Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Updates from Sabah

I am used to this place already! Hopefully I can still be retained at this very good place in months to come.. My life doesn't just stop where I was few months ago. With a better living condition, I got myself to cook my own food finally. So... Ha-ha. I also don't know what to say already. =p Just to introduce some of the interesting stuff from Sabah!

Pork rolls from Tenom, hardly you can find it from West Malaysia 

Breadfruit from Tenom too! Tasted something like a kind of potatoes. I guess that it should go with something else! Kaya maybe... 

Starfruit.. Ok, you can get this anywhere around Malaysia 

Meatballs from Tenom, tasted superbly good. Very juicy with the meat sauce.. 

And Home-cooked spaghetti.. By one of my friend 

Just not to forget about this free movie tickets, it just cleared my Saturday blue when I have to work for 15 hours at the pharmacy. Hope that I can have lots of this kind of patients in the future..

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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