Saturday, 12 September 2009

Life Reflection #2 and #3

I am so disappointed by ending my pharmacy attachment in such a way...

I do not know whether I should be disappointing with myself or the others. But I really feel that I am innocent in this situation. Anyway, I got to get back to the pharmacy and finalise everything thoroughly next week. This is the first time that I got so pissed off but what can I do!! Ok, let's not talk about that anymore and get back to my friend's life reflection.

Reflection #2

There are actually 2 stories. So the first story is more suitable for those who are bad-tempered, easily get irritated or maybe having very sensitive kind of personality. The story relates an advice of a father for his son to control his temper as not to hurt the people around him. He said to his son, " Son, whenever you are angry and feel like behaving uncontrollably, how about you drive a nail into the wall behind our house with a hammer." So his son follows.

As the days go by, though he is having more and more nails on the wall but he is hammering lesser nails on the wall day by day. At the day when he stops, his father told him, "Excellent son. Now, whenever you are still angry and in an emotional hijack, pull 1 nail out of the wall instead."

At the end, though the nails are all removed, but they left a lot of holes behind. "Well, you see, when you were angry, you hurt the people around you with your words and actions as if you were driving nails into their heart. Even though you removed those nails, damages had already been done and there were still holes left in it."

No matter how many times you say SORRY,
but there will still be holes in their heart.

Reflection #3

As for the third reflection, human tends to take STRESS as a lame excuse in life. As life goes on, it will become uncontrollable and tends turn into a burden. Some people who use their ass to think, you can tell them you will meet them in heaven in 50 or 60 years time. But what if they can think rationally. Imagine you are holding a light plastic cup, with your arm stretched out straight. You may feel nothing initially, but what will happen if you hold it for long period of time? Come on! It's so simple. Just PUT DOWN THE CUP.

"People experience stress in life NOT because they carry too many burdens

Just in case, I can give you another opinion. Try to think that particular thing from a different dimension which may turn things the other way round, what I mean is 360degrees. From pessimism to optimism; from discouragement to encouragement; from goalless to achievable; from zero to a hero. Come on! Life doesn't end with failures because you are the one who determines your own future.

Cheers and have a nice weekend^^

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