Thursday, 20 October 2011

Nostradamus Predictions

Nothing is challenging in my life now. Not even 10% of brain is working everyday. Just myself to blame for being too naive to trust those empty promises and left myself jobless for a few months already. Anyway, I waste no time for my future plannings. Learning something which I have not learn before, and I must really make sure that I don't work for money in the future but Money must work for me! I can't draw out my targets now because it will be very messy if I do it now as I have too many targets to achieve. Be patient, Man!

"Rain, rain go away, 
come again another day;
little children, little children,
little children want to play.."

It has been raining and raining for days already. On one side of story, people are saying that it is going to be end of the world but my mum says, "It is going to be All Souls' Day, and that's why it is raining everyday." Ok, fine! I prefer to trust my own scientific/ geographical assumptions (perhaps knowledge) that the climate has changed. But anyway, I am not sure how many people have heard about Nostradamus, the prophecy. I guess he was once famous again during the 9/11 attack about 10 years back. I got to know this name when I saw a documentary about him on the Discovery Channel few months back. It was quite interesting to know how others actually relate his quatrains to a series of historical events, for examples earthquakes, wars, floods, invasions, droughts battles etc. But is this really true?

I dare not say much about him but the idea of 21st December 2012 actually came from him. So it is up to you to believe it or not?! Perhaps you can spend some free time to google Nostradamus predictions and know more about him. Just some general knowledge for you!

Sometimes, it is really interesting to see the sky. Captured it with my hand-phone at about 5 something in the evening.

Enjoy and have a nice day...

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