction, he predicts that the Spanish will win the cup but the outcome still remain unknown. Let's wait till this Sunday! But I really hope that the Spanish will win because there is quite a number of Liverpool's players in that squad. So sad that Torres has to sit on the bench that day but his fate may change this weekend. Maybe he will become the hero for the Spanish again this time! Anyway, go go go!

And lastly, this weekend has no marketing class. Hopefully I can make it an interesting weekend with beneficial activities! Ok, times up. Last 10 minutes! Better get ready for the pizza!

Enjoy and have a nice day..

Monday, 5 July 2010

Back To Reality.

Luckily Durex has stopped "Does size really matters?" ads on my blog. Haha. I wonder how did that ads landed on my blog. Anyway, at least better than nothing.

With just 3 days off after finishing my true holiday, I am back for classes. This is the first time that my bag is loaded with snacks from Kelantan, Sarawak, Langkawi, China and Thailand. Hey, no joke guys! Nearly 70% of my bag is occupied with all the snacks when I am back home. My mum felt one kind when she saw me unloading everything one by one from my bag. Ha-ha. Anyway, thanks everyone for all the stuff! I really appreciate you guys especially getting stamps and kit-kat for me. That's what i told my sisters, bury all my albums with me in my coffin though I know that they will collapse my coffin! I know it's a bit ridiculous but frankly speaking, this is what I wish for if I happened to d** early. *touch wood*

New semester always start with a surprice. As for this semester, my class is downed to 40+ students. Comforting, comforting and comforting! Me, you and everyone! Just a bit sad that my 4 years in this course will be ending just like that. Anyway, this is what reality is all about! But one thing for sure is that, we will all graduate from the course and maybe we still have the chance to be colleagues in the future. "No matter how high is Mount Everest, I am sure we can conquer it one day!" It is all just the matter of time. "When ever you fall, there is always a chance for you to get up!" It all depends on us! But I really hope that my favourite lecturers are still around when I graduate.

God always know that what sinners are doing on earth but sadly some doesn't really realise about that! When it comes to sexual instinct, OMG! It is really a great havoc. Click here. Teenagers, teenagers! No comment!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Teenager Mothers

While I was looking thro' some of the profiles of my ex-colleagues on facebook just now, I found back this 'special' girl there. Amazing, facebook! This girl, she is nothing special for me but not the same for my ex-colleague (she is also a girl). Ha-ha. I nearly got 'match-made' with her but luckily the 'special' girl left early before it was a success. That was fun during the working time! I enjoyed and the 'special' girl also enjoyed too. Don't worry, I will never get in touch with her again now maybe it is because of the 'phobia'.

Talking about young mothers, it is getting more common nowadays. Not a shocking news if you hear a 16-years old girl got pregnant, but what if you heard about a 9-years old girl got pregnant for a 14-years old boy? Let's not talk about the children because they know nothing about sex in the first place. When something like this happens, who should be blamed? I am sure that many parties will be pointing fingers to each other especially the teachers in school and of course the parents. Sometimes parents are too naive to think that they are just children only, so they neglected about sex education. Please bear in mind that kids are getting more matured and smarter day by day! With the ease of internet access, they can do havoc of it when parents are not aware.

Why school? Why not religion? Here is another controversial. Don't put the blame on each other, both also play a role. Good educating system and faithful followers of a religion will never have this problem! As simple as that! Teaching safe sex in school and praying with sincerity, that's what I want to say. Back to our children. When something like this happens, it is always unfair to the girls as they will always bear the 2 burdens but the boys will always get away from this. The girls get pregnant is the first thing and they will be send to the rehabilitation centre is the second. As for the boys, for sure that they can't get pregnant but they can neglect the burden of responsibility.

Sometimes it is really sad about the unfairness among the 2 genders and this is not a life supposed to be! If their parents are open-minded, for sure they will opt for a marriage. But what if they are not, for sure another fetus will be flushed down the toilet bowl! Any somehow, they can't bring back the past!

Think, think and think.... I can't imagine that I have a 2 years old kid calling me "daddy" when I'm 16 years old.

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Monday, 28 June 2010

World Cup Fever With Slammed Balls and Refereeing

More than half way through the world cup already and many people are still getting "high fever" because of it. No doubt that it has been the world greatest football event on earth, it is also now and............ forever! When talking about Jabulani ball, the ball will fly up high is all because of the altitude (it's just my opinion). No doubt that the ball may become lighter and lighter but one thing must also taken into consideration which is the gravitational force. It's simple as that!

Many upsets we have seen and the latest one should be about the misjudgement of the goal in the match of Germany against England. I can say that I support Spain and England in this world cup because both of them are having Liverpool players. No doubt that the Germans played better yesterday but a cancelled goal by Lampard has given a very big let down mentally and spiritually to the English players. Never mind, they will be packing back home just like the French and Italian giant teams. But this is totally unacceptable. Just for your information, that referee has actually been banned for 6 months before and even dropped out from the FIFA world cup 2002 edition.

So what can you conclude about this world cup edition? Is it that Brazil is going to bring back the world cup to their country and waiting for the next world 2014 in Brazil?

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Mixed Feelings But It's Still..

... still what? I can't run away from Marketing. This sucksssssssssssss... I guess I have no choice to choose but got to just face the reality. I am really depressed with the news this morning but at least I have 3 sisters to so-called entertaine me after my lab session today.

Sometimes I wonder, why do I need to study marketing and with such a high standard? What is it got to do with my course now but everyone says that it will really benefit me in the future. Once my friend told me that he would set up a clinic and I should set up a pharmacy just beside his clinic, then another friend suddenly added, "I think I should open a coffin shop beside you guys!". Ha-ha. What a crap! Just a lame joke...

Anyway, I must be thankful that I can still proceed to my final year! I will definitely give my best shoot next semester and face the FACT! Come on, bring on MARKETING now!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 21 June 2010



不要做比较。因为,自己男友会有钱的一天。要经过考验,许多风风雨雨,希望妳们女人明白这一点。别嫌弃而要支持,陪在他身边一起加油。没有完美的情人,吵架也是难免的。不吵才有问题。(shared video)

I think I should have this song as a compliment. Enjoy and have a nice day.

p.s. thanks to y.t. for sharing the video on fb.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

If I Have A Million...

If you are given a million dollars, you can do many things with it. But does the way you spend it "rational"? Some people may say, I want to donate part of it to the orphanage or old folks' home; some people may want to retire right away, find a peaceful place and live their till end of life; some people may want to enjoy e.g. going for long vacations. But for me, I will invest the money to earn more money. Though I know that I can't spend it when I die, But at least I know that someone will spend it for me.

I remembered that one of my friend said that she would want to buy a big big house if she has the money. So does this gives her the same satisfaction as buying a smaller house to stay and spend the remaining money to buy some properties to rent? For me, it's something like killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You have 1 sum of the money but you spend it in 2 ways to get 2 benefits in stead of 1. Trust me, not worth to invest in cars unless you can make it an antic. It's more recommended to sit in people's Ferrari rather than get 1 for yourself. Does this make sense?

Other than what is stated above, if we think from a wider aspect, it also gives you a start up point for your retiring plan. Do you know that many retirees do not have enough money for their survival till the end of their life? It's good that Malaysians have the EPF (Employees Provident Fund) which at least save up some money for them while they are still working. How about free-lancers? They earn but most of their income does not contribute to EPF. Sometimes, we must really think this really far ahead. Don't say that, "I will start tomorrow!" because your tomorrow forever will never be a today.

p.s. When mother's day comes, you give roses. But when father's day comes, what is in your mind? I hope that it is never be cigarettes or cigars.
Enjoy and have a nice Monday. "Happy Father's Day" to all fathers.

Friday, 11 June 2010


After having dissecting marathon for the past few days, I must really take a good good rest before starting on another new dose. So what if tomorrow is a Saturday, I still have to feed my rats though I am having world cup fever now. Haha.

I think facebook is nothing strange to us already. It serves many different purposes for many different people. Anybody can express their love to their love ones, anybody can get connected to any of the long-lost friends, anybody can make a secret not to become a secret, anybody can spend his/her free time on those applications and many more. But what I don't really like about facebook is that people can tell everything about themselves to strangers. Come on! Some may even want to report to everyone that they are passing motion in the toilet. Why not say that you are having sex in the middle of the night and who's your partner so on and so forth!

Besides that, many people can share videos with their friends' friends. I know that "Sharing is Caring"! But sometimes the content is not appropriate. For example like sharing some videos which has some violation elements, scandals, negative influences and many more. Ok, maybe there are only adults among us. But did you ever thought that a 10 years old kid can have a fb account? What if they assess into you profile and view those videos? A father which has 2 sons came by that day and asked me, " Do you think fb is safe?". Maybe and perhaps not! It's all up to you to decide!
Enjoy and have a nice weekday!

Wednesday, 9 June 2010

I Hate Taxi Drivers..

Sometimes I wonder, why taxi drivers are so "like that"! Especially KL taxi drivers. I didn't mean all, but they are part of the majority. They are real road bullies!!!

I was so tired on my way home just now but unfortunately met with this idiot taxi driver. He keep on horned me from behind because I didn't want to cut into the next lane as I thought that there was no need for me to cut into the fast lane. And this idiot finally cut out and went side by side with my car and horned me again. I shown back my blur look to him and pressed on the accelerator hard, turned out from that road and his taxi slowly lost from my sight. Too bad that I didn't have the opportunity to jot down his car number plate, or else there goes his "source of income".

I wonder where is their patience. They become even worse if they know that the car in front of them is driven by an ametuer driver. Come on! Everyone is also a road user. Be fair to everyone. They know that the public can't wipe them out because the public still prefer taxi even though they are now expensive. When it comes to parking, they are even worse. They can simply leave their car behind with half of their cars out of the parking box or even parking at the restricted area. Maybe that is not their own property, so they can "act without thinking". Anyway, just be more careful on those taxi drivers on the road. Don't get yourself into trouble with them, or else you will be in deep deep shit!

Remember and act smart!

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Unbalanced Lifestyle. Do Research!

I am spending more of my time for my research after knowing that I passed all the subject for this semester. Though things happened unexpectedly everyday, but life still goes on!! Research still goes on!! Nothing can stop me from continuing my effort. I know that my stamina has dropped tremendously and soon will drop further more after missing some futsal games, but 1 person has gave me a very good consolation for all my effort today.

After having peaceful days in the lab for the past 1 week, I can't get myself used to the lab when there is a class going on today. As usual, I have my laptop there but it doesn't kill my free time like it suppose to be. Lab session for them is not like any lab session for us. Maybe that is why we are known as pharmacy students but they are not. Not only the behavioural aspect, it also includes their dress code. But 1 thing very obvious is that the girls are curious about the rats and mice, this causes the rats and mice do not have a peaceful sleep after the oral dosing today. swt

After that, I thought of walking around outside of the lab and I met someone. He knows that I am one of the research student and said this to me "Young man, it is worth it!". Then I just replied with a smile to him. When I think back what he said to me, now I know that what does he meant by that! Like my supervisor always comment on me, I used to feed the huge rats first then followed by the tiny ones because I am a typical Hakka people. He is actually hinting that I like to do the hard first and save the easiest one last. Or in other words, save the best for the last!

I can't really imagine that I will be finishing everything in 1 year time. I will be starting to work, starting to earn big money, thinking about investment but surprisingly not about having a family life yet. sigh......................... Maybe I should have something about how do I think about my future.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 4 June 2010


Oral feeding has reached to Day 4. 10 more days to go.. Mentally stressed because exam result is coming out soon, but don't know when is going to be the exact date.

Talking about humanity, I am sure that many people would like to comment about the accident which hit the headlines this morning. Not only the newspaper, even one of the local radio station were discussing about this issue yesterday morning itself. As what we always say, "Think rationally and act smartly!" But does it complies with the rules and regulations set by any organisation? It was a stupid excuse saying that the 4 fire extinguishers were locked behind the door. So what if the kiosk caught on fire? Does it mean that the attendants are not accessible to the fire extinguishers as well?

I know that it would be dangerous to believe anyone who walks into the kiosk middle of the night. Anyone can be a robber to rob all your cash but think rationally, anyone would want to rob your fire extinguishers ONLY? Ha-ha. That's silly! If you ask the attendants back, they will surely say 'No'. So did they act smartly?! Not just only that. A robber wouldn't be so anxious, unsettled, mentally stressed to ask for 'help'. If they think rationally, they definitely knowing that the guy was really needing some help. What I can say is that, they have a very rigid mind-set. They were just thinking about the rules, the regulations, the procedures but ignoring about acting smart. I am sure the guy left the kiosk with sadness and much and much anger!

And one more thing. What do you mean by 'Accident'? We do not know when does accident really happens. If we really know, we wouldn't be on earth anymore. That's why I want to emphasise that "Rules, regulations, procedures and so on are just guidelines for survival, not for better living." They will never make you to become smarter and most importantly is to have some sense of humanity. This really worth to think about! DO you have sense of HUMANITY

Enjoy and have a nice weekend..

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Expert vs Amateur

I know that I shouldn't be losing contact with everyone because it is now my semester break. But I got greater mission for this holiday which is my research project. Haha. It is really a very interesting project whereby I need to feed the 20 + 3 rats for 14 days. Pheww. I still got 13 days more to go and some of the rats are now more than 300 grams.

When talk about experts, one of them is my supervisor. He can feed 5 rats with the bitter extract within 5 to 10 minutes but I take like about 2 hours to feed the remaining rats. Gosh. This is going to be my 2 weekends and my futsal games. First day of the feeding was really horrible. I was not physically tired but mentally exhausted! It was really stressful when the rats were so stressed up. The problem got worsen when they wouldn't even let you to insert the oral needle down their throat. Phew again. They can become my "tool" to build up my muscle now. They are much greater than my dumb-bells. Hopefully I can have bigger size muscle when the semester starts.

I still have very long way to go. Come, get me rats! I am ready for tomorrow's challenge! Yo!!!!!

p.s. don't worry everyone! I will try to update more during the weekend or next week.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

2 In A Row...

Hey, guys! I am back. I was really busy with the rats for the past few days. Unrealisingly, 1 week has passed and 2 more weeks to go for the toxicity study! And life gets tougher too because the rats have grown much larger in size. =>

While I was browsing thro' the internet, I found that this article really interesting. "Daughters are more expensive than sons!" Why is it so?!

First thing first, they have more expensive hobbies. When it comes to shopping, no doubt that they will have a shopping bag in hand everytime they shop unless they made their mind clear of window shopping. Boys! They just know about running around the football field or playing around the basketball court. Next, when it comes to demands, girls are definitely more demanding than boys! When you give a box of chocolates to them, girls most probably would see whether it suites them or not. But boys, they would just keep quiet and start eating the chocolates like no body's business. Ha-ha. How funny are they! This is worth to laugh about.

When we are talking about today's world, there is an obvious status difference between the poor and the rich especially in those 3rd world countries or war-torn countries. It is not just about financial status, but also about the power, the influence on others and many more. The rich will definitely enjoy their powerful and wealthy life but the poor will only think about how to survive tomorrow. Sometimes it is really a pity to see some kids begging along the streets, mums carrying their children and walking bear-footed on concretes under the hot sun and so on! But what can you do? How can you help them? Or did you ever thought of helping them? Like mum reminds us that "Not to waste food." is already a very good example. This is worth to think about.
Enjoy and have a nice day..

Thursday, 20 May 2010


Many people do spend more than what they earn, that's why they can't become a rich person. But spending is not a bad thing for the country because it can boost up the economical growth. When you spend more, you can boost more!
So what is it got to do with saving? Yea, nothing to do with it. It is exactly the opposite of spending only. While I was walking in the shopping mall today, this guy from XXX-bank approached me to promote a new type of saving with can earning big money within 30 years. When it comes to money, I am really interested in it. But after awhile of chit-chatting, I found out that it is nothing to do with saving. It is actually a kind of safe investment like mutual funds. Ha-ha. How do you define saving when you need a sum of money as a modal for you? And moreover, it needs you to put a certain amount of input every month to ensure that your account doesn't run dry.
As a student, I will never think of doing big investment now. Because I can say that I can hardly vomit a few hundred ringgit out every month to put into a bank account. Saving is actually all depends on yourself. It is whether you have the determination to save or not to save. It is simple as that. If I can give you this amount of money today, this doesn't mean that I can give the same amount next month. It can be less, very reluctantly it can be more. What the concern in today's world is actually people does not really know how to save. I am sure that many people will have the mind-set that if I can't save up today, I will do it tomorrow. But what if the same thing happens tomorrow? It will be a never ending story.
If you are already 40 years old, will you ever think of when are you going to retire? I am sure you have already thought about it. But have you ever thought of whether you have sufficient money to sustain until you die? Recently, one of the European country did a survey on this. They found out that many people actually do not have enough money to sustain their life until they die. Ok, maybe many people have different opinion in this matter. Because I may not get married , so I have no one to take care of me in the future. Even though all these are assured for you, there is no harm to think about this matter.
Enjoy and have a nice day.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Customer Services

Unexpected.. Really unexpected.. I didn't know that I got so many friends, my birthday wishes exceeded 100. That was crazy! Anyway, thanks everyone.


Some customer services are really bad nowadays. I can't deny that companies are now keeping on hiring staffs without giving any proper trainings. So that is why customer services are now becoming from bad to worse. Sometimes I am not sure whether these people understand what is customer service. Some may just think that it is just about crapping with the customer without giving any proper information and customers will just blindly accept what they say! Mainly it is because they know that consumers do not know how to "complain" or knowing their consumers' rights.
Last week, I met with such an incident. I went for photo printing at one of the photo shop near my place. I gave the soft copy exactly 1 week before I need it because the shop keeper says that she needs 1 week to process it as she needs to handle this to her HQ. As 1 week went passed, no calls from them. So I called up the branch which I went to, but my phone was not answer. Then I called up the HQ, they said that that branch has closed down and my photos transferred to another nearby branch. Fine, I double confirmed with that branch to make sure that my photos were there. Surprisingly, they said that they did not have my photos because they had lost the softcopy.
What a crap! See, I don't know where is their sense of responsibility. First, if the branch that I went to was closed down, why can't they call me up and tell me about this. I don't mind if you call me to collect at another branch as long as I can get my photos on time. And secondly, if they lost the softcopy, why can't they call me up and let me know earlier, so that I can provide them with another softcopy. After that, I called them to provide me a solution as I need the photos on that day itself, but they kept on saying that they need to follow the proper procedures which they will take another 2 working days to process the photos. I was very reluctant because they are trying to find an easy way to out without solving the case, 1 of the branch even said that "I pay you back the deposit lar!" How rude is she!
Come on, this is not about the matter of money. If I know such an incident will happen, I will not step into any of their photo shops. Finally, this case was dragged till late evening whereby the HQ has closed. I had no choice but to call the manager to speak to me. It was really frustrating dealing with them because they said that they will call back but they didn't do so for many times already. Huu. I called up the manager and sounded her nicely, "How long more do you want me to wait? Till tomorrow? Till next week? What kind of customer service is this!" Luckily she was polite and calm to talk to me. She finally deal a better price, so that I can compensate for any of my losses. But I don't know whether she will keep her words or not! Or else it is time to complain to the consumer tribunal.
Dear friends, many people are now taking things for granted on consumers because they know that consumers are afraid to make complaints, consumers do not know their consumers' rights. What for they need to improve their services to you! That is the mentality they are having now. Remember, everyone plays a role in improvising customer services. It is not about me only! Without you, it really makes a big difference!
Enjoy and have a nice day.

Monday, 17 May 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Happy Birthday to Me.

Now I know what is the real function of Facebook, it is not about Mafia Wars and Restaurant City. This is the first time that I replied so many posts. Even though it is a very tedious job, but I really appreciate a lot.

First, I had dinner with my family on Saturday night. My wish is to have Malay food but wish is not granted. So we went for Thai food at Jalan Alor. Later on, my brothers brought me out for a drink at 宅alk at Pandan Indah. It is a very new cafe and a very nice place. Maybe it is because that I had a few bottle of beer, and that is why I love the atmosphere a lot. I like the people there especially the female singer. I really admire her because she can sing a lot of tough songs which I think that normal people will not be able to sing. Haha. Then we have our second round at cyber cafe. At least I broke my record that I didn't kill any of my teammates. Thanks to them.

Then thanks to my U'mates as well. THough they are now at Langkawi, but they tried to blast up my phone last night. Too bad that they couldn't get through because I slept already and my phone was is silent mode. "Not forgotten" Wish them enjoy and have a nice holiday trip.

Everything was simple but nice. Thanks and have a nice day.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Help Offered But Not Appreciated

We can't really expect that many things in life to be perfect....

I can still remember how was the experience at the drug rehabilitation center few months back. I can still remember what experiences of those in-mates shared with me. I can still remember many more but what they deeply regreted throughout the years was they can't turn back time. At many times, help was offered to them but they tend to ignore and get themselves into bigger trouble. It was not only themselves but including those whom they knew became their victim. But after being drug addicts, it is really difficult to 'clean' themselves, what's more if it involves other people.

Sometimes life is like the story above, we must really think before we act. Many people out there are innocent. Get yourself involved is already bad enough but not others because you may turn things from bad to worse.

Enjoy and have a nice day.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

I Got My Samsung Corby Wifi

I have been waiting for this time for so so so so so so and so long. After surveying for new hand phones for few weeks, i got myself a brand new Samsung Corby Wifi finally. Hee. This was actually the motivation to end my second week of exam.

Hmm. I can say that this is a very economical phone, "PLC" package all within. As for me, I don't ask for the style and design, but the main concern is actually about the features. If the phone doesn't serve me well, no point of being good looking. It's something like girls, physical appearance is just a temporary beauty. But what is most needed in them is actually how they interact with you. If they do not go along well with you, no point of going with them. It will just be a temporary mutual relationship. Is this true?

So, what I ask for is actually very simple. As a student, I do not need any 3G features, GPS and so on. I just need it to go on-line and hang on to the internet. Since the campus is a so-called wifi area, so isn't it a waste if your phone do not have any WLAN feature? Not only in campus, many other places such as Old Town Coffee House, Mc Donald's, Star Bucks, Toyota Service Center, shopping malls and so on are now having their own servers for you to be connected to the internet easily with just 1 click. I am sure in years to come, more places will have this wifi servers to attract you. But too bad that I can't play Mafia Wars by using it unless I pay money. Ha-ha.

Specifications: Click here

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Being Accussed.

Oops. Sorry guys. I didn't realise that I didn't post anything for the month of May yet. Anyway, I will try my best to give some updates and hot topic discussions today. Though exam just ended today, but I still got 1 more final event to move on before everything is done for this semester. Pray hard that Friday can come faster. So that I can start my 1 week break before I start my research project.
Hot?! So what's hot in the newspaper these few days? I am sure that many people would have their own personal opinion about "The cop is charged" rather than something about Thomas Cup. Yea, Malaysia just got through the quarter-final and they will be facing China on Friday. So back to topic. I do have my own opinion because I am very much disagree with him being charged now. I am sure that it really makes a very big impact not only on him and his family, but it will also affect the whole community. If I am the policeman, I will leave the force immediately.
Sometimes, it is all about fate. At many times, people will not appreciate for your effort in doing something good. Only God knows that you did well but human just do not know how to realise something which is present around them. That's why many will not even bother you if you treat them well. For him, he is really a brave policeman. I salute him! He dares to challenge what is ahead by ACTION, I find no fault in him for his brave action. In a 'you die or I die' situation, which do you prefer? I will not know who is a real criminal or who is a fake one, what I know is that he did his best! If there is still critics, I wonder how will they react if they are at the same situation!
Because of 1 boy, 1 family destroyed, 1 policeman gone, 1 impact on the society and 1 new freedom for some 'minors'. "Try to know your own mistakes before pointing your finger to others!" Don't forget that 1 finger pointing at others but 4 fingers are still pointing back to your self. I will never be pleasant when these kind of topics occur.
Enjoy and have a nice day.

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

"One For The Road..."

2 down and 5 more to go. The feeling in the exam hall is getting from bad to worse. I don't know whether is my memory bad or I don't really have the capacity to memorise so many things. Any somehow, I know that I must make it this time. I will not forgive myself if I can't make it. I wish that I can change my life with 1 more year to come. I change my life for a better one but some don't!
I am sure that the headlines of 'The Sun' got your attention today. That shows how negligence are parents nowadays. At the end of the day, most of them just don't realise their mistakes and put the blame on some other people. Back to the scenario, he is so young and does not have a driving license, how can he be driving on the road with a car? This doesn't make sense. Ok, if you were the policeman, will you open fire at that moment? If I were the policeman, I will definitely do the same as I don't know what criminal is that. I might put my life at risk if I go and check him before I open fire. He dares to speed off from 2 police patrol cars, what's more? If you are innocent, what's the problem with pressing the break rather than the accelarator?
This is just 1 case on the road. How about those who speeds off the red lights, riding on a motorcycle without helmet assuming they are in a cow-boy town, driving without license, having 3 or 4 people on 1 motorcycle, "super over-loaded" vehicles and so on? I know that they are daring enough, but please appreciate your life more. Road is not a playground for you to have funn. Remember, what you caused is not only your problem! The victim is also innocent! God gave you life is because he loves you, what's the point to love Him if you do love your life!
Enjoy and have a nice day..

Monday, 26 April 2010

A Survey Which Is Not A Survey

Hey, guys. I know that everyone misses my blog a lot but I am having my final exams now. Ha-ha.. I miss everyone as well because no blog means no click. =p Anyway, it's just the first paper today and I have 6 more are on their way. I can't wait to end the 3 weeks miseries. So, this is just some consolation for myself. I can get on the internet for about 1 hour and 1 hour for facebooking. Hee.
SO, why do I have to blog something which is waste of time? If I don't get on to this title today, I am afraid that many people may get into unnecessary traps. Whenever someone calls you or they want to do a survey for who or what so ever, the most important thing that you must know how to protect your own rights. Come on! It is not about the matter of right or wrong this time. It's fine if they just ask simple questions regarding to the topic of the survey but the problems arise when they are asking for your information.
Just an example, I got a call from a travel agency just now. I know nothing about that company but I did the survey. Then when she started to get my information such as name, I was so so so reluctant to give her. Anyway, I refused to give her but she kept on saying that she needs my name. What the hell!! Ok, fine. I just gave my surname, so that she can address me in a way because I know that she can't do anything with my surname. Here, she tested my patience, she asked for my full name because she says that she wants to make sure that there is no repetitive of the data. Oh, crap! I explained to her that surney never need these kinds of imformation but she ignored. For god sake, I just end that call immediately. And again, the phone rang but I didn't entertain it anymore.
I know that it was impolite to do so but she really frustrates me. Today is not the same as 10 years back, the society has became more tricky already. If you are lucky, you may just end up with bankruptcy. If you are unlucky, you wouldn't want to imagine how are you or what will you become tomorrow. SO, that's how they con your bank account, hack into your computer system and so on. You may think that the name is just a name, but it is more than just a name for them. Just some add on, giving free gifts is also a way to rob you nowadays. It may be just a simple gift for you but you wouldn't know what is it for them. It can be a tracker to track where you are staying and so on. You'll never know.
So, everyone. Just some precautions for everyone. You will not have any harm by paying a bit more attention to these small details.
Enjoy and have a nice day.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Make-Up Does All the Miracles

I will always be happy if I know that I am about to go back home after an evening class. But what changes my feelings when I am on my way back is when I am driving along this particular road, just this particular road. It really gives me a mixed feeling. Not too happy nor too sad... Anyway, this is not the point.
So, what triggered me to blog on this topic is when my friend shown me some pretties from his facebook profile yesterday. Sometimes it's hard to know what guys really want! When a girl puts on make-up, some may say that she is pretty but some may say no because they are just too fake. Some may just prefer the natural way that a girl looks like. Hmm. But did you ever think of how will the girl looks like after removing her make-ups. I know that they are all the same when the lights are off and they get naked to you. Ha-ha. Sorry to be so dirty-minded, but that's the fact.
Some may look the same because of their natural beauty. They are born to be beautiful, that's why they are beautiful. That's how I define BEAUTIFUL, to be exact. I prefer natural beauty. But some may look... Ewww.. It's 360 degrees upside down with what you expect. That's suck. I swear that you will never what to see beauties on the street anymore because you may wonder how does she looks if she removes her make-ups. SO guys, the lesson here is, don't choose a girl by judging her so-called beauty! It may be too late to regret when she reviews herself NATURALLY. Ha-ha. Enjoy the video, I hope that it will not change your preception towards beauties.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 12 April 2010

5C Criteria

Ouch. I got my thigh injured on Sunday but I still can feel some soreness. Haiz. It is terribly sad that I can't perform as well as 5 years ago. Anyway, it's good that I can still run around on the field. And I also hope that it will be alright by Sunday. Ha-ha. Since exam is around the corner, I got to pay more attention on my studies rather than hanging on to the Internet for few hours a day.
Hmm. Back to the topic. SO what do I mean by 5C? I sure that woman would know this much better than man. Ha-ha. Though it's a bit out dated but it is still a common checklist for the woman to pick a guy. For them, these are actually the criteria to choose a man if you don't really know about this. If you don't have all of these, don't think that you can get them. SO, 5C for them actually stands for Credit card, Cash, Condominium, Car and Career. But is it true that having these 5C would be the entire requirement for a woman? For me, it is very true if 'she' is a materialistic kind of woman. But again as I have mentioned many times, does money can really make a person happy? Or do you take that money is just a criteria for a more secure life? * Doesn't apply only on girls..
Nowadays, every now and then, here and there, what so ever is all about money. I am sure that many girls on the street would prefer a guy with such a criteria but I don't think that majority would take them as the main criteria. Come on. What if the guy happens to bankrupt one day if you put '5C' as the main criteria? I am 100% sure that you will leave that guy straight away. But is life about searching and searching and searching for a better one? Life is not like a treasure hunt game. Face the reality! No one is perfect on earth, not even yourself is perfect! If you think you are perfect, face the mirror and ask yourself "Am I 100% perfect compared to others?"
I have seen so many couples together, so many couples break up, so many couples got married, and in the end, one thing which each of the partner is looking for is HAPPINESS! God loves you is not about the value that you have for His love; but it is the significant of His love to you. We don't value LOVE in term of cash because you will never be able to buy true love with money. Treasure each relationship, friends! No point of comparing with each other. Comparing doesn't bring any meaning to any relationship.

Btw, I have something interesting for everyone! That's my TARGET!!!

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 8 April 2010

YNWA Liverpool!

Wow, 2 miseries solved within 1 day! Uhh. That's why today's Mee Goreng with Mata Kerbau is so damn nice! I had a nice afternoon sleep but, but... But I still have to study later on. I have started my engine for finals and I am about to hit the second gear now. Ha-ha. Hey, u'mates! Don't get so stress up. I have to do this because I got to follow according to my scheduled timetable. Hmm.. Just can't wait to finish this semester and get into 4th year.
So back to the topic. I know when I start this topic, MUnited fans will sure have something to say. But sad to say that, MUnited is totally out from the European competition. No doubt that the Germans played a 'typical' German game but tactically, MUnited was no where near the Germans even if it was 11 against 11. Does it make a difference? MUnited was a faker who fakes about Rooney's injury, they were the faker who said that Gary will be fast enough to stop Ribery. But at the end, Rooney was in the first line whereas Gary was not in the line-up. Serve them right if they were 'ego' about the victory against Liverpool. Ha-ha.
YNWA! Liverpool is going to be the favourite to win today's clash against Benfica. Benfica was lucky to get the advantage from 2 penalties last week. It's not going to be the same for this today's match. Throughout this season, Liverpool never got lucky in every single match. Summer sales got Liverpool into big trouble in the mid-field, injuries hit the list of Liverpool's players, "beach ball" incident, poor refereeing for big matches, late goalssssssssss etc etc. Anyway, the season is going to end soon. Hopefully, Liverpool is going to have a better luck next season and they are able to bring in some big stars after the world cup. Here, I have some Liverpool's new home-kits. It looks quite weird because it's no longer sponsored by Carlsberg, but it looks quite 'ok' overall.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Monday, 5 April 2010

Is Male Better?

Few weeks ago, I read on an article about "Are girls smarter than boys?" on NST. And what came into my mind was about what my secondary teacher taught me many many years ago. She actually said that girls are always smarter than boys. I believed that, that was the fact because girls have more well-developed brain as they tend to stay in the mother's womb for 2 weeks more than boys. So maybe they tend to have extra brain cells, more advanced one for better memory or maybe better body system coordination. *that's why guys rarely learn from mistakes!
But in reality, the society doesn't think in the same way like how we think from a scientific aspect. As many many centuries went by, we can observe the trend that all the top scholars, world-leaders etc are all males. But why is it so? Don't ask me, I don't know the answer and I don't even have any clue on this matter. And even when we compare the strength of a male and a female, it's the female who is the stronger gender. It's because of the male hormones that play apart in your body system, that is why male is stronger than female.
Sometimes it's really sad that why parents always give priority for sons rather than daughters. Since many years ago, many couples tend to abort or give away lives of their daughter rather than son especially in those "over-loaded" (packed population) countries. They will always think that males are always the best because they can do this, do that and what so ever. But they will never think that what is going to happen in 100 years time. So maybe there is only 1 simple question can change there mind-set "Can a male give birth?". And maybe in the religious point of view, "Do you think that you have the rights to take away one's life?"
Anyway, it's not up to me to decide who do you want to give birth to or to make you to change your mind. So, for more opinions on this matter, you may check it out by clicking the following:

Maybe you can given your opinion on this matter as well.

Have a nice day^^

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