Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Take For Granted..

Sometimes, we just cannot be too kind to those people around us. Humans tend to live naively when they find comfort in you.. Sad to say that, this is actually happening to me. One followed by another! I seriously thinking that I should stand up and voice out. Perhaps not this week because it's Holy Week. Or maybe the "kind" devil is wanting to play some tricks in me! lolzz..

Have a nice day!

Sunday, 3 March 2013

Once In Kudat (back dated 24-26 Jan 2013)

This was my forth time bringing my friends around in Sabah. Luckily my friend, Ms Wong came at the right time! Gosh, I am wondering what is going to happen to Sabah for the coming few days. Pray for peace and credits to the two commandos!

Kudat is a small town which is about 200 km from KK, almost about 3-4 hours drive. There are a few interesting places to visit other than having cheap seafood. Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo) is definitely a MUST in your checklist! Other than that, it still have the Gong Factory, Rungus Longhouse and the Bee Farm! So, let the pictures do the talking now!

Chased for sunset and we made it! It is definitely the group picture comes first!! =) 
At Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo)

Where the South China Sea and Sulu Sea meet.... At Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo)

Welcome for the Moon.. At Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo) 

And Good-bye for the Sun.. At Simpang Mengayau (Tip of Borneo) 

Dinner at Kudat 

Fried squid at Kudat 

Steamed fish at Kudat  

 Butter prawns at Kudat 

We had dinner at one of the famous places at Kudat. The above 3 dishes with another 3 costed 6 of us a total of RM 90! Wow, can you imagine how cheap is that! No joke, every different dishes (Squid, fish, prawn, chicken, vegetable and seafood beancurd) is served on the table which costed RM 15 per person! There's not much night activities in Kudat, so we headed back to the hotel and rested early to recharge for the next day! We stayed at Kudat Golf and Marina Resort. Looks like a 3-4 stars resort to me and remember to bring your name tag along if you are a government servant because you will have a superb good rate for the rooms! =)

The next day....

Breakfast at Kudat  

"Roti kahwin" at Kudat 

 Mee rojak at Kudat 

Group picture with Prathaban before the food was served at Kudat 

Nasi ayam (Chicken rice) at Kudat  

 A visit the the district hospital before leaving Kudat town!

First place to visit on Day 2: Rungus Longhouse

And they chose to jump in the middle of the road...

 Second place to visit on Day 2: Gong Factory

The huge gigantic gong!

 Third place to visit on Day 2: Bee Farm

Phew.. It was a super tiring road trip in these 2 days but it was all very worthy! I have no complaints at all because what's more important was the time of all of us spent together! Credits to my beloved car too! =)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend!!

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