Tuesday, 28 December 2010

It Was A Fruitful Year.. (Part 1)

I didn't realise that 2010 is coming to an end. Phew. Not until I spent time to write my diary. Anyway, I need to start back on the track for my blog. Damn. The year is going to end soon and New Year is just around the corner.

This year, many things happened unexpectedly. The unexpected ones did happened but the expected ones did not happen at all, not even a glimpse of it happening. I am glad that many of my friends are getting more mature and getting into relationships but not at a state where everyone is getting married. Ok, I admit that many people are piling up stress onto me because they are curious why I am not part of them yet. Please, don't get me wrong on this issue. It is not about any past issues or some sort of things happen to me. It is just that I want to be a free person for the meantime!

Normally I don't fell sad when it comes to the end of the year because this is always the best part of the year. I get to meet a lot of my friends, having Christmas gatherings and surprisingly, I got a few Christmas gifts as well. But I have mixed feelings for this Christmas because I am wondering will I be celebrating Christmas again with everyone in KL next year. I have no idea at all! The saddest part is that I went to church in the same car with my family but I have no idea why I don't have the guts to sit with them in the church. I have been the "out-standing" one for more than 13 years. Hopefully I can still find a chance to sit with them....

A fruitful year, nothing to do with any fengshui master or wicked spells. To me, fruitful means I have learnt a lot this year. Maybe it is because I'm exposed to many different surroundings this year. I had my first experience in the hospital setting, going for carols for different houses, going for camp which I have no close friends at all on the first day and I am more into musics nowadays. But if you ask me what experience is it all about, I really have no idea how should I answer. Anyway, this is the type of experience which gives me the drive to get out from KL. I hope that I can become a better person someday. One thing in my mind, I am not afraid for being away from home but I will definitely miss home if I am away.

"I appreciate my life a lot. No matter how bad it started, I know that I have a role to make my life better." How about you?
To be continued...

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