Wednesday, 15 August 2012

It's Going To Be A Long Holiday

Yo, Hari Raya is just about a week away! But to me, it's just another long holiday to spend or to rest. But fortunately, I am going to spend this holiday for something kinda interesting. Hopefully..

To initiate a plan is never easy but to manage a plan is even hard! Travel destinations from Sandakan changed to Kudat due to cost, and from Kudat now changed to Tambunan-Keningau-Tenom due to lack of kaki's to Kudat. Hopefully there is no change of plan at this time. =)

And by the way, I have even booked my trip to Mt Kinabalu in October! Argh.. So many undone things to be done now and plans are popping up like no body's business! Really really really hope that I can push myself to the maximum limit now and achieve what I want in the future. But one thing I roughly know is that I can hardly get back the hospital I want! Fingers crossed**

Enjoy and sweet dreams....

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