Monday, 17 December 2012

Life is Full of Denials and Lies

As some people say, "Telling the truth might hurt you more!" But I totally disagree with that because I just feel that "Telling me a lie will hurt me more than that!" To really find a good friend is not easy nowadays because so-called friends tend to take advantage of you when you are too honest to them. The world is getting too realistic and everyone tends to be selfish for their own benefits and neglects others around them. How many of them would really sincere when they talk about friendship with you! 

Just a story from me. Quite some time ago, I really thought that 2 of my buddies can really be good friends of mine regardless what will happen to us in the future. We used to crapped a lot with each other when ever we meet up or even through messages when we don't meet. But just before we were separated apart, a chain of lies were splashed onto me. And disappointment filled within me and emotionally upset. I kept on wondering why do they want to lie to me! And so, I prefer to keep my mouth shut to them now and try to assume things were the same as before, but it's not going to be forever. What I learnt from here is that, I shouldn't put the threshold of being a good friend so low or else I will be getting more disappointment.

For those who have these kind of friends around you, be more aware of being friends with them and try to be more independent. They might be the last person that you want to find in the contact list when you need help. 

Enjoy and have a nice day. Treasure every friendship!

Friday, 14 December 2012

What A Mood & What A Day

I wonder I should be happy or sad after knowing my placement?! To me, I always put companions ahead of challenges. If I have the chance to choose now, I would choose to stay in the same working place which I used to work with rather than changing to a whole new working environment. Anyway, I should be grateful that I am still working under the same hospital with the same management. Come on, life is never easy! Stressful life is awaiting for me. I still remember the quote that I have on my table, "Fight the war, Kill them all!" which always keep me fighting strong for every exams. I think it should carve this quote on my current working desk!

It's Friday today. Felt so irritated when everyone is working but I got to stay at home "to wait for work". And when other people finish work, that's when I got to start working! Anyway and anyway, Happy Friday and Padas White Water Rafting is waiting for me tomorrow!

Enjoy and have a nice weekend =)

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Month of Christmas Dec'2012

One week after I came back here after a week of holiday at KL, my mum actually thought that I have came back here for more than a week already (She was just looking forward for time only)! Sometimes the time passes very fast for me but it is not the same for my mum. I guess it will be a very hard time for her to wait for another two months for me to go back again for Chinese New Year! 

December is the most fun month of the year because there are a number of holidays which fall into this month and we are getting our bonus too. But sad to say, I got to work on Christmas Day. Ish... Anyway, just bear with it for the next few weeks and here comes the New Year and it's January! Come on! Praying hard that each day comes faster!!! Looks like I am the one who is counting the days!

And one more thing, I have to wish all my friends who go their posting! Although many of them didn't get what they want, but I just want to wish them best of luck in their future new working place!

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Sunday, 18 November 2012

I Can't Wait to Go Back!

I have one weekend off this week but I did nothing except playing computer games! 

Sluggish. No mood to continue for the meanwhile because I will be going back for a holiday this coming Friday! Hopefully Monday comes fast, Tuesday passes fast till it comes to Wednesday! Thursday is going to be the eve and Friday will be the happiest day! First thing that I want when I reach KL is the Hokkien Mee! Slurppppp...

Enjoy and have a nice Monday blue!

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Mount Kinabalu Trip (28-30th Oct 2012)

After 3 months of plannings and training, the day to climb the tallest mountain in South-East Asia has finally came. We started off from the Mesilau trail because we thought of having better scenery and lesser stair-case but this route was 2 km more as compared to the Timphon trail. We started our 8 km journey to Laban Rata rest house at 9 something in the morning and we reached there about 3-4 pm. Fortunately, the weather was good enough for us because there wasn't any rain.

Group picture before we start our journey 

Everyone was so excited at the beginning of the trail 

1 km plus, reached a helicopter pad... 

Last 2 km to reach Laban Rata rest house, no stair case, just rocky walls to climb 

Porters who carry stuff up and down all the time 

Reaching soon, 3 pm (After almost 6 hours walk) 

Wonderful lines to read when we reached Laban Rata 

After reaching Laban Rata, this was where we spent a night before continuing our journey to the summit the next morning. The place was almost 4 km above sea level and we were actually standing above the clouds, beyond the sky! After having dinner and clean up at the rest house, it was time to go to bed at 6-7 pm, latest by 9 pm. Set our alarms at 2 am to wake us up!

Tick-tock, tick-tock... 2 am. We have to wake up and continued our journey to the summit. Journey was about 2.7 km and estimated time to reach was 3 hours (target to reach before sun rise)!

8 km! Almost reaching... 

And here we were at 5 something am! 

Low's peak 4095.2 M above sea level 

The view from the summit was fascinating! Wonderful!!! Worth to take up the challenge and reached the summit.. 

One picture while we were going down! 

After reaching back to the rest house about 9 am, it was pack up and breakfast time. Spent our time wisely at the last few moments before taking another 6 km journey back to the starting point...

Coming down was much faster! 3-4 hours for 6 km via Timpohon trail 

Just before we split up and get back to where we came from, we took a photo with our certs. And I guess, we were just in time for the best costume for Halloween (the tired faces)! Lolzz..

Enjoy and have a nice day! No a blue Monday...

Friday, 26 October 2012

Another Bangkok Trip (back date on 20-24 Sept 2012)

After planning the trip (family trip) for almost a year, it was time to catch the flight to Bangkok again! But it was a whole new experience this time. I got to many places which I haven't been in the previous trip and hopefully I have covered most of the tourism spots in Bangkok this time! It was a simple planning trip which we organised everything ourselves.

Once we arrived there on the first day, we went straight to their Safari World which I have no idea where it was located but luckily we had a very good driver which took us straight to our destination. It was a very good safari! It has 2 parts and one of it was a very big area where you have animals were free to run about. So beware of the tigers and lions!!

My sisters and mum at Safari World

 The out-door part, beware of dangerous animals. 
** Make sure that you have a driver to bring you around

The walk-about part 

The parrots 

After spending half a day at the safari, it was already evening. So we checked in into the hotel and spent the night at China town! When you talk about China town in Bangkok, you definitely can't run away from this stall "T&K"! Tremendously good and cheap seafood! The service was very fast as well! So no worries if you have another plan late at night!

As for the second day, we have traveled far away from the city to the Maeklong railway market and the famous floating market! It was my first time being at the railway market and so do the crowd! Everyone was so excited especially when we saw those people pulling their tent off the railway track and the train passed by! After that, we traveled for another 15km for the floating market after that. Phew. I was so relieved because my mum dare to go on the small mini boat!

 My mum was bargaining at the railway market

Floating market 

Lunch on the way back to Bangkok 

After getting back to Bangkok, we went around the temples and the grand palace until late evening and the day ended just like that. Didn't upload all the pictures taken because I have uploaded some in my previous trip! The plan for the third day was travelling to Ayutthaya and Bang-Pa-In. It was a very good historical place to visit and every site actually self-explanatory because by seeing each of the site, we can know what had happened to that place. Not only they have temples over there, the King's summer palace is at Bang-Pa-In.

Oops.. Dropped by at the Ayutthaya floating market for lunch! 

Forth day was all about shopping! As usual, I have to spare out some time for the ladies to shop especially when you were travelling to Bangkok. We have spent most of the time at Chatuchak area whereby my sisters and mum "shopped till they drop"! =)

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Tuesday, 9 October 2012

New Record!

Gosh, back to work after a tedious induction course, the feeling was like "shit". With no parking space in the morning, busted up a TPN bag and what else more to "entertain" my life! Damn is what I want to say now. And I am still pending to blog about my latest trip to Bangkok again! Haiz.. Cool Cool! Better get on the bed now and have a good rest!

Enjoy and have a nice day. Sweet dreamZzz..

Monday, 24 September 2012

It All Ended Here, Back to Square One!

When it comes to holiday, time passes in the matter of seconds. But when it comes to work, time drags like as though it's going to be years. The feeling of coming back (leaving home to a land far away) to work is sucks but the day couldn't be better when unnecessary circumstances take place. Phew. When I took my time to unpack my bag-pack, I realise that this is going to end my day with a smile! Sweet dreams*** =)

Enjoy and have a nice working day tomorrow!

Monday, 3 September 2012

Time To Grow Up

Sometimes I just feel that kid's in today's world are just too naive. Though they have grown up physically but they have not grown up mentally. It is really sad to make such a claim but this is so true.

Just take back 30 or 40 years ago, I am really impressed with the ways of parents bringing up 8 to 10 kids in a family since their early 20's. But for kids at this ages, I don't really believe that they can bring up even a kid with ease or even take care of themselves. I am sure that someone would be offended after reading this, but just to make yourself to think more or whether what I said is right or wrong, think whether your existence can really contribute "beneficially" to the people around you and the society. And secondly, just think whether you are financially stable or not (as in not too stingy and with a happy, enjoyable life). 

Sometimes words can be so sensitive to some kind of people and for me, "calculative" is the main character. Phew. I really agree that "money is the root of all evil" (rather than alcohol). I used to think about this for 3 days 2 nights if someone said to me like this and I think I am going to have a hard time to sleep for these few days. Never mind, it's ok! Life still goes on...... Oppa Gungnum Style

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan Trip (19-20 August 2012) - Part 3

 Yea, what a wonderful morning to spend at the cathedral. With the nice readings, hymns, the people, the surrounding and so and so! But.... At least I feel much better after coming back from the church.

Time to continue the last part. So basically the last part is more about the trip to Tambunan and the way back to Kota Kinabalu. Oya, saw the following two pictures? They are actually fresh and smoked wild boar meat selling at the roadside of Keningau-Tambunan road. If you stand nearer and look at it, you can still see blood dripping from the fresh meat. Haha. So my friends just dropped by and bought 2kg back, then we continue our journey to Tambunan town.

Salai = smoked; Basah = fresh 

The driving to Tambunan took us about 1 hour and we were too hungry, so we had our lunch at Tambunan. But the problem was we can barely see any shops open except this Tambunan Restaurant.

Tambunan town 

Brinjal curry with meat rice, RM 7.00. Not too bad but they just need to update the price in the menu only...

Without any further delay, we proceeded to Mahua Waterfall which is almost 45 minutes driving journey. The distance was about 12-15km from Tambunan town. Driving to this destination was not that difficult because the signboards are really useful to show you the way.

 The pond to welcome you

Read the rules before you start trekking into the jungle for the waterfall 

"See me" is one of the marking along the trail! 

 Here you go! The waterfall with freaking cold water!!! =)

Just a group picture before we leave.. "Welcome to Mahua Waterfall"!! 

After leaving that place, we wanted to see Rafflesia at the Rafflesia Information Center while on the way back to Penampang road. But the center was not open, maybe it was because there wasn't any Rafflesia at the moment, so continued our journey to Kipandi Butterfly Park. It was not just a normal butterfly part, but you can also get various kinds of plants over there.

Welcome to Kipandi Butterfly Farm 

 Where you can get your souvenirs and even an umbrella for the whole journey.

Butterfly Garden 

Insect Museum 

Shhh.. They are actually mating 

Lava to breed new buterfly 

Periuk Kera.. Pitcher plant in English.. Something very unique in Malaysia

So that's the end of my journey to Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan. Overall, it was really a new experience for us as we really have no chance to have this kind of experience if we sit in the city forever. Just bear in mind that learning other's culture is also important to make you a better person.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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