Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Uncle Garry Recipe @ Dah Yeh Villa, KK

Who says that there is no Nasi Kerabu in Kota Kinabalu! =) If you are looking for one of the good Nasi Kerabu in Kota Kinabalu, you can get it at Uncle Garry Recipe. It's actually a home based restaurant within Dah Yeh Villa (google the place if you don't know the exact location). As far as I know, they do serve Nasi Kerabu for most of the days and Nasi Khao Jam for some of the days in a week. The serving is just nice for one person, so never order to share. =) One thing very special about this place is that they have a very nice garden for you to take pictures with a lot of blue flower (Bunga Telang) while waiting for your food and each of the dish that they served is blue in colour including the water! You can also order their dessert of the day e.g. Bo Bo Cha Cha with some Nyonya kuih if you want! 

Water dyed with the colour of the flower.. 

Nasi Kerabu (RM 15).. The rice is served with huge piece of chicken and many side dishes.. The chicken is just nice as it is not too dry! If you have no idea on which to start first, you just mix all together and start everything together! =)

Bo Bo Cha Cha and Nyonya kuih (RM 5).. Taste for the Bo Bo Cha Cha was great as it was not too sweet and it has a lot of sweet potato inside! A really great combo with the kuih..

Total cost was RM 35 for 2 person. Taste was good for me but it's just that it's a bit expensive. And one thing, make sure that you call and make reservation if you are coming in a big group!

Enjoy and have a nice day. =)

Saturday, 28 May 2016

Omma's Oven @ Lintas Plaza, KK

When you talk about Omma's Oven, it sounds like a bakery to me in the first place. But they do serve you more than that. They have varieties of breakfast set and drinks which you can enjoy at the shop. Average price for a cup of coffee is about RM 7 to RM 8 whereas breakfast is about RM 10. Even if you order their breakfast set, it costs you about RM 11 to RM 13 only which depends on what type meat that you choose. It comes with chicken ham or salmon, with salad, toast bread, scrambled egg and baked tomato with cheese. Besides, you can also order their freshly baked pastries e.g. bread etc to enjoy with your cup of coffee. Be ready to wait for tables if they are crowded as they have very limited space within the shop (they have tables outside as well but with no air-cond). 

 Coffee Latte... Though not the best in town, but taste wise is still good!

Big breakfast set and Scones freshly baked from the oven.. I like the baked tomato with cheese and the scones (served with the super good jam) so much!!! =)

So total price for the breakfast was RM 35.50 for 2 person. As for the location, they are located very strategically within Lintas Plaza. They are located at the same row of shops with "Jia Xiang" Pork Noodle and Moo Cow. To be exact, they are at the old shop of Party Play Lintas. 

Enjoy and have a nice weekend! =)

Saturday, 21 May 2016

Gardens By The Bay @ Singapore (Part 2)

All pictures in Part 2 are taken in Flower Dome which has many types of plants and trees from various part of the world and the main attraction at that time is tulips! Besides, it also has a cafe within for you to rest if you are tired of walking. =)

Entrance to Flower Dome

Huge indoor glass greenhouse which has a temperature of less than 25 degree Celsius..

Bed of tulips at the entrance.. This is not impressive yet!

Many huge plants as well as many people!

One of the interesting looking flower besides tulips..

Almost 4 hours spent with the flowers.. Time passes so fast! It was really a good place to spend at besides famous shopping malls for their aircond.

Tulipmania @ Flowe Dome from 8 Apr till 22 May..

It seems that they would have a special featuring plant for every season. So I am wondering what would be the next plant!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend. =)

Saturday, 14 May 2016

Gardens By The Bay @ Singapore (Part 1)

Though Singapore is one of the nearest country to Malaysia, but I have yet to visit there. Probably it's because of the expensive currency exchange rate. Anyway, I have a half paid 3D2N trip to Singapore early this month. All thanks to my sister and soon to be brother in-law for sponsoring everything except for the flight tickets. =) Due to limited time being there, we didn't manage to go to a lot of places. But one of the main place that we went was this Gardens By The Bay. And just coincidentally, there are having this Tulipmania from 8 April till 22 May 2016. So there are a lots of different species of tulip there and definitely you can expect the crowd is huge too! 

All pictures in Part 1 are taken in the Cloud Forest which has the tall waterfall and surrounded many species of different plants!

Price for adult for 2 domes is SGD 20. They have different types of pricing for locals.

Entrance ticket for 2 domes 

"People mountain people sea" 

Cloud Forest (Part 1) 

Wonderful man-made waterfall surrounded by the greens! If you get closer to them, you will see many different kinds of flowers...

Pitcher plant which is very common in Sabah. Look back at some of my pictures taken during the Trusmadi Hike! =) 

Start the whole journey by taking the lift to the highest level and walk all the way down.. 

Closer look nearer to the waterfall, there are many colourful flowers! 

To be continued...

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