Monday, 28 September 2009

Don't Miss This Out!!

Hye, guys. I am not sure whether the New Zealand Natural ad. caught the eyes of ice-cream lover or not. But never mind, you won't miss out over here! Maybe some of you have knew it.

Are you craving for great-tasting, truly satisfying ice cream?It's the right time for New Zealand Natural!
With a whole 30% off Take Home Packs on the 30th of every month, it's the perfect opportunity to catch up with the flavours you know and love so well. Or try something new for the very thrilling first time.Make it an all-natural family day out, a well-deserved treat after a long day at work or just an impulse buy to put a smile on your face. Whatever your reasons, New Zealand Natural has a flavour with your name on it. Go get a regular or large Take Home Pack today and enjoy even more of our naturally-sweetened premium ice cream from 'The Land of The Long White Cloud'.That's 'New Zealand' translated from the indigenous Maori language. See? Who says ice cream doesn't make you smart?Drop by soon to experience the taste of New Zealand for yourself.The only thing we ask is for you to not show up in February with this promo in mind.

* 30% on the 30th promotion is applicable to ice cream Take Home Packs, regular and large only.

Wow, Baskin Robbins is giving 31% off on every 31st of the month which normally comes in once in every 2months but New Zealand Natural is giving 30% off on every 30th of the month. Most of the months have 30days except February. Come on, their ice-cream is not cheap either! So what are you waiting for! Pay the price for good quality ice-creams, you will never regret. Don't tell me you want to wait for Haagen Dazs promotion! Haha.. Pray hard that they will give 29% off on every 29th of the month.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

A Day to be Sarcastis..

Sickening.. It is so sickening when there is injuries added on an injured person.
My right big toe has injured 2 weeks ago and actually you can see that it is dark red in colour. The colour is mainly because of the dry blood under my toe nail, sad that I can't remove it. But unfortunately, the blood seems to be fresh again after the game yesterday. Then my friend told me, "It is time for you to remove you toe nail." Oh, gosh! It is removing off the whole nail. I can't really imagine how is it going to be but this is not my next step absolutely. I know that it will take ages to reform back the whole toe nail. What I can do now is to take precautions. I will try to press as many times as possible at that area in a day to check whether I still have any sensation or not. Haha. I just scare that it will lead to gangrene and there goes my leg. "COME ON, BE OPTIMISTIC!"
There is really joy today whereby I get to see back my friends and so on and so on. But the greatest thing for today is passing up the deathliest marketing plan. Huu.. Let me take a deep deep breath before I conclude this issue. Most of my classmates were struggling to give their best shot while doing their marketing plans but none of them seem to impress the lecturer. As I have said before, perhaps the lecturer's expectation is a bit too high. Anyway, we will know the progress of this subject by this Saturday.
After the 9.9.09 so-called lucky day (but we still don't know how lucky is it going to be, at least be a bit optimistic with it), we are now waiting for the coming of final exam. Haha.. But before that, there is still a mooncake festival. I am not so sure when is it but I just know it is just around the corner. It is really hard to know when is the actual day nowadays because those mooncake makers are start selling mooncakes on the street now. Some even more terrible, some have started since the hungry ghost festival which is actually one whole month (based on the Chinese calendar) before the mooncake festival. Oh dear. Now only I can relate how come their mooncakes can be sell out very well. Hee. Have you heard before what is 'Hantu Pelaris'? Hee. Sound impressive? It's now up to your own imagination...
When I want to get myself moving on,
I wanted God to kick my butt so that I can start moving on.
But when God kicked my butt, I tend to fall flat on the ground.
"Why?" I complained. I complained that God kicked my butt too hard
but God says "Learn from mistakes!"
So the lesson here is calling God for help is not a solution for you to move on.
It is about learning from a LAZY mistake.
You should be happy that you have a good life.
Have a nice day and live life happy. Cheers^^

Friday, 25 September 2009

Fainted, Fainting and Going to Faint AGAIN..

"MARI, MARI, HOM! Can I pass my marketing subject?" (Not Mangkali loves you!)
Wow, marketing subject is a very very dry subject. I don't even know and what is it for! Come on, I think it is a bit too early to talk about business matter to me and moreover, it is a deep deep one. Place studies in the first place but money in the second place. Our lecturer is too "advanced" but I am the stupid nut which is left far behind her. I am not sure whether it is her expectation is too high for us or I am really the stupid nut. This is going to be the toughest subject throughout this whole course. That's why I have fainted since the day this marketing plan started and I am still half way fainting after receiving her feedbacks or else I won't be sitting here to blog. Finally, most likely that I am going to faint again in the final exam. Oo, CRAP! I just can't wait to begin my semester break AGAIN!
So fast and it is already end of my Raya break. Looks like I am going to return to the U by having the same brain as before the Raya break. No input but there is leakage. I just remember that I have just studied about the reproductive system throughout this semester, absolutely nothing else. But I have something different when I go back to the U, which is my hair cut. Anyway, I think I should have stop here, or else it is going to be pointless of having this Raya break. Cheers^^

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Insomnia, Insomnia............

Insomnia, insomnia.. Really having terrible insomnia.. I can now call myself GOD OF INSOMNIA!
Sleeping for less than 4 hours daily for 5 consecutive days. This is really bad to my body system. Luckily it is Hari Raya now and there's not many people in KL, or else it will be crowded and I am at high risk of getting H1N1 due to weak body defense. I am not sure why is this happening even though I did not take coffee for about a week, maybe I am entering the aging process and having a different sleeping pattern compared to other teenagers. So sad that everyone is coming back today and KL is not going to be a dead town until the end of the year.
Anyway, life is very hectic these few days even though I did not work at Vincci for this Raya break. First and foremost is about the marketing plan. Getting more worries day by day, I think this is one of the factor which causes me insomnia. Next, I had a lot of gatherings these few days because my parents were not in as they have went somewhere else for holiday. From my juniors, to my 兄弟; from my 兄弟, to my former classmates; nearly gone out with my church friends, but I was a bit too lazy at that time. This is the disadvantages if you have super great networking with many people around you. lolzz.. Just joking about that. Pray hard that I can finish my DFD, marketing and maybe a bit of non-Rx notes by the end of this week.
I am not sure why is this "MARRIAGE" thing keeps playing in my mind. Maybe I am having the wrong perceptions of married at the moment, that's why GOD is screwing the positive ideas into my brains everytime when I have a dream. Hye, it is not a kidding matter as I am having these dreams even in my afternoon nap. Once, someone told me about this, "令你感动的人不一定可以让你找到真爱." The first time when I heard this, I think that this is really a bullshit, or else why is it so many people believe in 一见钟情 and falls into the love trap so damn easily especially girls. But after a while, it is really true when I think back. Haha.. Based on my opinion, these people are most likely to cause "one night stand" problems. So when there is some unavoidable thing has happened. They got no choice but got to just follow the "law"if they are responsible. So they got married because of RESPONSIBILITY.
But the contradicting thing is when my priest told me about this. A married person will only have one responsibility but a non married person will have a lot of responsibilities. This is because married people will need to be responsible for their own spouses, not others wife or husband but non married people will need to be responsible to make everyone at their surrounding to be happy. WHY? Don't tell me that you don't need to be responsible for talking to someone else, how about flirting or maybe peeping someone else? If you tend to be an anti-social person like me in the future, then this doesn't apply to you. But you want to be a free person after getting married. I want to have infinite freedom to myself, I am selfish which doesn't like sharing. So what is the conclusion! DON'T GET MARRIED! (Please don't tell my mum, my mum will get upset and kill me off straight away) lolzzz...
Enjoy and have a nice day^^ Selamat Hari Raya to everyone!!

Saturday, 19 September 2009


Sometimes human does not know how to appreciate things that they have, but sadly, what they know is k.o.c. which is KEEP ON COMPLAINING!

...and you question God -'why me?'....

always look at the bigger picture....

A day without the Lord- Is a day wasted.

God is going to shift things around for you today and let things work in your favor.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Life Reflection #2 and #3

I am so disappointed by ending my pharmacy attachment in such a way...

I do not know whether I should be disappointing with myself or the others. But I really feel that I am innocent in this situation. Anyway, I got to get back to the pharmacy and finalise everything thoroughly next week. This is the first time that I got so pissed off but what can I do!! Ok, let's not talk about that anymore and get back to my friend's life reflection.

Reflection #2

There are actually 2 stories. So the first story is more suitable for those who are bad-tempered, easily get irritated or maybe having very sensitive kind of personality. The story relates an advice of a father for his son to control his temper as not to hurt the people around him. He said to his son, " Son, whenever you are angry and feel like behaving uncontrollably, how about you drive a nail into the wall behind our house with a hammer." So his son follows.

As the days go by, though he is having more and more nails on the wall but he is hammering lesser nails on the wall day by day. At the day when he stops, his father told him, "Excellent son. Now, whenever you are still angry and in an emotional hijack, pull 1 nail out of the wall instead."

At the end, though the nails are all removed, but they left a lot of holes behind. "Well, you see, when you were angry, you hurt the people around you with your words and actions as if you were driving nails into their heart. Even though you removed those nails, damages had already been done and there were still holes left in it."

No matter how many times you say SORRY,
but there will still be holes in their heart.

Reflection #3

As for the third reflection, human tends to take STRESS as a lame excuse in life. As life goes on, it will become uncontrollable and tends turn into a burden. Some people who use their ass to think, you can tell them you will meet them in heaven in 50 or 60 years time. But what if they can think rationally. Imagine you are holding a light plastic cup, with your arm stretched out straight. You may feel nothing initially, but what will happen if you hold it for long period of time? Come on! It's so simple. Just PUT DOWN THE CUP.

"People experience stress in life NOT because they carry too many burdens

Just in case, I can give you another opinion. Try to think that particular thing from a different dimension which may turn things the other way round, what I mean is 360degrees. From pessimism to optimism; from discouragement to encouragement; from goalless to achievable; from zero to a hero. Come on! Life doesn't end with failures because you are the one who determines your own future.

Cheers and have a nice weekend^^

Wednesday, 9 September 2009

9.9.9 It's Not An Emergency for Today..

Come on, it's 9.9.09 today! Where were you and what were you doing at 9.09am?

Hye, guys. My friend was on his way creating history in the Malaysian Book of Record this morning. He actually gathered the largest group to sing one patriotic song at that very moment. But I still don't know what is the status for his record breaking, so I hope that he can really make it. Good luck, Gabe! Ok, don't ask about me because it was quite sad for my case. I know many couples are getting married today as everything today is also "9". "Their head" believes that they can stay together 长长久久, that's why they ended up to tide the knot today and surprisingly that they didn't even bother that it is still the month of 7 in the Chinese calender. Sometimes it really makes me wonder, where is the sense of superstitious FROM THEM!!!

It was rather a sad news which ended today's class. Very soon, I am losing one more very good pharmacology lecturer. What I can say is that, "Oh, shit! Here goes my CNS and cancer chemotherapy for next semester. I hope that it is not going to be another tragic like aseptic dispensing." Anyway, I can only wish him all the best. So fast and it is already a semester without Dr. Thet, Ms Shruti and Mr Jony. The turnover rate now is very high, so hopefully that I can pass out with some of my favourite lecturers are still around. Anyway, let's not talk about it already, this news made me forgotten about meeting up with the students' affairs officer after the class.

But the day ended interesting today. Right after the class today, I met up with a few of my former classmates to go back to our primary and secondary schools. The main motive is to recall back those days in school especially the canteen food. Haha.. Don't ask me how did we get in because it was a really terrible experience whereby we were chased out by the guard later on. lolzz.. So we landed standing in front of the junk food stall in front of the school only. Wow, that aunt really didn't change much compared to 10years ago but we are the one that have changed. We were the source of income for her 10years ago but it is not 5years after that when we were no more in that school. But somehow we get to recall some memory when we were at the stall. Eating junk food at the road side is just an once in a blue moon event for us. So it's no harm if you eat a lot today.

Ok, I think that's all for today. Btw, I have uploaded the latest 15Malaysia video clip, so enjoy watching it. Happy birthday to Kah Kit and Adrian!!

15Malaysia - Meter

Cheers and have a nice day^^

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Here Comes 15Malaysia..

I am not sure is everyone aware that the Malaysian filemakers have came up with 15 short video clips entitled 15Malaysia in conjunction with this year's national day. Happy b'day, Malaysia. 52 years old....

Anyway, it is not to late that you know it now because there are only 11 clips were out currently. They are actually all about the Malaysians. Absolutely everything, the culture, what we always see in the newspaper but of course nothing to do with war. Come on, this is a country which has the rights of freedom of speech. So well, I have uploaded my favourites as samples. You can look for more in or

15Malaysia - Potong Saga

15Malaysia - Slovak Sling

15Malaysia - House

The others are "Chocolate" which is by Yasmin Ahmad, "The Tree", "Halal", "The Son", "The Future" etc. So keep yoourself updated with all the clips and for your information, the last clip is to be released on the 16th of September.

Enjoy and have a nice day^^

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Omg.. Ultraman Again..

Just don't freak out.. Someone just became more superior than me in memorising the ultraman names.. She is just a one year old girl. I can sing ultraman song with all the old ultramans but she can beat me by sing ultraman song with all the modern and updated ultramans. Just one week ago, my mum got her a new ultraman pillow, she was damn happy!
I am bit regret of getting her a new ultraman movie. Every morning when she comes, she will get into my room and give me a kick at my ass with the "hiak, hiak" sound. Then if she is still around when I am back at home in the evening, the same ultraman movie is again repeated for all the weekdays without fail. Omg.. I think Ceria channel should really consider to remove the ultraman show or else this little girl will violate my idol.
Ok, back to the weekend story. Actually I am a bit lazy to update my blog because I was too tired after doing my attachment at the pharmacy 2 days straight and I need to study for my upcoming quiz some more. Besides, my mum is not at home for the weekend again as she went for a trip. Ok, nvm. But the saddest thing is my mum will not be in in the next 2 weekends AGAIN!! Looks like I will be seeing my mum less than 10 hours a week. Haha..
As for the attachment, it was very interesting and entertaining. And again, I have an atmosphere of girls again. Absolute no GUYS! I have no idea about why guys do not work in the pharmacy. So as for these 2 days, I actually have the opportunity to carry out BP test the customers as I was too free and the most interesting part is solving a case for a customer who is really having problem in stopping to smoke. Anyway, I have tried my best in helping the patient to clear her doubts with all her underlying problems. Besides, I have a very good entertainer to take away all my broadness when I was in the pharmacy. Overall, 4 stars for a maximum 5 stars rating. Hopefully I can end my attachment soon and get a break.
Have a nice day^^
P.S. I still haven't blog about the #2 life reflection. Please give me some time.

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