Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Last Day for CNY 2013 Holiday

It is time to announce that my CNY holiday is officially ending in 3 hours time! I am not really sad because I am leaving with no regrets at all as I have met up most of the people whom I really wanted to meet this time. It was not like last year which I have to leave for KK on the second day of CNY. What's more do I want to complain for this year! It is already the tenth day of CNY today!!! All of my friends are back to work and I am the only one left sitting at home and do nothing. Ha-ha...

Ok, here goes my final checklist: 
Luggage - Packed
Backpack - Packed
Cooler bag - Not packed yet

I guess I should wrap up this blog with some pictures. But sad to say that I have foods only.. =p

 Wonderful night scene of Petronas Twin Towers with a pint of beer at La-bamba, Megan Avenue

German food at Bavarian Beergarden, Old Klang Road! Clockwise: Pork-ribs, Pork knuckle, German sausage, German noodle carbonara and Pizza. Overall: Delicious but some of the portion were slightly a bit small for the price that you paid for!

Hakka dishes at Hakka Yuan Restaurant, Yulek! Clockwise: "Poon Choi", Salted egg bitter gourd, "Sun Pun Zi" and Stemed squid with plum sauce. Overall: The price is worth for the authentic Hakka dishes! You should really give a try!

Last but not least, at least I have tried McCafe (at Taman Connaught) in KL before I leave! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...


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