Sunday, 18 November 2012

I Can't Wait to Go Back!

I have one weekend off this week but I did nothing except playing computer games! 

Sluggish. No mood to continue for the meanwhile because I will be going back for a holiday this coming Friday! Hopefully Monday comes fast, Tuesday passes fast till it comes to Wednesday! Thursday is going to be the eve and Friday will be the happiest day! First thing that I want when I reach KL is the Hokkien Mee! Slurppppp...

Enjoy and have a nice Monday blue!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mount Kinabalu Trip (28-30th Oct 2012)

After 3 months of plannings and training, the day to climb the tallest mountain in South-East Asia has finally came. We started off from the Mesilau trail because we thought of having better scenery and lesser stair-case but this route was 2 km more as compared to the Timphon trail. We started our 8 km journey to Laban Rata rest house at 9 something in the morning and we reached there about 3-4 pm. Fortunately, the weather was good enough for us because there wasn't any rain.

Group picture before we start our journey 

Everyone was so excited at the beginning of the trail 

1 km plus, reached a helicopter pad... 

Last 2 km to reach Laban Rata rest house, no stair case, just rocky walls to climb 

Porters who carry stuff up and down all the time 

Reaching soon, 3 pm (After almost 6 hours walk) 

Wonderful lines to read when we reached Laban Rata 

After reaching Laban Rata, this was where we spent a night before continuing our journey to the summit the next morning. The place was almost 4 km above sea level and we were actually standing above the clouds, beyond the sky! After having dinner and clean up at the rest house, it was time to go to bed at 6-7 pm, latest by 9 pm. Set our alarms at 2 am to wake us up!

Tick-tock, tick-tock... 2 am. We have to wake up and continued our journey to the summit. Journey was about 2.7 km and estimated time to reach was 3 hours (target to reach before sun rise)!

8 km! Almost reaching... 

And here we were at 5 something am! 

Low's peak 4095.2 M above sea level 

The view from the summit was fascinating! Wonderful!!! Worth to take up the challenge and reached the summit.. 

One picture while we were going down! 

After reaching back to the rest house about 9 am, it was pack up and breakfast time. Spent our time wisely at the last few moments before taking another 6 km journey back to the starting point...

Coming down was much faster! 3-4 hours for 6 km via Timpohon trail 

Just before we split up and get back to where we came from, we took a photo with our certs. And I guess, we were just in time for the best costume for Halloween (the tired faces)! Lolzz..

Enjoy and have a nice day! No a blue Monday...

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