Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nostradamus Predictions

Nothing is challenging in my life now. Not even 10% of brain is working everyday. Just myself to blame for being too naive to trust those empty promises and left myself jobless for a few months already. Anyway, I waste no time for my future plannings. Learning something which I have not learn before, and I must really make sure that I don't work for money in the future but Money must work for me! I can't draw out my targets now because it will be very messy if I do it now as I have too many targets to achieve. Be patient, Man!

"Rain, rain go away, 
come again another day;
little children, little children,
little children want to play.."

It has been raining and raining for days already. On one side of story, people are saying that it is going to be end of the world but my mum says, "It is going to be All Souls' Day, and that's why it is raining everyday." Ok, fine! I prefer to trust my own scientific/ geographical assumptions (perhaps knowledge) that the climate has changed. But anyway, I am not sure how many people have heard about Nostradamus, the prophecy. I guess he was once famous again during the 9/11 attack about 10 years back. I got to know this name when I saw a documentary about him on the Discovery Channel few months back. It was quite interesting to know how others actually relate his quatrains to a series of historical events, for examples earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, droughts battles etc. But is this really true?

I dare not say much about him but the idea of 21st December 2012 actually came from him. So it is up to you to believe it or not?! Perhaps you can spend some free time to google Nostradamus predictions and know more about him. Just some general knowledge for you!

Sometimes, it is really interesting to see the sky. Captured it with my hand-phone at about 5 something in the evening.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Online Shopping

Sad to say that humans are sometimes so ignorant that you would want to flush their heads down into the toilet bowl. Though everyone in this country has the freedom of speech but everyone too has their limitations to accept certain opinions on certain issues. I hope that I am the one who can stand strong on my stand and not easily influenced by others. Seeing these morons arguing and criticizing on a forum is really unacceptable. Perhaps I should call it as a debate rather than a forum!!

Nowadays, people are so busy that they don't even have time for a good meal during breaks. None the less, I guess many people are spending much lesser time at shopping centers and starting to go for online shopping for convenience sake. Besides, with these social e-commerce companies which are growing like mushrooms after the rain giving out tempting offers, definitely more people will be attracted to buy stuffs which are priced much lower than the actual market price. But as you observe, most of the deals are mainly to promote something which is new in the market. Not only that, they actually want you to be aware of these and promote   to others once you have tried it. Alright, so that's the good point of online shopping.

But the bad part is many people are involved in your buying decision. For example, they will put in 101% of effort to criticize something which they don't like it or they have bad perception about it. Like something which happened recently, many people were actually provoked by the minorities (who doesn't want to watch the movie) when this movie was on screened and then they came up with this "Go and watch the movie "Nasi Lemak 2.0" first before you criticize"! Haha. Just like I always like to say, "You wouldn't know if you don't try!" When we talk about "Early adopters", they are either daring enough to try new things or they always want to be "updated" and be with the trend. But most people are actually "Early or Late majority" whereby they will only buy and support the product when they are really stable in the market. It is alright if everyone keeps their mouth shut but it is a havoc when the majority starts criticizing and influence the purchasing decision of an early adopter.

Sometimes people do not realize how ignorant they (the majorities) are but hopefully they can respect others' decision. I hate the most when they say, "Cannot expect more for a cheap china brand tablet." but the vendor replied "The brand NXXXXXX is registered in the United States. Adidas, Nike and some other famous brand are also made in China but they are of good quality." And another one from my friend....

Haha. So don't be easily influenced by others if you have done your on research in the market. Trust your own instinct to buy and take it as a lesson when it really goes wrong. Enjoy and have a nice day..

Friday, 7 October 2011

Dinner at Kuala Selangor, Selangor

I have been looking forward to have dinner at Kuala Selangor since the trip to Northport few month ago. And my wish was fulfilled finally. After reviewing so many blogs for good restaurants at Kuala Selangor, River View Seafood Restaurant got the most votes and that became my choice. The journey from Cheras was about 1.5 hours and various routes can be used. You might want to venture the new LATAR highway. Reaching there before sunset (before 6pm) is the best time whereby you can enjoy your food while watching the sunset.

This restaurant maybe hidden at the corner of the road but once you saw Jeti Restaurant is in front of you, you are actually heading towards the right direction because both of these competitors are just side-by-side.

 Here goes the menu (Not many choices, so we just try our best to pick the best dishes)

Butter Crab 奶油蟹 (RM46/kg), very special taste it has (undescribable)... GOOD!

 Oyster Omelette (RM12), try some other dishes is a much wiser choice (a bit disappointed)

Salted Egg Prawns 咸蛋虾 (RM21), not bad, the coating was just nice...

Potatoes Leaves (Vegetable) to ease digestion 

Bread/ "Man tau" 馒头, another option besides rice

Seafood Noodles (RM13 for 2 person), some kind of specialty, worth trying

Fried Squid, standard

 Spicy Sour Fish, tasted like a Thai delicacy

Enjoyed the nice scenery while having my dinner

 Last view before heading back to KL

For your information:
River View Seafood Restaurant
No, Jalan Besar Penambang,
Kuala Selangor, Selangor.

Tel: 03-32892238

P.S. No pork is served! They have Malay customers too...
       The bill was not too expensive, reasonable. About RM160 for 5 person. =)

Enjoy and have a nice day...

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Based On Trust

I have been going for job hunting for the past 2 weeks and hopefully it will be a fruitful one in this coming third week. Good luck to me! I think most of my friends are still wondering when is going to be their real job going to come...

Hmmm.. My mum will always screw me when I say "Based on Trust". Because whenever anyone (even my sisters) asks me for something, I will normally fulfill what they wish most of the time without considering any other things. For example, money! Perhaps that's the reason I am so poor always! @.@ Maybe my mum just doesn't want me to be too naive to people around me at this age. But to me, TRUST is always the main pointer to become good friends or to build a good relationship. But once the trust is broken, that's the end for a friendship because FAITH is no longer exist within the individuals. Besides, it can also be directed to some groups or structures other than individuals. So, that's why people always say "A relationship is easy to build but it's always difficult to maintain"! Do you agree?!

Oh ya, negative income for me! But I still have "something" to add into my collections... This year's issues from England!

 Enjoy and have a nice weekend...

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