Wednesday, 1 December 2010

25 Hours A Day

I was lazy to go on to the internet because I was just simply too lazy to go and on the modem. Phew. I got my ankle injured during the weekend game, so I got to stay at home and go no where. Anyway, it is holiday. So, it is all about eat, sleep, playing computer and guitar only.

When I was tidying some of the drawers in the noon, I found a stack of cards. They were actually my wishing cards, birthday cards etc for the past few years. I even found some of the written letters which I used to communicate with 2 of my primary schoolmates. I never thought that it can trigger my emotion while I was looking thro' again every cards. When I think back, they gave me many wonderful memories which were priceless and I know that there will be no other day like the day we had together.

Absolutely all of my friends had put in a lot of efforts and written great wishes for me. But there is 1 thing that I definitely couldn't accomplish and didn't even think of accomplishing it in near future. It was quite a sad thing so I have to leave it as a secret. Ha-ha. And again, while I was looking thro' emotions came into place because I was wondering will there be such a card next year. Mainly it is because another group of friends is leaving soon as everyone is graduating in half a year time. I always tell myself, " Friends are pass-byers in life". They are only there for you in some part of your life. Once their assigned "mission" is done, it is going to be hard to see them again.
So, so and so again, guys and girls out there! Remember to treasure every friend around you. No matter they are the good apple or the bad one; it is your destiny to meet them in life. Every moment being together is priceless. Enjoy friendship!

Have a nice day....

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