Saturday, 23 February 2013

King Hu Restaurant, Tanjung Aru

This was quite sometime ago but it was definitely not more than one month!

When everyone in the town talks about 北京烤鸭 (Beijing Roast Duck), it is definitely at King Hu Restaurant! It is an air-conditioned restaurant which is located at Tanjung Aru (less than 5 minutes drive from LCCT). Service was so-so only but the food was too good already. At least the taste of the food was still maintain even when the crowd was too huge! So, it is better to be there early for an early dinner... So, let the pictures complete this blog!

The main dish,  北京烤鸭 (Beijing Roast Duck). You can have the thin steamed skin to wrap with the duck meat, it tasted perfectly with some of the sweet sauce...

Duck soup, this is where the remaining of the duck e.g. bone is! 

锅贴 (Wo Tiet). Signature dish in KK but there are some better ones  in town!

馒头 (Man Tou) Chinese fried steamed bun.

Toufu and one meat!

 Overall, not too expensive per person! The dishes worth the money that you paid for!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend... =)

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Last Day for CNY 2013 Holiday

It is time to announce that my CNY holiday is officially ending in 3 hours time! I am not really sad because I am leaving with no regrets at all as I have met up most of the people whom I really wanted to meet this time. It was not like last year which I have to leave for KK on the second day of CNY. What's more do I want to complain for this year! It is already the tenth day of CNY today!!! All of my friends are back to work and I am the only one left sitting at home and do nothing. Ha-ha...

Ok, here goes my final checklist: 
Luggage - Packed
Backpack - Packed
Cooler bag - Not packed yet

I guess I should wrap up this blog with some pictures. But sad to say that I have foods only.. =p

 Wonderful night scene of Petronas Twin Towers with a pint of beer at La-bamba, Megan Avenue

German food at Bavarian Beergarden, Old Klang Road! Clockwise: Pork-ribs, Pork knuckle, German sausage, German noodle carbonara and Pizza. Overall: Delicious but some of the portion were slightly a bit small for the price that you paid for!

Hakka dishes at Hakka Yuan Restaurant, Yulek! Clockwise: "Poon Choi", Salted egg bitter gourd, "Sun Pun Zi" and Stemed squid with plum sauce. Overall: The price is worth for the authentic Hakka dishes! You should really give a try!

Last but not least, at least I have tried McCafe (at Taman Connaught) in KL before I leave! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Friday, 15 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

Chinese New Year is not just a day to mark the starting of the Lunar Calender again, but it's also a day for gatherings and joyous moments to share among each other! For the past 24 years, I have been living with those kind of naive type of mentality. For the past, I just know that Chinese New Year was to collect lots and lots of Ang Pau (red packet), the money that I collected at the end of the day was the one which fulfilled my satisfaction! But since last year, with such a short trip for my Chinese New Year 2012, I finally realise the real meaning of Chinese New Year.

On the first day of CNY this year, I have one of my aunty gave me an Ang Pau, telling me that "Ah boy, I hope that you don't mind, there is not much inside this red packet..." And I sincerely replied her that "It's not the matter of how much it is inside this red packet, but it's all about the sincerity of the person who gave it..." I really couldn't imagine how could these words came out from me at that moment. I can't really believe myself until now... 

Looks like my CNY 2013 going to end soon, time to go back to reality in 5 days time. I'm counting the days! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day. Happy Chinese New Year!!!

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