Sunday, 26 August 2012

Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan Trip (19-20 August 2012) - Part 3

 Yea, what a wonderful morning to spend at the cathedral. With the nice readings, hymns, the people, the surrounding and so and so! But.... At least I feel much better after coming back from the church.

Time to continue the last part. So basically the last part is more about the trip to Tambunan and the way back to Kota Kinabalu. Oya, saw the following two pictures? They are actually fresh and smoked wild boar meat selling at the roadside of Keningau-Tambunan road. If you stand nearer and look at it, you can still see blood dripping from the fresh meat. Haha. So my friends just dropped by and bought 2kg back, then we continue our journey to Tambunan town.

Salai = smoked; Basah = fresh 

The driving to Tambunan took us about 1 hour and we were too hungry, so we had our lunch at Tambunan. But the problem was we can barely see any shops open except this Tambunan Restaurant.

Tambunan town 

Brinjal curry with meat rice, RM 7.00. Not too bad but they just need to update the price in the menu only...

Without any further delay, we proceeded to Mahua Waterfall which is almost 45 minutes driving journey. The distance was about 12-15km from Tambunan town. Driving to this destination was not that difficult because the signboards are really useful to show you the way.

 The pond to welcome you

Read the rules before you start trekking into the jungle for the waterfall 

"See me" is one of the marking along the trail! 

 Here you go! The waterfall with freaking cold water!!! =)

Just a group picture before we leave.. "Welcome to Mahua Waterfall"!! 

After leaving that place, we wanted to see Rafflesia at the Rafflesia Information Center while on the way back to Penampang road. But the center was not open, maybe it was because there wasn't any Rafflesia at the moment, so continued our journey to Kipandi Butterfly Park. It was not just a normal butterfly part, but you can also get various kinds of plants over there.

Welcome to Kipandi Butterfly Farm 

 Where you can get your souvenirs and even an umbrella for the whole journey.

Butterfly Garden 

Insect Museum 

Shhh.. They are actually mating 

Lava to breed new buterfly 

Periuk Kera.. Pitcher plant in English.. Something very unique in Malaysia

So that's the end of my journey to Tenom-Keningau-Tambunan. Overall, it was really a new experience for us as we really have no chance to have this kind of experience if we sit in the city forever. Just bear in mind that learning other's culture is also important to make you a better person.

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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