Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Just Don't Learn Their Lessons

I just missed a show when I was back home just now. The house opposite of mine caught on fire! But luckily everything was fine and most importantly, the fire didn't claim any lives. It is "Merdeka" (Independance) day today. But surprisingly there was no fireworks at midnight. Ok, maybe the government and private sectors know that it is dangerous and costly.

But some people just don't learn their lessons. Now, children as young as 6 years old have the freedom to play home-made fire-crackers not just because of the festive session is just around the corner. Sometimes it's not to say that I am cruel, maybe they will learn when there is death or only the kids sustain seriuos injury. Just 2 days ago, a news has reported that a girl lost her eye-sight because of fire-crakers. What to do! I can't help her since her parents do not want to do anything about it!

Perhaps parents are now giving more freedom to children and assuming that they have the maturity to decide everything by themselves. But the maturity is in the aspect of physical but not about the mental status or emotional wise. Just an example, kids as young as 12-15 years old are getting pregnant but did they ever think of what is the consequences of having sex? I am sure that you will agree with me in this point. So, the blame is always with the parents! How you want you child to be in the future is in the parents' hands!
Enjoy and have a nice day! Merdeka!!

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Services Which You Wouldn't Hope For..

Everytime i will start with "I have my free time finally"! I was terribly busy with the school works for the past few weeks and soon, life will be busier! Hmm. I actually have a lot of things to blog, it is just that time is the factor which doesn't allow me to do so! I thought of blogging something about Hungry Ghost Festival, but I has now became the past. Move on and move on!

When we talk about services, there are many things to talk about. Even a university itself is also service provider! But for my own university, it is actually thinking of how to gain more money rather than fulfilling the needs of the students. Sometimes it is good to have renovation to upgrade the university but using 1 whole year to finish 1 minor project is totally ridiculous. I don't mind if the project is running some other places which are far away from the library and the classrooms. Cafeteria which used to cater the students is also unacceptable! What's the point of charging high price with low quality of food! Do they feel happy by earning this kind of income? Anyway, it's 9 more months to finish everything in that university!

I still remember once I called up for pizza delivery. It was quite disappointing. Though they have no longer using those "static" call operators but this operator who spoke to me was more rigid than those :static" call operators. I was wondering whether I was talking to a machine or what! Too bad that I can't give my feedback but at least the pizza delivery man was very friendly. I totally salute him when he started the first sentence for the conversation between us. Actually never in my mind that I think what my marketing lecturer told me yesterday was correct! She actually said that "Marketeers will not use price reduction as the main strategy to hit the market, instead they will prefer to provide good services to customers as to beat the competitors"!

Anyway, I wish that the service providers would ask for some feedbacks before concluding or finishing any services. No one is perfect in this world, there is always room for improvement for everyone!

Enjoy and have a nice day!

Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Damn it. It is going to be 2 weeks since I last updated my blog. Trust me, the days in the university will never make me miss it in the future. I swear it! So hard to find some free time to blog. Ok, just forget about it! Hmm. Let me think what to talk about this time.

Many people had talked topic about getting into relationship with me these few days, but these didn't stimulate any of my interest to blog something about it. I just want to say that I am glad for those who just got themselves into "commitments/ mutualism" and I just knew that one got into life long commitment. Don't worry, none of it is related to me. I am not interested in what-so-ever relationship for the meantime!

Frankly speaking, driving at night especially in a rainy day is one of my greatest fear. Moreover, it is now the 7th month in lunar calendar. (Just for you knowledge, 7th month in lunar calendar is where you have your hungry ghost festival) But why do I need to be afraid of it?! Sometimes it is really hard to explain "spirits" in the scientific point of view. I still remembered my uncle said, he actually captured a few photos having "something" during my grandma's funeral. It seems that it was my grandma at that time. Phew. I was so afraid that I couldn't sleep for 3 nights after the funeral because of this. I scared that my grandma will come to my house because she used to stay at my house during the weekends when she was still alive. Anyway, luckily nothing happened after that.

And even in the jungles, many people used to say there are a lot "jungle rules" and you must obey them. That's why people always say don't call your friend's name in the jungle, or even playing hide-and-seek at night because "they" tend to become part of you and you will not realise it. Trees, not all trees are safe too! Your belongings, what I meant is that tissues containing blood stains, don't ever leave them behind in the jungle. This is because "they" then to track you if "they" got it. You can't see them, but they can see you unless you have the 6th sense. I cannot say that it is really interesting to know more thing about "them" because it is not safe to get yourself into this kind of trouble! I am afraid, so how about you?

(For stumulation purposes!)

Enjoy and have a nice weekend.

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